OK, cell phone experts I need some advice when you have time..not urgent!

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    I have a wonderful easy child SD who called yesteray. It's always a delight talking with her and her twin because they actually care about me, lol. Anyway on the phone she said that she worried because I don't have a cell phone and she has room on her family plan to add one more at just $15 a month. She explained that their family plan has 2000 hours a month and they only use about 300 so it's rolling over. I think she said it is an AT&T plan and cell to cell time does not count toward the program...just cell to landline time. Evidently she can has a wide range of cells available that she can choose from to get me a freebie.

    difficult child#1 said last night that I would have a Tx. area code although we live in Fl. Hadn't thought about that, lol. In fact I have wondered why some customers have "odd" area codes. Guess now I know. So the question is this. Do all plans have unlimited cell to cell now so it actually wouldn't make a difference? If I actually "got into" using it (doubtful because I think of it as health protection mostly) would family members in other locations get billed minutes receiving or calling a Tx. number?

    Second question is ?? if the free phone choice includes more than just calling should I rev up my brain to learn how to text, take pictures etc. like most of you do? OR keep it simple since I am electronically challenged? We're heading South for GD's wedding and will be staying at the same hotel. Thought I best check with you all before I decide. It is a loving offer. DDD
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    Since I just had to switch because I get a reimbursement and the requirement became a no contract phone I have recently done a bit of research. I was told that is a special thing about At&t... most contract phones have cell to cell within their plan only....and some have a family and friends concept and you can put a certain number of phone numbers on that....but At&t is ALL cells. So if you can get on her plan go for it.

    And, no biggie about the area code, everyone puts numbers in and just hits your name anyway.

    If you are comfortable with technology and have the fingers to do so I would say YES, go for a phone you can do at least texting (great for memory to have people send a text saying...dinner at 6 next month, Nov 18th at 530 etc...I always forget to put it in the calendar right away so love the texts. Also, since I have an android phone now I love having unlimited internet (not sure if her package has that so you'd have to ask). I posted here when difficult child went to hospital thru my phone.

    The best is that my calendar and email are all connected to computer and phone so I get reminders for everything. It did take me a couple of days to learn (I love that kind of thing though) but it was really worth it. If you choose a textin kind of phone it is simpler than an android and usually has a nice little keyboard that makes texting easier. Usually still has camera and video that you can share. If you have face book and they have internet on the plan you can upload and download pics to your phone easily.

    Those are my thoughts....by the way, my mom had to switch too and she got the same phone as my sister and I did. She took about 5 days to learn it and LOVES it. she is 70.
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    It is a great offer. Most cell phone companies do offer free cell to cell time, but that has to be withing the phone company or affiliated company. My AT&T can't call Verison for free, but I can call TrackPhone free. (they don't give you those details though. I only found out because BFF has TrackPhone).

    the odd area code is an inconveniences, but most phone plans these days include free long distance. mother in law had a senior discount emergency landline phone which could not dial long distance, but it was free, so there will be a rare few ppl who won't be able to call your odd cell.

    If you decide not to get on the family plan, you should at least get a pay as you go - for emergencies. Nice to have it if the car breaks down, late and stuck in traffic, etc.

    Don't worry about learning the extras before hand. Once you get the phone, you can spend time "playing with it". User manuals are like 3x the size of the phones!
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    OOOOOOOOOOO really? I never knew that! Maybe because I'm not using my cell that much. lol
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    That was the plan they were trying to sell me when I switched in July. I had to do no contract and said again to them that it is not even a choice for me because I get 40 dollars toward a cell for medical emergencies and the state in its infinate wisdom decided everyone had to have a no contract phone. Why people couldnt' stick with just paying the overage if it went beyond 40 dollars I don't know, some bird brain decided that was important we all be the same. so dumb but in my case it worked fine because I got way more for way less. Just have to deal with dropped calls once in a while. Since I am in a big city usually not an issue.
  6. DDD

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    I'm kinda assuming that whatever my number is it will be stored on other phones so the prefix won't matter much. I'm also assuming that 911 calls (if ever necessary, sigh) would be free...at least they would be short, lol. DDD
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    Was curious and I dont see the unlimited to all cells on their site now. maybe it was a deal they had for a while? who knows. still a good deal for 15 dollars a month because they have enough minutes that wont matter anyway if you are using them to call off att. I never go over 400 minutes on mine until this hospital, talking to everyone on earth deal. haha. but with no contract you can just top up.
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    I checked the AT&T web site, did an online chat with a rep and he led me to fifteen free phones. Good Grief, I am going well to make and answer calls, lol. BUT I just emailed her, thanked her for the offer and told her to go for it. I've got to get my mind back on real life. Ugh. Thanks, guys. DDD
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    yipee! I think it is actually fun. My niece got grounded from cell, FB, etc. and has to stay home for two weeks. She was so afraid the boy she asked to sadie hawkins would think she isn't interested anymore because NO communication thru text and fb. I said, K...you have a home phone you can use. I know your mom is ok with that. She said no she wont let me...blah blah, creating drama. I asked my sister. She said she SWEARS that these kids ahve not learned how to communicate in person or thru talking because of this.! She absolutely CAN use the phone if she wants. She is scared of actually talking to him. Just think, when we were little we memorized all of the phone numbers that were important, our phones were connected to a wall, we had to push the numbers and when people answered you had to identify yourself becasue it did into automatically pop up! HAHAHA
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    DDD...you will have a blast and I imagine you will probably now be the new owner of an iPhone! LOL. Maybe not the iPhone 4 but one of the iphones. The iPhone 3 is probably free now. You will love it and yes you can take pics, videos, play with apps, call everyone on any cell everywhere. ATT does the same thing as Sprint...free calls to any cell and free texts to any cell. Now internet is limited to 2 gigs. Sprint is unlimited wireless which is better. Tony, Billy and I have Sprint. Actually everyone in my family except Cory have Sprint. So far I am not willing to add him to my account. Maybe in a year or two with good behavior I might take that leap.
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    so all you mommies and grammies..... difficult child wants a cell phone so badly. I know he needs to learn to use one but .... SO, what would you suggest for a kid who probably should not be allowed to send picture texts, regular texts might be ok???? (he doesn't write so??) I was thinking of some kind of really cheap phone plan with very few minutes and he could earn more as he earns my trust with it?

    What have you done? Are there camera phones (he really wants that) with no data plan but only phone? I am sure there are but I am wondering which ones you like best.

    I have virgin which is sprint towers... I love the unlimited data. Really good. Can choose unlimited data plus unlimited minutes for 55/month! My phone got great reviews and it has worked great for me too, not the really expensive one, the lg android phone. I defeated angry birds!
  12. DammitJanet

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    Buddy...let me ask my son when he gets home. He sells cell phones and I will tell him all about your son and he will be able to tell what phone and what plan would be the best for him. He is an expert in this. He has been doing it for about 3 + years now and is a geek in all this techy. He knows all about how to limit stuff on phones too.
  13. buddy

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    awesome! you and your son rock.
  14. slsh

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    DDD - ask AT&T if you can have a # with- your area code. When we got thank you his first phone on our family plan, he had a different area code than the rest of us. with- phone # portability now, you should be able to get whatever area code you want.
  15. Nancy

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    I say go for it too. Area codes are insignificant, cell phone area codes are all different than landline phones. I worked for the telephone company for 14 years and have all the area codes and exchanges memorized and know exactly where they are. Now with the cell phone area codes and exchanges I have no idea.

    Just make sure you are clear on what is free and what isn't. I'm assuming you will not be getting a smartphone. There is an extra data charge to get email and web access and many companies are now charging by the amount of use. I'm glad you are doing this, it's great for safety.

  16. DDD

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    Just for your amustement Buddy (and other younger family members) my intro to phones was in a small Wisconsin town where the #'s were based on when you signed up. My Mother's family was chapped off and continued to be chapped off for a loonngg time because the X family got to be #1 and they had to be #2. As a little girl in the 1940's I used my Grandma's phone. Honestly...not exaggeration (and I like to exaggerate funny stories, lol) I picked up the phone and a lady said "telephone company how can I help you?" I replied "I want to speak to my Aunt Zoe please". She responded "are you the Y's cute little daughter with pigtails?" "Yes, Maam I have pigtails." "You're from Fla. aren't you?" "Yes, Maam I am." She said "well, honey, your Aunt Zoe isn't home now. I saw her car parked outside the drug store around the corner from your Grandma's." Makes me smile to remember.

    Then...progress, lol. Back home in sophisticated Florida we had identification zone abbreviations plus four numbers! When you made a new friend and they said call me at 8888 you always had to reply with "are you HIG or GRA?" Yep that was the way it was before we went to seven numbers and later to area codes plus seven numbers.

    Guess it makes sense that the "new fangled" cell phones would be a challenge. LOL Since I have raised teen gs's with difficult child in front of their name I quickly became aware of modern trends. In fact I was one of the first to get a cell phone in our community with the walkie/talkie feature. (Can't remember what to heck it's called, lol.) My much loved difficult child#1 thought it was awesome that he could talk with friends after I was allegedly sound assleep. Not! I have very sensitive ears and when I heard a beep noise I was out of my bed, in his room and confiscating the phone.

    I'm sure I'll adapt to the new phone and I really appreciate easy child SD offering me the chance to join 2011. DDD
  17. DammitJanet

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    Oh he had a nextel! I never could figure that thing out and why you would want to do that if you already had the phone! Well...I understood it for the business use because it was good for commercial stuff like construction but personal, eh, not so much. Tony's phone actually does that but he doesnt have anyone to do the push to talk with. Lord knows, Im not teaching him something else...lol.

    He is pretty much cell phone illiterate. I am slowly pulling him forward.
  18. DDD

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    You got it Janet. I couldn't think of the name for the life of me. We used it for business...but...of course,..you know who used it at night after I "thought" I was snoring, lol. DDD
  19. InsaneCdn

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    DDD -

    Just to make it easier to wrap your brain around texting... I explained to husband that its really like a phone-to-phone miniature email system. You can't do long messages... which is why they come up with short forms... (like, Know what I mean??).

    With the new hands-free laws, you can't just answer your phone while driving (except hands-free, which is expensive here to set up)... but if I send husband a text that says "Pls get 2 mlk thx", he will hear that he has a text message, will check it at the next red light... and will stop at the store on his way home and pick up two jugs of milk. You WILL end up using it - but don't worry about starting out with it right away!
  20. DDD

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    That should be a challenge...keeping it short, lol. I get a bit longwinded once I get started talking or typing. I can learn new tricks I bet. DDD