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    You know, I can't figure out why the medication community keeps pushing this kind of dangerous stuff, and then they try to drive chiropractors out of biz. Makes no sense.
    But it probably makes a lot of money ...
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    difficult child's behaviors were so out of control at one point that electric shock therapy was actually put on the table for discussion.

    DF and I were mortified. DF said "The shock on her face should be enough to tell you that is not going to be an option."

    I was accidentally electrocuted when I was younger and I can tell you it scrambled my eggs for a day or so. I just can't see how anyone can think this is a good idea.

    And Terry - I would give my eye teeth to be able to go back to a chiropractor. I've had arthritis since I was 17 or so and the relief I got once I was aligned? UNPARALLED to anything since.
    I love hot sand bags, hate the noise the fluid makes when it's popped, but LOVED the little electrode thing with the zappy pulses - DF has a tenz unit and it's wonderful! difficult child was born c=section and I took him in for therapy after he was born to stretch him out and relax him - it worked great.