Oh The Insanity!!!!!!!!!

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    OK - <breathe>
    My 11 y/o has Tourette's and ADHD (bad) and is classified under special education at his school. All year I have battled the teachers and counselor because he is very bright so it is hard to remember that he is SpecEd and requires accomodation and special understanding and management. I kid you not, I got this email from his teacher today. It starts out like he had some major altercation, Just wait till you read on! If it weren't for the fact the we have been struggling with this for a year, I'd laugh!:

    I wanted to inform you of a situation that happened this afternoon. We were passing out papers to be placed in the Friday Folders and I realized Aedan still doesn’t have his folder and behavior folder. I did receive your note stating the folders were with his father and I completely understand if it has taken a while to get them back. I gave him one of my folders and told him to place his sign and return papers on top with take home papers on bottom. When I called him to my desk to see how many sign and return papers he had, I noticed they were not on top like I had instructed him to do. I then organized his papers and placed all sign and return papers on top for him. There is a post it note on top that states how many he will need to return Monday. I finished looking at all the folders and then noticed Aedan was going back through his folder and placing his sign and return papers on bottom again. I asked him why he would do that when I instructed him otherwise ,rearranged the papers myself and all he could say was “I don’t know”. I was going to give him a sign off for this disrespectful act but he didn’t have his folder. When he returns his behavior folder the signoff will be marked for today. Once again, I just wanted to let you know. Have a great weekend.

    Hmmmmmmm, sound like an ADHD kid to you?
    I just had his science/spelling teacher accuse him of copying and pasting his homework because he did it in the computer, like his accomodations say he can. My son even felt compelled to type "My mom watched me do this" at the end of the assignment so he would not think he copied and pasted. He is SCARED to utilize his accomodations for fear of exactly what just happened!
    Has anyone had to deal with anything like this??!?!?!?

    <sigh> sorry for venting - I am FURIOUS!
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    I am so sorry. It really stinks when the order the papers are in is more important than the fact that they get home. And there WAS a postit telling you how many had to be signed.

    Do you have an educational advocate? I have heard they can be very helpful. Do a search on "free educational advocate" and your state - something will pop up.

    Poor kid should NOT be afraid of using his accomodations! That is just wrong. Can you have a conversation with the teacher? This should NOT be "marked off", in my humble opinion as it is part of his disability.

    I have a very gifted son with Asperger's, and ADHD is a major symptom of that. He would have NO CLUE as to why he had done that, other than that the papers were all neat and that bugged him. I am sure if your son had told the teacher that the papers were all neat and it bugged him he would have gotten detention or worse.

    You are a member of the IEP committee, and if it feels that his accomodations are being skipped, forgotten, whatever, then you should call a meeting to remind everyone. Check over on the Special Education Forum and ask them about htis. But search for an advocate first!!! They can make a huge difference.



    ps. I found these, you may find more. If you can't get an advocate to go to the IEP meeting, having his therapist or psychiatrist there would be very helpful.


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    Thanks Susie!
    I will run those down and see if I get anywhere.

    There has been an ongoing issue with the teacher who gave him grief about him typing. My son's best friend who suffered a traumatic brain injury 14 months ago was removed from his class this week because the teacher made him so upset his friend got confrontational and then couldn't stop crying. He's usually pretty overemotional right now ( a by-product of his injury, butstill...)

    To Feelingalone
    No, these are both regular teachers. His SpecEd teacher is really nice and tries all kinds of different things with him. He really loves her.

    Thanks eveyone!!