Oi, maybe I just stink at this part of parenting

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Aug 2, 2012.

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    You remember last year when Eeyore started high school, he asked out dozens of girls cause he was so desperate for a girlfriend. Then later in the year we had issues with Tigger writing notes to girls asking them to be his girlfriend.

    Just did a spot check on Piglet's phone....."will u go out with me pleeeezzzzz"....his responses were vague and she repeated her plea a couple of times. He finally said he'd give her an answer tomorrow. AND she had been crushing on a totally different boy who is shy and per his friend was working up the courage to ask her out but she was too impatient!!!!!!!

    This pathetic desperation drives me nuts!!!!!!!! Never would have expected it from Piglet :(
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    JJJ... I remember that horrible sense of desperation... I was the proverbial ugly duckling (though not sure I'm completely swanned-up yet). But... I didn't have the guts to ask anyone. Ever. Not till my junior year and boy was that a crash-and-burn.

    I guess it's good that they feel confident enough to say something??? :sigh:
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    I think part of the "desperation" is that there is so much more peer-pressure to have a SO these days. I remember desperately wanting somebody to "love" (or at least what I thought was love at the time)...but today? If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend then you are teased for being gay or immature or whatever. So I think it's no longer about depserately wanting a connection or to have somebody to love - it's more about desperately needing a way to prove that you are not a loser.
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    LOL! JJJ -

    I have the opposite problem. My oldest son did not date at all in HS. He's mildly Aspie and I despaired that he would ever meet a girl (or guy, if that was his proclivity). He's 22 now and has been dating the same girl for almost 4 years. My daughter dated one boy in HS for about 2 months and went to the prom with 2 of her girlfriend's, one Aspie. She dated a guy in college for about 6 months but has been sans boyfriend for almost 2 years at age 20. difficult child asked a girl out who he'd been friends with and she told him never to speak to her again, so he hasn't. She went back to her old boyfriend, who my daughter refers to as "Future Ted" (as in Bundy). easy child 16 has never asked anyone Occupational Therapist (OT) or been asked out either. Babyboy is only 13 but kids in his grade date already - he thinks they're crazy.

    I worry that my kids will never find anyone to spend their lives with.

    My kids don't care if they're losers, which I guess is a good thing.
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    Sven... I know all sorts of people who did almost no dating before age 25, and were married before 30. LOTS and LOTS. There is absolutely no requirement to start early... and there are lots of downsides to doing so. I'm hoping my kids are more like yours!
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    I think Piglet has some difficult child sprinklings. She was suppose to be at her friends house and she told the mom she had permission to go to the mall with them. She did NOT, in fact she did not even ask. husband has the same 'she's a sweet little girl' rose colored classes that he had with Kanga and doesn't understand WHY Piglet is now grounded.