Oh such a crazy crummy day -

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    Woke up, and the river rocks that were in my front yard were gone. I looked over to see my next door neighbor (that doesn't like me because I have a dog), has the rocks in her yard.
    Um, OK. They're rocks, who really cares - but on the other hand - who does that? I left her a note on her door to kindly return the rocks.

    Then I take Tess for a walk and meet crazy girl, from the posts back.....remember her.......the one that came into my house and kept asking how I could tempt her? She walks with me for awhile and then I told her I have to go to the DR. She looks at my stomach (which is flabby) and says, oh are you pregnant? Nice........No crazy girl I have kidney stones. So I am standing in my front yard and I mention to her how my rocks from my front yard are missing, and she says oh I am phobic of rocks. And she goes into this whole diatribe about how because of religion she loves rocks, but she is fearful of them. Whatever. (Psychotic)

    I have been struggling with this kidney stone issue for 5 days now. I go into the ER because they are the only ones in town that have the equipment to do CTs. The Dr suggests a sonogram, even though in sonograms you cannot see the stones, you can only see if the stone is blocking the urine.

    I go back to my room, wait another 2 hours and his nurse hands me the discharge paperwork. I was like WTH. I told her I gotten no help, and had no idea where to go or what to do since I was still bleeding and in pain. On the sonogram the radiologist stated that the patient needed a CT. I told her that and she got the Dr. He proceeds to tell me that I will not get a CT. Period. That because of my kidney disorder I will just have to deal with the pain and blood. I told him that this is not commonly the symptoms of my kidney disorder and that I had lived with this long enough to know this is not normal - and he said to me - you are young - I am the DR and I know what I am talking about.

    OMG. I was shaking I was so mad, but all I could do is cry (I hate that). I called the director of the hospital and filed a complaint, but who knows. So, now my only option I guess is to go out of town. But again - what Dr does that? "I refuse to give you a CT even though that is the normal protocol for kidney stones, and the radiologist recommended it!" Again WTH.

    So I get home and my neighbor peeks her head out the window and says - oh - I didn't know those were your river stones (even though they were in MY yard). I thought they were crazy girl's rocks. Crazy girl keeps leaving rocks on my doorstep, so I thought that she had done it again only in your yard.

    WOW. Really? No words. And why is it that I ran into crazy girl on the day my rocks were displaced, and she tells me her phobia of them and then the neighbor blames the whole thing on crazy girl. Too much. I really don't even care about the rocks - it is just the whole weirdness factor here.

    All I can say is WOW. I truly feel like I live in some sort of Twilight Zone here. Good Grief.
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    Maybe crazy girl moved the rocks? Whole situation creepy. Hope you get a DR who doesn't have headrear invertitis.
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    That is really unprofessional saying you have to just "deal with the pain and blood". Nobody should ever have to deal with pain, and blood? OMG why? That's way too callous, I'd be crying too, is there a specialist? You have to go back and let them get you a specialist. Maybe that dumb dr's shift will be over and you'll get help. ((hugs))

    As for you and your neighbors...in another situation we could laugh...you are trying to get rid of stones, someone crazy is scared of stones and leaving them on doorsteps, another crazy lady stole your private stones thinking they were a bad gift, then you got them back -why would someone take your rocks? I'm sorry.
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    Somewhere the hospital has a patient's bill of rights. It entitles you to appropriate care. i would print it off and take it and anything you can find that says the CT is the appropriate care and go back to the ER. I wonder if you could time it so that a different doctor is on duty. Even very small towns have more than one usually at the ER.

    Go online and search for the hospital's website. most have them now. Then search for the Patient's Rights on that site. No way is this doctor in the right and if you can go in and see another doctor you may be able to get the test done there.

    I hope they can help you soon. Some doctors are complete idiots and cruel to boot. Sadly they tend to congregate in emergency medicine because ER patients leave. They don't have to build a practice where patients come back over and over because often they are docs who cannot get people to come back because how badly they are treated. Our hospital just recently had to tell a dermatologist that he couldn't practice in the ER because he wasn't qualified. People here were happy to have a derm doctor in town and he did okay the first couple of years but no female patient would go back because he told all sorts of crazy things to them. Like boils are caused by your period type crazy. He scared off a bunch of little old ladies with really inappropriate sexual comments about them as he "checked" for moles by trying to touch every inch of them. No joke, he wanted to do it to me and I told him I would break his arm. Then I left but little old ladies generally don't say that, at least not the ones i have known. He ran himself out of business and then decided to go into emergency medication with-o any further study or testing or anything. just said he was doing it. So the hospital admin had to step in - and they just do NOT tell docs what to do here. So the fact that they DID means he was as bad as the women in the community thought he was.

    This is happening more and more. Esp as ins cos are less able to force you to see a certain doctor.

    Anyway, I hoep you
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    All I can say is...............been there done that with the ER docs over the kidney thing. Hoovers, but some are just plain idiots, no other way to put it. They know little about specific diseases.........and instead of admitting it (god forbid) they pretend it's nothing. At least you know the flow of urine is not blocked and that is a good thing. Should give you time to be treated by a real doctor who knows what he's doing.

    As for the Twilight Zone neighborhood..........weird. But like you said, just rocks so don't let it get to you much.

    Hugs hope you feel better soon.