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    I so enjoyed not having to even see the man since he moved out July 1st. However there have been several little things he has done that really messed things up for us. The main one was that when he did a change of address he did it wrong and switched the entire household's mail to his new address! Thankfully he is living with a friends mother and she was getting our mail and would either bring it to me or call me to come get it. I cant believe he was that stupid considering this woman told him exactly how to fill out the form.

    I had to go down to the post office and do the thing over saying that I wanted to cancel the change of address for our entire household. Then he would have to go down and fill one out to just change his address. Im really wondering though if all the mail is coming to us because I there are some things that normally come to husband that havent come and Cory is missing some mail.

    But now the biggest thing. He is in the hospital. He told everyone it was for pneumonia but when husband went to check on him when we finally found out he was there, it is almost entirely due to his stomach issues. The same thing that happened back at the end of this past January where he had the bleeding into his stomach because he takes way too many advil or other NSAIDS. Now I know he just started at the same pain clinic I go to and I know what they put him on so there is no reason for him to take any advil. Even when he lived with us I refused to buy any advil because he would take them by the handful. I have stopped taking them at all because of my stomach issues and only use 2 baby aspirin if I need something for a headache and that works perfectly. Sometimes I only need one. I chew up the aspirin in my mouth and try to let it stay there as long as possible so it might enter my blood stream instead of being in my stomach. I also told Buck that he needed to stop eating all the extremely spicy foods he was eating. He eats peppers much stronger than jalapenos. He flat told me that he has eaten them forever and they wont bother him. Uhhh, not. I have been told to stay away and my father had very bad ulcers and was told the same thing.

    Now Buck has had to undergo the scopes down his throat and up his rear. He is also having extreme constipation even though I told him before he left here to take something because he was stopping up our toilet on a daily basis. He always blamed it on Billy but oddly we havent had it stop up since he left...lol. They say if they continue to have to give him blood and they cant figure out why it is leaking into his belly cavity they will have to do exploratory surgery.

    I have asked husband what his plans are for when he gets out? Is he planning on paying for his room if he is still in there on the first? He better because he for darn sure isnt coming back here. I told husband this was the exact reason I didnt want him here to start with. If something happened to him here we would have to take care of him and that wasnt even an option. Its not an option now and if all else fails they can discharge him to a nursing home or rehab center. I dont care.

    Thats the update.

    Oh, wanted to tell you what my idiot pain clinic started him out on for pain...Opana. The easiest pain medication to sell on the street for the most amount of money. I cant believe that. I have been going there for almost 3 years now and they have never offered those to me. The oxycontin and morphine I am on have been fixed so that you cant crush and snort or shoot them up. They become inactive if they are crushed. Of course you can take too many but most folks want them for crushing. Opana hasnt been changed. I know he went in there wanting a ton of percocets but I doubt they gave him many. 60 if he is lucky and they may not have done that until they hear how the opana works. Because of this stomach issue problem I am going to bet he has been selling the opana to buy vicodin or percocets then taking a lot of advil when he runs out of the vicodin. He is gonna get caught doing that real fast because his blood levels will be off.

    This really irks me after they gave me such a hard time but I imagine he is on a higher dose than I am. I dont want to increase, and in fact tried to decrease this month but that didnt work well. My other doctors are telling me I should ask for an increase...especially the ortho since we cant do much else. I just hate to be on so many medications.
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    I have a sneaky strong suspicion that karma is quickly catching up to buckaroo and as long as husband does NOT catch the rescue bug again.........buck will be in a heap of self created misery.
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    Me too but I know for a darned fact that husband is NOT taking back in. husband is having some health issues, we have difficult child here with all that entails and then my health is failing. We cannot do anyone else. Besides the bedrooms are full!
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    Don't you DARE let difficult child or anyone else there move out. Make sure husband knows FOR SURE that if he brings Buck back that you will do something drastic. Figure out what you will do and make sure you will follow through. Your husband is a softie in regards to Buck and if Buck pours on the sob story then he might wiggle back in. DO NOT take any chances! I would get a border if I thought that Buck might move in.

    As it is, maybe someone needs to call the pain clinic and say that Buck is an addict and has been trying to sell his opana. Usually that will get you on a list at a pain clinic and most of them are required to report this to the state version of the DEA for them to check out. A patient and her husband made a big scene over this a few mos ago at my pain doctor. We all got letters reminding us that as pain docs they are required to report suspected abuse to the cops. I think that is pretty standard for pain docs.

    Karma is getting him and he did this to himself. I am just glad he is out of your home!
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    He's been abusing his body for many years now, he's at the 'pay later' part. Something tells me it wasn't an accident about the mail. I hope he doesn't get into anything important. How is it that a drug addict can get whatever they need and an honestly ill person cannot? They know the right bs to say I guess. Doctors sometimes think women are being melodramatic and don't take us seriously. Not all, my dentist told my son I was a drama queen when I kept complaining about my tooth he worked on. The tooth turned out to be broken and it hurt when air touched it. He didn't even x-ray it to know either way, he just assumed. The surgeon figured it out. I was ignored by that dentist. Some doctors are like that.
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    Yes, Karma. I dont think he is out of the hospital yet...at least he hasnt called husband to tell him he is at home.

    husband is so glad to be free of him and the major drama and my *itching constantly that he wont let him back. He knows I wont even let Buck come down here for a minute right now. It may take me another year before Im willing to even let him in the door to visit. Even with difficult child here, and a toddler, its calmer! And trust me, difficult child hasnt been that much of a peach this time back.

    As much as husband complains about difficult child and how they tend to get on each others nerves when we all live together, right now we have some pretty severe issues we are dealing with him right now and his dad is worried about him. They even went fishing together all day Saturday to a lake that they really like and his dad paid for everything because difficult child is broke. If husband was that mad at him he would have left him home without a thought. Now they are getting ready for next weekend when dove season starts. Thats always a bonding moment with them. husband has been taking the boys since they were 6 years old. They may take the monkey this year.

    difficult child has a ortho appointment himself on Tuesday and we are all waiting with baited breath to see what they say. We are expecting them to want to do surgery and if thats the case, no way difficult child is going anywhere.