Ok, (cross fingers) hopefully prom queen picture and others, if interested

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    I realize not everyone wants to look at other people's pictures, but if anyone does, here they are. Mom is really proud of this easy child (it's so nice to have one when you still have a 35 year old difficult child). I hope I did it right (I'm so techie challenged). Let me know if you can't see any pictures. Once you get to the very handsome young man with blond hair that is Joe, her last year's boyfriend so you are done with this year's prom. Jake may not be model gorgeous like Joe, but Jake treats Jumper like a queen and they are best friends. In fact, she denies they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but obviously they are and Jake's mom has told me just how much Jake likes Nicole (and I can tell Nicole likes him just as much).


  2. SuZir

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    She really is a gorgeous girl! And such nice and popular too. You have done awesome job with her!

    I hope she had wonderful time.

    P.S. I love her dress!
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    Thanks, Suz. It's her personality. Would love to take the credit, but if I did then it makes no sense that I have 35 too :)

    You're a great mom yourself, you know :)
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    I'm a FAN. DDD
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    She is absolutely beautiful MWM!!! And, I love her dress. She looks so very happy. Congrats on having such a wonderful PROM QUEEN!
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    Thank you. The thing that makes me the happiest is that at our small school it isn't the most beautiful girl or the snootiest or richest girl who wins this prize (and it IS a prize). It is usually the girl who is the all around nicest kid and one who is not nice to just a few select popular kids, but to all kids. That's Jumper.

    On probably a minor note, she is the only part African-American girl to ever win prom queen in this neck of the woods, which used to be as bad as the segregated south. African-American boys have won prom king, but never a girl. I'm proud of the growth in our little community.
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    Wow, she is absolutely gorgeous. Love the dress, beautiful color.
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    Beautiful pictures
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    Beautiful pictures, beautiful daughter!