Oh what a night !

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    :thumbsdown:difficult child was off the hook over a controller he wants to purchase for his gaming system.

    He asked husband if he would take him to the store to purchase the controller with his Christmas money.

    husband had heard about this specific controller from our neighbor who says that it is "illegal" to use with the gaming system because it allows the user to "cheat"

    We explained this VERY thoroughly to difficult child MANY, MANY times last night and he was tantruming and crying for over an hour telling his he is going to be the ONLY kid in school without this controller, yada, yada, yada ...

    Finally, after husband and I were beginning to lose our patience, he announces that he doesn't want to risk losing his membership for gaming and said "Your right Mom and Dad"

    WOW !!! :bigsmile:
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    Wow is right!
  3. TeDo

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    Ditto the WOW!! I do have one question though....If the controller is "illegal", how can a store legally sell it? That makes absolutely no sense to me so I guess I can understand why difficult child was confused, regardless of the reasons he "argued" with.
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    great result. really shows the power of processing time! I dont understand the gaming stuff... yuck... what a mess. I agree with TeDo, it is confusing. I imagine it can be used in non licensed games ok? where there is no competition or something???

    That reminds me of a news story I saw where a little boy with autism had wracked up a bunch of points or rewards or whatever. Hearing him talk he is very autistic. His mom says it is his "thing" and he is amazing at it. Well, that is not a surprise. I think it is xbox live... anyway, he turned it on and all of his points are gone and he was branded a cheater and so anyone who plays with him will see it. she took it to the media, they called and they have no response. They were told though that he will have that name from now on on his profile for all to see.

    Can you imagine???? how stupid.

    edit: I found an update on this and somehow a third party was allowed to use his account... well he is autistic so I can see how he could let this happen... I would start a new account. But the bottom line... is this really so serious that it has to come down to branding people and being cruel to kids? It is a GAME
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    It is not illegal under government laws and such, just with the gaming system. It allows the player to go faster than using the controller the comes with the system.

    It is sold at gaming stores and online ( we searched it out) but if you are "nabbed" you lose your membership.

    It allows the player to "cheat"
  6. TeDo

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    Then I say the gaming company should legally go after the company(ies) that make these "illegal" controllers. THAT is where the punishment should go, no to people (especially) kids that buy them. Grrrrrr

    Anyway, I think it is great that what you were saying finally got through! That is awesome.
  7. susiestar

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    WOW!!! To difficult child for grasping the possible consequences and choosing not to cheat.

    THis is an issue I have a HUGE problem with in regard to the entire video game industr. First, my parents are both teachers. Our world growing up revolved around learning. I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE AND ABHOR cheating. PERIOD.

    The video game industry has made cheating something "cool" and acceptable. WHY???? EVERY scholastic book fair I have been involved with (LOTS) has had books with a title that is something about video game cheats. NOT hints, tips, finding easter eggs, etc.... CHEATS.

    I only found one librarian who allowed the book to be sold after it was pointed out to her and the principal made them refund the $ of any kid who bought it because it was against the school's honor code for ALL students and employees.

    WHY is it so fine to cheat on anything? I know, more points/power is "better" but where is the sense of achievement when you EARN them, when you slay the dragon or whatever if you cheated and became all powerful?

    This cheating on games extends to other things. There is a chip that poeple can copy games onto for one of the handheld gaming systems. In the US it is illegal but it is legal in other countries. Wiz wanted one. Nothing else for his birthday one year. Just that chip b.c he could copy games and not buy them. He even convinced my parents it was legal here. Then they asked me and I found it wasn't. He learned then that you do NOT compromise honesty around my parents. There is NO gray area for that - ever. He lost a LOT of privileges until he proved that he was not cheating on anything in his life.

    EVERY kid I talk to in thank you's school has NO concept of cheating being wrong. I do NOT understand this. thank you is super uncomfortable with a lot of them because he does see that it is wrong and you hurt yourself when you cheat. YOU miss out on learning something and accomplishing something. The kids don't limit the cheating to video games because why should they? Isn't it okay? If it isn't okay then why do the major video game makers and publishers get together to put out CHEAT books??? They are NOT hint books, or help books. (off my soapbox now)

    I think it is AWESOME that difficult child doesn't want to cheat on his game!!! GO difficult child!!!

    As for the autistic boy being a cheater? That is nuts. Where has the common sense and compassion gone??? Why can't they cut him a little slack?
  8. shellyd67

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    You would be surprised at the number of kids who do have this controller and their parents are well aware of it !

    I couldn't agree more. I also loathe cheating and all the other immoral acts associated with it.

    These parents are teaching their children very young how to be dishonest ... SAD
  9. Bunny

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    Wow!! For him to see the problem and understand it is great!! I'm glad to hear that it ended well for all of you!
  10. susiestar

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    I think it is awesome that he sees how it is wrong to cheat and how the consequences would be bad. I do know how many other people think this stuff is okay. It makes me SICK. I am also sickened that many high schools and colleges have to pay to use software to pick up cheating in student papers now. It is awful and no one seems ashamed when they get caught. in my opinion this is a problem that the video game cheats have made FAR worse than it ever would be with-o them. I still don't understand why you would WANT to cheat to get something in a video game. It means you get less playing time out of the game. To me that really decreases the fun value that I get for my money. I am CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and want ALL the hours of fun I can get from a game. I don't want to pay $10-$60 for a game and then pay $5-15 for a book to shorten the amt of time it takes to play the game all the way through. It seems dumb to me, but what do I know?

    I will NEVER forget the day I told this to Wiz. He was insisting that it wasn't cheating to use cheats from a book. Gee, using cheats isn't cheating. And I should buy you a game and then buy you this book and then next week you will be done and want MORE? I don't think so. He really could not figure out an argument other than "you just don't understand". He had THAT right at least, but it did NOT mean he could have the book. And when he bought them on the sneak? I shredded them. belonged to a friend? Not my problem. You KNEW that if I found a cheat book in MY house I would shred it and let YOU tell your friend about it. You also got to PAY the friend for the book, and I was laughing at you while you did. Cause it was NOT.MY.PROBLEM.AND.YOU.KNEW.BETTER.
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    Well I am on the fence on some of the cheating stuff. I go to youtube and download the videos and songs that I want to have and that is cheating...no doubt about it. I cant afford to buy the music outright. It ticks me off to no end that the Law and Order wont put their episodes that have already been shown on TV on the internet online so we can see them after they have been shown like most other shows. No, we have to go to Itunes and buy them. Guess who isnt doing that. I have also found a bootleg place to get a ton of ebooks. Good ones too. Ones that have just been released. I dont see it as any worse than those places that replicate the restaurant recipes.
  12. InsaneCdn

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    Janet - We can't afford anything, either. Which means... we find it at thrift stores, or we make it ourselves, or we do without.
    Cheating is never an option, in my opinion. Its taken me over two years to come up with a pair of winter boots for me - yes, even in this frozen wasteland, I have to do without, because $180 boots (sale price) are not an option (that's for proper warm practical ones, not for "dress boots").

    I don't consider raw survival to be cheating... breaking into someone's wilderness cabin when caught in a major storm, or doing what it takes to survive an armed occupation of your country... things that are extreme by definition. Poverty, in and of itself, is not "raw survival".