Oh, the pure Torture!!


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easy child won't eat vegetables. He hates them. He gags on mashed potatoes and applesauce. When we have mixed veggies, I give him a couple of carrots to eat or a very little corn. He always tries to negatiate with me.

Tonight, it was two carrot slices for an ice cream sandwich that we got at the ice cream store yesterday. He had to eat them and finish his meat. You would have thought I was torturing him. :rofl: He ate them....how could he deny himself ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chips all around them? He's eating it now. I asked him if it was worth the carrots...he nodded.

Just thought I'd share.


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I watched Oprah yesterday. She had a woman on there who had just written a cookbook about this. Basically, she pureed a variety of veggies once a week and froze them in little ziplock bags. Then throughout the week she "hid" them in her kids foods.

IE: when she made boxed mac and cheese she would throw in a bag of pureed sweet potatoes. It was amazing. Her kids never knew. Her hubby never knew. Oprah never knew. I don't remember the name of the book ... but you could find it on Oprahs site I'm sure.

Good luck.


I was gonna suggest having him put them in his applesauce...that's what I used to do with green beans (bleck bleck bleck...they even smell bad) when I was little. But I guess that won't work...poor kid.


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Unfortunately, Mighty Mouse won't eat anything that I could slip it into. I do it with tomato sauce. I have bought small baby food jars of mixed veggies for that very opportunity. He only eats meat. Sometimes I can slip it into meatballs or meatloaf, but that's it.


call 911........call 911

Please don't mix raisins and carrots together and call it a salad when you put it in JELLO.

I think your son has been traumatized by Veggie Tales. I completely understand.


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Hah ha! Star, I think you might be onto something. Perhaps he doesn't want to eat Bob, Larry, laura or Junior. He loves Veggie Tales. I think I have almost every dvd and vcr video out.

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Parents are born to torture their children by pushing veggies down their throats! :smile:

Loth, the pure agony - I can just see PCs face. How could you? :rofl: :warrior: :rofl:

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When I was growing up I HATED all cooked veggies except for corn. I used to swallow them whole with milk. To this day there are very few cooked veggies I'll eat.


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Loth, does he drink juice?

Those veggie/fruit combos made by fruit harvest and v8 are really good and he would never even know he was getting veggies in his juice...lol.

Keyana loves those juices even more than she likes normal apple juice in fact. Now we are lucky in that she will eat anything that doesnt eat her first so food isnt an issue with her but I figure giving her a good fruit/veggie combo juice is a better choice than a sugary choice. She gets that, milk or water. I have the healthiest lil eater around...lol.
I saw the Oprah show yesterday too. The lady with the cookbook is Jerry Seinfeld's wife.

I've seen a ton of chefs try to either disguise veggies or make them fun for kids. With Tink (and I am sure with Missy and others here), JUST not gonna happen. But I gotta say, she was onto something.

She purees broccoli. Makes chicken fingers, and before dredging them in crumbs, she dips them in the puree first.

She adds beet puree to brownies, zucchini puree to oatmeal cookies, wow, I can't remember everything. I'm sure going to try it though.

Then she had a doctor on, who gave a medical explanation as to why kids don't like veggies. Something about adults have 3000 taste buds, and kids have 10,000. Most of those are sweet. And that goes back however many years to when we ate food from in the wild, and a bitter fruit was normally poisonous. A sweet fruit was generally safe.

So here we are all these years later. We still have our appendix, still have our adenoids...and kids still gag on their veggies.


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My olgest difficult child only fell for these tricks a few times. This was on one of the talk shows (from a different author, possibly a local one) from when difficult child was still in a high chair. He would gag out food with pureed veggies added. Most any. MAc and cheese with sweet potatoes, not in his throat.

I do get the kids to all eat carrot cake. No veggies or fruits in JELLO. NONE of my kids will touch any of that. They say it ruins the jello!!

Somehow, me of the veggie haters ended up with kids who will eat tons of broccoli, corn out the wazoo, carrots like they will be outlawed, and lots of other things that won't cross my lips.

And mostly they don't even want them coooked!! BLECH BLECH ICKY YUCK YUCK

i hate VEGGIES they are still revolting as much as when I was a kid!! (My gma used to tell my mom she was cruel, and slide my sauerkraut onto the floor, same with any other things I didn't like)

I make veggies now because the kids ASK for them...no wonder mine are difficult children!



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Thanks BBK, I'll check it out. Yeah, that does sound interesting.

Janet, yes, I buy thos V8 drinks. The v8 splash has corn syrup in it so I buy the V8 fusion. The kids love it.

Missy, on the other hand, will eat almost anything. She will at least try things. Last night, she had 2 helpings of mixed veggies, including water chestnuts (which she realized she loves), all her meat and 1 1/2 baked potatoes. This kid packs it in! Then she had an ice cream sandwich and a granola bar. I don't think I even eat half of what she has for dinner, during the entire day.

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My kids would eat their veggies cooked, thank goodness, but actually preferred most of them in the raw state. Most especially Nichole. She'll still munch on a raw potato lol. yuk!

Have to tried the raw veggies? Baby carrots, broccoli pieces, califlower, cucumbers, or ants on a log? (latter is celery with peanut butter and raisins)

We're discovering quickly that baby Aubrey is also tending to prefer her veggies in the raw state. She also prefers fresh fruit to canned or jars, except applesauce.

Hey, if I eat all my veggies, can I have an ice cream sandwich too?? :smile: :rofl:


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Both difficult child and little easy child love raw vegetables. easy child loves it when I pack raw veggies and dip in his school lunch. Raw veg, AND he gets to eat with his hands...what more could a little boy want?

difficult child likes to eat the stalks! and cores! He gets upset if I don't save broccoli stalks, asparagus ends, cabbage cores, etc. for him. He likes all of the hard wooden parts of the vegetables, not the fresh crunchy parts. I've even caught difficult child hiding in the bushes in our back yard, nibbling rhubarb plans that he's dug up out of our garden (Yuck!)

Sigh...at least it's good for them (well...except for the rhubarb perhaps).
Oh, the memories! easy child 3 would hold carrots in his mouth literally for an hour until he could sereptitiously spit them in the trash. wife resorted to finger sweeps to make sure he swallowed. We tried to reason with him: if you hate them so much why hold them in your mouth? Just swallow and be done with it. To no avail.

He won that one by the way. We stopped trying to force carrots on him.


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OH Trinity......the rubarb would be fine if washed...just not the leaves. The leaves are poisonous, so I've been told.

My aunt used to make rubarb pie with stawberries and then top it off with whip cream. Yum!

Or rubarb with strawberries (like a stew) over tapioca pudding. Yummmmmmmm


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Fortunately difficult child knows better than to eat the leaves. And he does rinse it down with the garden hose before eating.

Actually, I love strawberry rhubarb pie, and when I was a little girl I used to make rhubarb jam with my grandmother. But the very idea of raw rhubarb...sour enough to make my whole face pucker.

Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

I do get a kick out of difficult child "sneaking" through the garden to get at it though...With his size 12 feet, endless arms and legs, and clad in his favourite hawaiian shirt...he's kind of hard to miss, especially when he's trying to be quiet. (I can hear the bushes rattling from across the yard)