Oh. no...scam email! the Federal tax payment rejected Hahaha

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    No need to file a Form SS-4. We ask you the questions and you give us the answers. After all validations are done you will get your EIN immediately upon completion. You can then download, save, and print your EIN confirmation notice.
    This EIN is your permanent number and can be used immediately for most of your business needs, including opening a bank account, applying for business licenses, and filing a tax return by mail. However, no matter how you apply (phone, fax, mail, or online), it will take up to two weeks before your EIN becomes part of the IRS' permanent records. You must wait until this occurs before you can file an electronic return, make an electronic payment, or pass an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number matching program.
    Due to a high volume of requests for EINs, the IRS will begin limiting the number of EINs assigned per day to a responsible party. Effective April 11, 2011, a responsible party will be limited to five (5) EI Ns in one business day. This limit is in effect whether you apply online, by phone, fax or mail.

    Internal Revenue Service, Metro Plex 1, 8401 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Landover, MD 20785
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    I think I've gotten one like that too. They end up in my spam filter though and I don't open them.

    I seem to be getting all kinds of them lately but they're all caught as spam and I don't open them, just delete them, so I just see the beginnings of them. I've had the one that says something about a package on FedEx (when I didn't order anything). And I've had ones saying that a direct deposit or a transfer of funds didn't go through on my bank account (fishing for bank information), all kinds of stuff. I can't imagine anybody falling for them but I guess they send this stuff out to so many people that if even a small percentage of them respond, they make a fortune!
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    They land in my spam folder, too. The IRS has a specific email to forward those to: phishing@irs.gov
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    I just love the line...We ask you the questions, you give me the answers.