Oh my, what a day

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Tigger....no luck in finding an appropriate regular ed class for him to mainstream into (he is already mainstreamed in gym and we were looking for 1 more); he did great at his first volleyball practice, the coach said talent-wise he could play varsity but they had him penciled in on the younger team since he is the youngest in the whole program. He got to pick and he chose to stay on the younger team with his buddy. Coach whispered to me that he'll get to be a star :) That'd be a great confidence boost for him.

    Piglet....her tutor is recommending that we attempt to get her back on an IEP, that after an intense summer or tutoring, she is still 2 years behind in reading :( The tutor we hired is a well respected reading specialist in the district and she is going to make the first mention of it so hopefully we can get her back on it quickly. Athletically, she has had a great couple weeks and is so ready for fall :)

    Eeyore....I think we may be over the start-of-school-hump. He is all registered and started the orientation camp and after 2 days, he loves high school :) Hope he still feels that way when the actual classes begin ;)

    Kanga....she wants to treatment plan changed so she can transfer to a new Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Yep, I thought the same as you ---- what's his name? She's all mad that I never let her go live with these boys....14 months and counting.

    So, three kids doing really well with just small bumps and Kanga being Kanga. All in all. a much better August than previous years :)
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    WOW sounds great!

    Boys volleyball? Wish we had that around here.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!


    I'm so glad to hear such great news about the other three!!! As for Kanga, it's the same old song and dance, isn't it?
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    I am especially excited for Tigger to be able to get some confidence boosting! The coach sounds cool too.
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    JJJ, sounds like the school year is coming together for your children. You've been busy, my friend. Very very busy.
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    Sounds like the kids have a good year planned!
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    Great! It sounds like there is a solid plan in place for each kid. Here's to a great school year for each.

    And gee, you are the meanest mom I know - not letting your out-of-control, hypersexual daughter live in a co-ed facility. My tongue is firmly planted in cheek :)
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    It's co-ed special olympics for Tigger. We do have boys volleyball, the high school started a team about 20 years ago and now they have teams in jr high too, Eeyore played in 8th grade. It is fun :) (The best is mud volleyball at the summer community fest :) )

    Yep, despite a quarterly review when everyone praised how great she was doing (I swear they don't 'get' mood disorders and that she can go a few months of good behavior but that next swing is just around the corner.)

    Me too! For such a great kid, his confidence is so shaky.

    LOL -- just cause I couldn't be still during the reunion. Gosh I was a poster child for ADHD! :rofl:

    Very busy year coming up, but fun (I hope)

    Oh, she's in a co-ed facility but I'm so mean that I won't let her have a co-ed bed.
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    Yeah for Tigger's coach! I love that he is putting Tigger in the position of being a star!:)

    I'm glad to hear that Piglet's tutor is on top of things and that she is ready athletically for the year to start:)

    It's great to hear Eeyore is loving school so far!! Crossing fingers he'll feel the same once classes start:)

    As for Kanga-sigh...