Oh yes... hyperactive (thinks: what is that?)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Sep 5, 2012.

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    I picked J up from the play centre at the end of the afternoon, where he was playing frenetic football with his older "copain" there. One of the assistants told me that she had scolded him because he didn't listen to her. Catching the bull by the horns - why not, after all? - I told her that J is hyperactive and that sometimes (often) he does not listen but it wasn't really his fault, exactly. She looked rather bemused. "Oh, he's very sweet!" she said, "I'm not saying there's anything wrong with him!" (Me in my head - no, I am trying to say there's something wrong with him :)) So I tried again, asked her if she had heard of hyperactivity. She looked vague. "Oh, yes, hyperactive, he's not the only one!"
    I felt rather ridiculous, like explaining too much about oneself to a stranger met at a party. Don't know why I bothered. It clearly doesn't make much sense to anyone there. J is just naughty and doesn't listen, and they get frustrated and tell him off, and there we are.
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    Oh, Malika... I know how you feel, trying to explain something that people don't see or can't see. And then those people make fatal mistakes not because they are mean, but simply ignorant about the issue.
    If it makes you feel better, I've just learned that one of my brother's good friend and neighbor for years (he was at my wedding party) has ADHD. With hindsight, it surprises no one. He is now successful in his career (business) and has a good social life as well. He did make it through the French system. He now lives in England! Go figure. LOL
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    I imagine it is alot like trying to explain GFGmom's behavior back in the '60's when there were no known terms. Others found it just SO OBVIOUS that although I was a lovely bright young woman I simply didn't know how to handle the kid.
    Sigh. Since she had two siblings who were easy child's it did make it a tad bit easier BUT...I still relate to your efforts. DDD
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    Yes, it must be like things used to be - but they must have been even worse then, with no terms or body of knowledge to refer to. At least now SOME people recognise these conditions, at least one can inform oneself.
    Had a small glimpse of J's new teacher at lunchtime - he seems (what more can one say?) relaxed, self-confident, approachable. I hope that is an accurate impression! J seems to be settling into it and happy. When he asked me this morning if there was school and I said yes, he said "Hurrah!"
    I realise what a big load it is off parents' minds if their child can be happy at school... seems so important, even if there are challenges and difficulties outside it. So I do hope this is how things will continue.