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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 19, 2009.

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    This year is tight for many of us. I don't know how many of our kids will think of this year. Hopefully we can create some new memories that are fun and meaningful and inexpensive. Cause the truly wonderful things in life are free.

    With that in mind I have registered for a free email account under the name santashelper. If you send me a PM with your child's name, age, and any specific message that you want to send, I will send your child an email in December.

    PLEASE no messages about specific items that Santa will bring or won't bring. I will encourage good behavior but will NOT say that Santa will punish them or bring them coal.

    If there is no message to cut an paste into an email then I will send a generic Merry Christmas Santa is thinking of you message.

    I am looking forward to this and will start sending messages the first week in december. IF a child wants to send a list that is OK. I won't promise anything on that list. IF I don't get too bogged down I may send those lists to a parents' PM. That will ONLY happen if I don't get swamped, so please don't count on it.

    Messages will come from"santashelper"

    Hugs to all!
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    Awww, what a great idea for those with kids in that age range!! Maybe add at the bottom of the email that they can go to the Norad santa website to track santa on the 24th! There's games to play on the site as well. Always a hit with my kids.
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    This is nice. The old-time "Write to Santa" at the Northpole, where kids could address a letter to Santa in North Pole, AK has been discontinued due to the organization running it finding out that at least one of the volunteers answering the ltters was a convicted child molester.

    Talk about a great way to collect names and addresses, hunh?
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    That is part of why I offered this. I think the kids will enjoy it and the parents have seen me around here a lot, so they know that I may be a bit loony but I am NOT dangerous and would never be inappropriate intentionally.
  5. Hound dog

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    Good idea Susie. :D

    GN I didn't know that!! Will let the girls know. Sheesh nothing is sacred, not even xmas.

    I'm thinking about baking cookies and sending them to the grands in Mo. Although I don't have a clue as to how to package them. But their chocolate letters have been a big I figured they'd love to get homemade Nana cookies. Especially since living in a hotel they can't bake their own.
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    Most cookies do well when packaged in a cookie tin or airtight plastic container. I go for plastic because it is airtight.

    Use sturdy recipes like drop cookies and bar cookies and even the cut out iced ones. Make sure any icing is hardened. If possible package 2 cookies with wax paper between and wrap with plastic wrap, bottom to bottom. Stack these on their end firmly in the tin. Or line the bottom with wax paper and place a layer of cookies on them. Put another layer of waxed paper between and layer cookies on that.

    I use 2 pieces of wax paper between layers so if one piece sticks to the top of a cookie the other piece can stick to the bottom of the next layer and not havve the two cookies stuck together.

    Do not put crunchy and soft cookies in the same container. The crispy ones won't be, and the soft ones won't be soft.

    There are lots of good tips for this online also.
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