OK, deep breath...what a day!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Apr 10, 2008.

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    First thing this morning I had to pay the PGE bill so they wouldn't shut off the power. Then I had many things to iron, and I HATE to iron, but when others did the laundry they dumped rather than hang up, while watching the clock because I was working this afternoon. Got to school. No lesson plans. I don't even know when the little darlings come back from lunch. The teacher shows and gives me a lesson plan. First grade...how bad can it be? OMG...I had one of the LONGEST afternoons of my life, trapped in a classroom with 18 untamed wildebeest. During this time, I get a call from Miss KT, who has run into one of the big concrete barriers at the gas station, smashed in the side of the truck, and can't get the door open. I refer her to a friend of mine, who has lots of car expertise, and finish my day with the wildebeest. Had told the children's pastor we'd help him out this afternoon, headed to church, did my thing, ran some errands, headed home. Miss KT and Hubby managed to get into it in the fifteen minutes they were home without me there, and of course she called so I could mediate. Got home, Hubby dares to ask what's for dinner...it's 8 pm by now...Miss KT wants to go visit her boyfriend who is now living down south with his mom...I hear about getting the tickets fifty times a day...I told her not to nag me, then she texted me...I tripped over the kitchen stepstool and nearly fell, my body is tired, my mood is cranky, I would run screaming down the street if I had that much energy.
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    I refuse to mediate between difficult children and husband. They're adults now and can figure out how to work it out. Same goes for mediating between the 2 difficult children. I got sick of playing referee.

    I hate it when I have a day like this and husband or the kids have the nerve to ask what's for supper. I've been known to growl. They're beginning to take the hint. lol

    ((hugs)) I hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day for you.
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    Wow, that sounds like a rough day! I hope you can see some humor in it tomorrow though- it sounds memorable!

    I'm sorry it's been rough for you - hang in there ((HUGS)) - it's one of those that is so bad it makes me chuckle just because we've all had them- sorry- it will get better, though...
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    KTMom, sorry that you had such a no good very bad terrible awful day.
    I agree with the others. If difficult children and DHs are getting into it, I step away. If I walk in after yet another day of killer overtime at work and anyone dares to ask me what's for dinner, I reply, I don't know. What are you planning to make?

    Hope today is better.