Oh, the irony...


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Difficult Child has complained about a painful right knee for over a year. Early on, we had a doctor check it and took X-rays. Then about 6 months ago saw an orthopedist, had X-rays, physical therapy, and took an anti inflammatory. She really never did the daily PT exercises. So we stopped. Friday she told me her R knee was killing her, made an appointment for today. I let her complete the form describing the pain. She marked it as constant dull pain. Goes in to doctor, and then says her L knee hurts too! and the R knee not hurting any today. WHAT? She marked R knee constant pain. Her answer? "Well, most the time it is constant". Now we are lined up for an MRI in two days. Luckily, we got a medical card because of her emotional/behavior issues last month. So it is secondary to our primary insurance.

I think that her knee is just another attempt for attention. She never mentions it when she is doing what she wants, but when she had a job, she would complain all the time. She has now lost both previous jobs, and is looking for a new one.

Also, yesterday, she wanted me to buy a hair straightener off a Facebook page for our community - it is like an online garage sale. Last year, one of her school friends liked her straightener, and she willingly traded it for the one the girl didn't like. Well. little sis didn't like the one she traded for, as it didn't straighten hair. So used her own money to buy a different one. Difficult Child got mad that little sis used her stuff, so announced she could no longer use her things, so little sis retaliated by not letting her use her straightener. Thus, Difficult Child wanted me to buy the online one. Only $5 so I did it, but reminded her of the reason little sis would not share. Difficult Child doesn't remember it the way it happened at all. Today, I saw some high top Converse, that little sis has been wanting. Also on the FB buy, sell page. $10. Difficult Child thought it was so unfair that I would get them. Because little sis has worn out DCs pair. Difficult Child never wore them much, and they are 3 years old... LS did not wear them out. When Difficult Child wears LS canvas shoes, she won't bother to put them on, but will fold down the heel and walk in them like a clog..which makes LS shoes wear out quicker and makes them uncomfortable.

I get so tired of Difficult Child wanting, expecting things, but getting upset if I do something similar for her sister. Difficult Child probably has 20 pairs of boots, sandals,shoes, dress shoes. LS probably has 4 pairs total. Difficult Child has had a part time job so she has purchased what she wants.

It s bad that both girls are basically the same size... And Difficult Child likes what LS picks out, but LS doesn't like DCs clothes. Difficult Child picks what I feel is on the inappropriate for teen girls. I won't buy those things, but she would with her money, when she had a job.

My usual rule is if you bought it or got it as a gift, you don't have to share... But if I find a sale, or a friend gives us things for them, they need to share those items. Just tired of this...



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They are getting old enough that the "sharing" thing is a bit.... challenging. LS really needs to have her own stuff - shoes, coats, clothes, personal care... she is at an age where she needs control over that stuff. It isn't fair if Difficult Child uses LS's stuff and isn't as careful with it. Just my opinion, of course


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I know... But Difficult Child can only see how she is affected... Not how her actions affect others... LS can't really get a job until she turns 16. Difficult Child is almost 18... So logically, she thinks we do too much for LS. But we did the same for Difficult Child at 15. But now, she has worked and blown all her money on fake friends... And still expects us to help her... But not LS... And that is the irony.... KSM