Oh dear--difficult child sick of, and sick at camp

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Aug 17, 2010.

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    The nurse just called and said difficult child has a stomach ache and headache "in his eyes." I told her he gets migraines and food sensitivity headaches and he's probably been eating crummy foods. I just discovered that he'd eaten half a container of Reddi Whip (my fault, I should have never purchased it, and disguising it in a brown paper wine bag didn't work this time). So that's why he had a stomach ache the day he left for camp.
    I suggested to her to give him another 1/2 clonidine, along with-the Motrin she had suggested, and some applesauce. I told her that I knew he had already eaten a deep fat fried chicken sandwich with-a bun on Sun. when we dropped him off (they feed the families on drop-off day), and pancakes for breakfast. I suggested Rice Crispies or anything with-rice, to soothe his stomach.
    She put him on the ph with-me and he was irritable and wanted me to come get him. He has never asked me that before, in all the yrs he's gone to camp. Whew. :whiteflag::( He told me it didn't sound like I cared. He said he had a fever of 99.7.
    I said I was in bed in my pjs and it would be nice if he could try to get some sleep and the nurse could call me in the a.m. He was very irritated that I said that and reiterated that it sounded like I didn't care. I told him I did care.
    I got the nurse back on the ph, and she said his temp was 98.5.
    She said she wouldn't call me back unless he got unruly, and I said the clonidine should help.
    He's over an hour away, almost in NC.
    Do I ... or don't I ... take my cell ph to bed ... ? :sick:
    I hate to sound unsympathetic, but I know darn well he's eating whatever he pleases, not eating when he should be eating, not drinking any water in the heat, and not sleeping.
    I'm supposed to pick him up Thursday. He only had to make it through two more days. It's only a 5 day camp.
    Double argh.
  2. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    At some point, he has to learn there are consequences for what he eats. What better place than at camp, where there's nurse to watch over in case something wrong really does happen?

    And I guess I'd present it to him that way, too...you did A, you got B. Do A. Get B. Dont like A? Don't do B.

    Hang tough.
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    I think you handled it really well!!
  4. TerryJ2

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    Thanks. I stayed up until midnight, then called back. The nurse said he was still in her ofc but doing better, and had agreed to take the medications and eat some rice cereal. She said his stomach was better. They were waiting for the rest of the cabin, which was out on a late-night excursion in the woods. (Sheesh, teen camps go until midnight! No wonder most kids like it.)
    Meanwhile, I slept through a dermatology appointment for myself.
    After the crown from the dentist yesterday I just want to stay home and sleep.
    But another roofing/siding/guttering guy is coming by for an estimate. So much for vacation.
    Stay healthy, difficult child!
  5. totoro

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    Is this just a regular camp for NT kids? If not should they be helping him with choices? At his age is HE capable of making these choices at home? If so then I would let him "suffer".

    If it is a difficult child camp shouldn't they monitor a bit? K is only 9 but there is no way she is able to make these choices. She knows the answers when asked and she can kind of make the choices but her impulse control and her BiPolar (BP) carb cravings outweigh her rational thinking at times.
    She food stuffs and gorges at times... sigh.

    Needless to say you know him and you know the camp so you likely did the right thing. Obviously he will live and you can talk about the lesson when he comes home! :)
  6. TerryJ2

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    Some days he's capable and willing, some days he's not.
    Yup, we'll talk about it.
    May main concern right now is that I have to pick him up tomorrow and don't want him screaming at me in the car all the way home.
    Fingers crossed!