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    I'm sure you've posted this before, but I can't find it. What is the recipe for your "magic museli"? I love granola and museli but I've never made it myself, and the stuff they sell in the stores is usually high in fat and calories.

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    OK, here goes (from memory now).

    The basis of this recipe is to use wholegrain where possible, high fibre where possible, no added fat and no added sugar. I make it without oats because I get really upset stomach when I have oats in any form.

    So I substitute puffed brown rice. I had to hunt around, there are different kinds. One kind is larger in grain size, has that "weathered paint" papearance you get on puffed wheat. It will do but if you can, avoid it because it has all the consinstency and flavour appeal of cardboard. It also soaks up milk and goes soggy in seconds.

    The other kind of puffed brown rice has a smaller grain but stays crispy, like rice bubbles.

    Marg's Magic Muesli
    350 g puffed brown rice (should be 6 - 7 cups)
    2 cups bran (I make my own 50:50 mix of bran sticks and bran powder)
    1 cup sultanas (that's dried seedless green grapes; you can also use raisins, chopped, and/or currants)
    1 cup walnut pieces
    1 cup other chopped dried fruit of your choice
    50 g LSA (ground linseed, sesame and almond)

    Try to ensure that all the choppable, crushable bits are small. For the optional extra dried fruit I've used dried cranberries, dried mango, dried paw paw, dried pineapple, apple chips, dried strawberries. Also if you buy walnut pieces it's cheaper, especially since you need to break them up tiny anyway. I've also added in chopped pumpkin seeds as part of the one cup extra fruit allowance.

    I mix it all up together, BEFORE adding the puffed brown rice, then add the final ingredient. Store it all in a plastic container with a really effective seal.

    To serve - I eat it using a one cup dish as a serving bowl. In other words - serving size about two thirds of a cup. Pour on milk (preferably skim) and eat immediately. Always have a serve of this for breakfast with nothing else other than maybe cup of coffee (no sugar). Snack on this when ravenous, unless it's almost mealtime (in which case, either wait, or bring your next meal forward a little. THEN snack on muesli).

    With this recipe - if you have a preference for slightly different flavours, then consider making the substitution, but check that they are roughly comparable with fat content/fibre content/sugar content. But fiddle with this and make it your own. Because if you have something you can tolerate, that you will like, then you are well on the way to making this work.