Oh Boy - difficult child is in rare form this morning

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by cubsgirl, Mar 31, 2011.

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    UGH. It's spring break here and I was looking forward to spending some time with easy child and difficult child. However, difficult child caught a bad cold and now my easy child and husband have it also - difficult child is feeling fine now - rest of family is sick - not a good combo.

    I wake up this morning to my easy child telling me that difficult child is out of control - he was running around singing and yelling that he gets to do whatever he wants because Mom (me) was in the hospital for a problem so he doesn't have to listen to me. [I was in the hospital last July for a yes, a problem, LOL].

    I took his phone away from him and he started yelling (though he is hearing impaired so sometimes he yells because he cannot hear) that he was going to tell the social worker at school that I took his phone away and I was in the hospital for a problem.

    The last time husband took his phone away, he told the social worker that husband grabbed him by his hair and pulled him through the house (not true and his hair is too short to grab anyway). The social worker called DCFS and we had to deal with that. ARGH. I don't need that on our plates again.

    He was texting husband, who is at work, nonstop this morning about how he doesn't have to listen to Mom because she has a "problem". He seems to be calming down but he is bigger than me and it's getting more and more difficult to take things away from him (our usual punishment).

    difficult child's are not for the faint of heart :rollingpin:
  2. TerryJ2

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    Oh my! What an opening to spring break!
    I am so sorry.
    Argh. I don't know what to suggest. Although pulling him around the house by the hair sounds like a pretty good idea right now ... :)
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    LOL! I agree. This sounds similar to the Spring Break at my house last week. Although not officially diagnosed, I firmly beleive my little brother has ODD. Last week he was on Spring Break and just about anything he was aked to do, like brush his teeth, resulted in a total yelling, screaming, crying fit. He has been doing this mostly with me over homework for the last few years but it has escalated over the past few weeks to where he has these issues with my mom and step-dad over just about anything he doesn't want to do. I think my mom finally heard me about how frusturating and upsetting it is for me to deal with because she has a meeting with his teacher and school principal next week. Should be interesting to find out if he acts out in school too. I'm so glad I found this website last night. This problem has been eating away at me but until now I feel like no one was listening.
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    Oh boy - that he is feeling better is nice...but he is REALLY feeling better, huh??!!

    Hope he calms down. You are going to have to find something to entertain him.