"Oh, That sure makes me feel good inside"

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Diva asked me to take her and her friend who is visiting from New York to the casino tonight (AKA: "Mom, I don't have gas money, can you give us a ride because I KNOW you will say no to giving me gas money."). I decided that this would be a good thing for us to have time together.

    The casino is 1 1/2 hours away. difficult child was very upset that he would not be allowed to come with (because I NEVER do anything for HIM you know? *sigh*). To appease him, we purchased a small pizza and monkey bread for supper and I told him we would go to Brainerd in a few weeks to a Pirate's Cove minature golf place. (He doesn't know I am planning on going anyway to get his birthday shirt from my mom)

    I told difficult child that while I was at the casino, my cell phone had to be turned off. His reply was a sarcastic, "Oh, That sure makes me feel good inside." When I asked what that meant, he said, "I won't be able to call you. Can you atleast go outside once in awhile to check for calls or to call me?" He was nervous that he could not call me but was strong enough to work it out! Life just keeps getting better for him (now if I can figure out how to get Diva's life on track).

    The plan was for him to watch a movie when I left. About 1/2 hour after I left, I get a phone call which Diva answered because I was busy with driving. difficult child says, "Tell Mom I am going over to H's. Bye!" and hangs up the phone. I call him back and say, "Did you tell your dad? Why are you telling me?" "Yes, I told Dad. I just figured you would want to know if you called home and I did not answer." "O.K., but go home when it starts to get dark."

    I think tonight was a good thing for difficult child (and me). I was gone and unreachable. He was sleeping when I arrived home about 1:00 am. I am sure everything went well since I did not get any more phone calls. (I didn't even go outside to check for missed calls - we were in the casino for about 2 hours.)

    On a Diva side note: Diva mentions on the way to the casino, "Mom, do you realize that everytime I get you to do something you do not want to do, YOU win money? I made you purchase a lottery ticket and you win $100. I made you take me into the casino on our trip and you win $50."

    Tonight, Diva was unable to claim me and her friend as a new person under her (can only have one per month) so was out the $10 - $20 she thought she would get. On her way to the van to get $$$$, I signed up for the casino and was allowed to sign Diva's friend up under me so I got the $10 and friend got $5. I decided not to share with Diva if she did not ask. I am so surprised she did not ask. I got down to less than $5 on my card and won $35.00 so I figured I was done playing before I lost it all again. Diva must be my lucky charm? I win again! I told her it was sweet revenge for being the mom.
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    Glad your night went well.
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    Good for him and YOU! Diva will get over it as long as her friend doesn't blab. lol So did you go to Jackpot Junction or Treasure Island? I usually wind up running to Diamond Joe's since it's only 15 minutes away, but hAVE been known to take a longer trip, even if only to get away from difficult child.
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    LMF64 - We went to Shooting Star - North Western Minnesota.

    I really like Black Bear in North Eastern (1/2 hour South of Duluth on 35) but that is 4 hours away - too far for a round trip visit.

    Is Jackpot or Treasure Island in Hinkley? We were looking at a map and could not figure out which reservation the Hinkley casino was attached to. Or maybe there is not a casino in Hinkley?
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    Andy, I had to check lol. It's the Grand Casino in Hinkley. I can understand a 4 hour trip being too long for round trip. I decided to go to Jackpot Junction one time without realizing that it was over three hours one way from here. Of course if I would have looked at a map I would have been able to figure it out. I drove all the way up there and within 10 minutes of being there was $700 up. Did I do the smart thing and take the money and run? Of course not, I drove three hours to get there and wasn't going to leave that soon. lol Well by the time I left I was $200 down on my money plus the $700 I won. ARGH! That's why they call it gambling.
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    Sounds like a very positive night for difficult child, and you did since you won $$