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    My assistant just told me that she will be out an additional month and a week! She's had the surgery to her shoulder on July 26th and has been doing physical therapy since 3x/week! She had some arthritis removed and a repair to her shoulder cuff thing. We've had two other people in the office who have had the same surgery and one was out for less than a week and the other for almost two weeks. WTH is her problem? Could this be REAL?

    That's a total time of 12 weeks recovery? Her history is that she has an extremely low tolerance for pain and every little thing bugs her. She's getting diability from the one we carry and a supplemental plan she carries through the company so I know she is getting within a few dollars of her normal salary. When we talk on the phone - to check in - she's always chipper and sounds great (I would be too if I had almost 3 months off, even with surgery, in the summertime!).

    I'm so annoyed but of course, I can't say anything. Argh!!!!!!
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    Sounds like it could be a way for her to have a nice long summer vacation.

    Having said that though, I had breast reduction many years ago. Every single person I know was back to work and whatnot no longer than a week (a few people I know were only off 3 days!). Me? I went through hades. Hades I tell you. Literally couldn't do more than go to the washroom and back for weeks. I remember at a month out I was thinking what the heck is wrong with you? Get OUT and MAKE yourself do stuff! I walked super slow, and headed to a nearby department store. About 2 blocks (short ones) from home, there was bridge over a little river. I crumpled on the bank and it was more than an hour before someone stumbled along. I could see a house just across the short bridge and could not in any way make it to the house to get help. I had to beg this older man (in his 70's) to please get me help. He ended up walking home to get his car, brought a neighbour and his adult son. They had to carry me over the bridge to the road and the car and they thankfully carried me indoors to my house. I was so humiliated. My doctor thought for sure I was losing it, faking it, blah blah blah. Until I passed out cold about week 5 attempting to check my mail and a ambulance forced me to hospital for a check up. It was truly beyond imagining how horrible that recovery was.

    I was beyond terrified for my gastric bypass (along with gall bladder removal at same time) surgery. I thought it was just "my way" to not recoup well from surgery or something, from that bad experience. Imagine my surprise when I was up walking the hallways with my IV pole 3 hours after surgery. Pleasantly surprised at that.

    I have no clue what was wrong with me that caused me to recoup so slowly from that first major surgery. I was much healtheir (and younger!) when I had it compared to the bypass surgery.

    It could be she is telling the truth, and maybe the cheerful voice is because she's feeling secure in having income replacement (most people would be forced back to work for financial reasons), and having no stress since she's been at home recouping and not having work stress?

    I'd give her the benefit of the doubt unless something comes up to show she's really just milking this. I imagine it can't be easy though to suspect something isn't right , I'd probably feel like you do. If I hadn't been through it, I wouldn't think there could be such a long process of healing compared to others. Never know I guess.
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    MM, well, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, but it still just peeves me to no end.

    We gave this woman an extra WEEK in paid vacation because she ALWAYS went over her alotted 6 days of sick time. She STILL goes over the alotted time afforded her. If she has a headache, it's a migraine. If she catches an ordinary cold, she rushes to the DR to get antibiotics and thinks it's the flu. She catches, no lie, probably 4-5 stomach flues a year and she's out for at least 3 days each time!

    I don't doubt she's still in pain. Our boss had the exact same surgery and he was in pain for a long time - BUT - he was in the office within days wearing a sling and handling only light work. I expected her to be out about a month, not THREE. I called her because I was going to be in her neighborhood tomorrow midday and thought I'd take her out to lunch and guess what? She's going to the DR again because she's dizzy now! OMG.

    Your ordeal with the reduction surgery sounds horrible - I'm so sorry you had to go through that. This woman also had that surgery and was back in the office after 3 weeks, but still in pain. Glad the second surgery was easier on you. I've had surgeries and some are just more difficult to bounce back from. I do understand that.

    I don't want to sound insensitive, but I just get the feeling that she's over reacting and exxagerating. She is a bit of a whiner. She is only 60 but behaves as if she's pushing 90, I swear it. Just aggravated.
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    Maybe she's going for the 12 weeks of the family medical leave? ( or whatever it's called? )
  5. hearts and roses

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    Tawnya she's on disability. Our policy covers 6 months. Lord help me, I hope she doesn't take it to the limit! Lol-

    Wish I could say I'm feeling better about this today....but I'm not. Trying to just let it go. By Tuesday I'll be fine with it.
  6. WhymeMom?

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    With the rising cost to employers for health insurance I'm surprised it hasn't been suggested that she retire........... but guess that's not politically correct........ Do you have a replacement for her?
  7. hearts and roses

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    WMM, She always says she can't retire and when she's in the office, she's a pretty awesome employee in terms of getting a lot of work done and efficiently! She whines a lot and is out a lot, but otherwise she's good. She doesn't partake of our regular health insurance policies either, only the STD and Life, AD&D.

    It's just frustrating and a little shocking, that's all. I'm glad she wasn't available for lunch today because I would have had a difficult time not snarling at her! Hahahahahaha.
  8. Mattsmom277

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    Hmmm, does sound like she is milking it with all the extra details. I'd be super annoyed too. I mean, technically I guess she's entitled to whatever the max is (6 months? WOW). But in a time when many people are desperate for work, I find it extra shameful if indeed she's milking this in order to get all that time off with no pay. I know someone who was investigated by the insurance for something sort of similiar, multiple incidents of using leave for various causes, maxing out on it each time. THey actually ended up just paying a investigator to photograph them living a full and active life, proving their medical issues in no way impacted ability to work. I do hope this woman clues in that this isn't a wise thing to do. Thank goodness benefits are in place to help assist when you must be out of work (so many don't have the ability). Abusing it is offensive in so many ways.
  9. Fran

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    Let's face it some people do want to milk the system but there are different levels of pain.
    My best friend had a C section where they also removed adhesions. She was wiped out for 6 wks and had to have pain medication renewed. If I hadn't known her I would think it was self serving behavior but I know her to be a rock. I had a c section and was up and moving quickly by 3 days and back to normal with 10. Neither is typical. I don't really believe I'm tougher. I just didn't seem to have as sensitive nerve endings as she had. It's just not comparable.
    Most recommendations are for "typical" recovery. You have to have a large spectrum of normal from less time to more time.
    If she is entitled to her disability then she is taking it. Consideration for co workers isn't really something you can legislate.