Offered to trade jobs with husband. He nearly bought it!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I was a bit short tempered with difficult child 2 this afternoon and husband asked to speak with me about it. He didn't understand why I was feeling impatient with difficult child 2 for not getting busy with his homework. From his point of view, I had not had any stressors today and should be able to deal with difficult child 2's lack of focus. :faint:

    I guess he forgot that although he'd promised to take easy child to school today, he did not get up in time, so I took her at 7:30am.

    When I got home at 8am, I had to rouse difficult child 2 to get ready for his day, then left at 8:45am with him to get our carpooler. Half hour later we parked at the school and I went into the office to deliver another month's supply of medications, went to the store to get a condolence card for husband's uncle and some light bulbs, stopped at the feed store for lay pellets, dropped of 6 bags of items at the Goodwill wagon, then finally got home at 10:30am.

    husband was still sleeping when I got home, and only woke up to go to his doctor appointment when difficult child 1's tutor called at 11am to annouce she wanted to come over today to make up time she missed before winter break. husband did not see that I was "on-call" while difficult child 1's tutor was here, never mind the fact that I had to get the diningroom and downstairs bath tidied/presentable on short notice since she called and said she wanted to come over in 30 minutes... and then ended up arriving an hour later, and while I was waiting husband called from his doctor appointment wanting to know when difficult child 1 would be free to go to lunch (no pressure here -- ha!).

    He ended up coming home to lay down upstairs until they were finished, but ended up taking a nap, which I did not wake him from since the tutor left at 1:30pm, which only gave me enough time to make lunch for difficult child 1 and myself, and then I had to leave to pick up easy child from school at 2:15pm. When I returned at 3pm, I STILL did not wake husband since I figured he needed to rest because he IS sick, but instead managed to get difficult child 1 to do a chore and some additional homework. Then at 4pm, difficult child 2 came home and husband woke up -- hungry, of course, and so he opted to take difficult child 2 down to the local sub shop to get sandwiches since difficult child 2 informed him that he didn't get lunch today because he didn't like what was available in the cafeteria, and instead spent $4 on chips. :grrr:

    husband and difficult child 2 finally came back at 5:00pm, at which point I try to direct difficult child 2 to sit down and start on his homework. Thirty minutes later, I am STILL trying to get difficult child 2 to focus, but he's had to use the toilet, had to speak to easy child about something, been distracted by this, that, and something else. That's when I lost it and yelled at him to SIT down, and when husband overheard me from on high where he was watching TV.

    So after he finished telling me to "calm down," I smiled and said that I'd be glad to go back to work and he could trade places with me, as long as he was willing to sell our house and downsize to a 2 bedroom condo since that's all we'd be able to afford on any salary I'd be able to secure after being out of the job market for 16 years. :crazy2:

    He said he'd LOVE to have my job!

    So fast forward a few hours, difficult child 1 and easy child are upstairs watching TV with husband and I hear husband starting to raise his voice because difficult child 1 is being a pest because he took his patch off a bit earlier when he took a shower and the medications are wearing off. Things quiet down, and then a short while later, I hear husband getting annoyed again, and this time he just loses his temper completely and orders both kids downstairs. difficult child 1 is in rare form and is being really silly and really uncooperative. By now, I've managed to calmly keep difficult child 2 focused for the past 2 hours and he managed to get his homework finished, but it is time for medications for both difficult child's and easy child has to get ready for bed. Mind you, it's just me dealing with all three downstairs now!

    After a lot of noisy organizing, easy child's in bed, both boys are medicated, and difficult child 2 is now getting ready for bed. difficult child 1 goes off to his room, and eventually... all. is. quiet.

    husband comes downstairs and says to me, "I changed my mind. You can keep your job -- I don't want it!"

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    Of COURSE he doesn't want it!! LOL!!!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    And it's only MONDAY...
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    Before easy child was born and I was out in the workplace full-time, I used to wonder what those moms did who stayed home all day.......what a wonderful life :whoopdedoo:

    Where do we put in for a raise? :groan:

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    :winnersmiley: I love it! Isn't it nice when they "get" the picture? I'm sure he won't forget this anytime soon.
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    TOO Funny!!!
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    My husband couldn't make it an hour in my shoes ... LOL
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    I get the same thing here and I dont have kids to take care of which makes it worse. Tony complains to me constantly about how I never do anything, he is the only one who works...blah blah blah. I just stay home and do nothing. Well...gee honey, they didnt say I was disabled for nothing! I would love to go to work everyday but I cant. Im doing extremely good if I can get up, wash dishes and make a meal. For that I think he should be extremely thankful...anything else is gravy. Too many days I have to throw in doctors and stuff and that just throws my whole day out of whack.
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    THAT's for sure! LOL!
    Don't you know, moms don't really work?
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    I've been told that, too...when I'm home, Hubby wonders why I didn't get (fill in the blank) done. When I work, I should be able to get (fill in the blank) done after school, since I don't work a full 8 hour day or anything like that, and when I only work a half day...

    I bet your husband doesn't want your job...I know Hubby wouldn't want mine, either...