Ok, even YOU guys wouldn't believe this one!

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    I get a call from difficult child 3's school. She's having another meltdown and they can't put her on the bus, can I come and get her? I can't because Weeble's new occupational therapist was starting (this was Monday) and I can't get in touch with her. I'll send my sister. Ok, thanks. And off she goes with my Dad so that they don't have to park near the school illegally.

    I call the school to let them know that they're almost there. "Ok, thanks!".

    My sister pulls up and there are police cars and an ambulance. They're bussing her to the ER because she took her mp3 headphones and pulled them around her neck. To all of you who are used to the antics of difficult child 1, "SOUND FAMILIAR???!!!"

    My dad comes home to sit with Weeble and the Occupational Therapist (OT) while I head to the local ER. I get there at 3:15. At 10:00, I call AH and tell him I need him to meet me there as they're going to transfer her to their mainsite (about 8 miles away), the baby was still awake, and I needed my insulin. He came and went with her to the other hospital. We agreed he would stay with her til morning because I had to get difficult child 2 to school in the morning and if they found a bed for her in peds, he call me. I head to the other hospital. at 8:00 am to let him go home. difficult child 1 calls the house and is told that difficult child 3 is in the hospital. for a meltdown at school. I finally get home with difficult child 3 at 4:00.

    difficult child 1 calls and talks to me about how he's going to keep working really hard at behaving. Asks how difficult child 3 is doing, if she's home, etc. Yes she is, it's over and done with. Although they wanted to admit her to "some facility in the 5 boroughs, it's not something they can medicate for, it's behavioral". Not again! This is why difficult child 1 keeps getting kicked out of the various phosps!!! Why check her in if they can't do anything there? Why get her in the same habits as difficult child 1? I had to provide a written statement as to why I thought it was a better idea to follow up with her therapist (with her permission) and psychiatrist.

    I just got a call from the Comm. Residence that difficult child 1 lives in. He's being bussed to the psychiatric ER because of a major meltdown. I told her that I think he's jealous because of difficult child 3 getting the attention and punishing us because she used HIS method.

    I swear...you just can't make this stuff up! I'm on call in case I have to sign him in for admission.

    I'm running away from home...anyone with me? :sigh::hangin::imok:

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    I still say everyone on this forum should start a fund together to build a Looney Home that we can all live in when finally all go wacko
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    Gfgland, Deliverance style (dueling admits). :hammer: (whoa, hit that reply button way too fast, LOL).

    Beth - I'd say I don't know how you deal with- it all, but I know... you just do what you gotta do. I guess about the best thing I can see here is that you're not spending another umpteen hours in the ER with- difficult child 1 - thank goodness staff will be there with- him. And thank goodness you've got family support, even from dex.

    Probably best in the future to keep a black out on the goings on at home from difficult child 1.

    Any chance dex can take the kids during spring break? And you can head to a beach/mountain/desert/polar ice cap to get some recharging time?

    Hang in there - and my hat is off to you. You are an *incredibly* strong woman.
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    Come here.... I won't tell anyone. :wink:
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    I kept waiting to see that AH fell through on his duties. Glad he didn't!
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    They are certainly giving you a run for your money.

    Another vote for sneaking away.....

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    I'd invite you here, but only if we can send Onyxx and Jett somewhere else. 'Cause if not, you can FORGET restful!

    You are my hero!!!
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    This is getting better and better...once these kids grow up, I starting my stand-up career...

    difficult child 3 has a "snit" when we get home from the hospital yesterday because she had planned to go out & play...

    When the Comm. Res. Director called me, she told me that this whole situation is breaking her heart because in all of the years of doing this, she's never seen a parent so willing to help and not getting ANY cooperation from the child. Truthfully, it was probably one of the nicest compliments that I've ever gotten. She's a fantastic person (even more fantastic because she praised me - lol!).

    I get a phone call at 11:30 last night that I have to come sign him in, they're doing at LEAST an overnight observation on him. My Dad comes BACK over to watch the others, I get in the car and literally drive COMPLETELY across the island to one of the creepiest areas in NYC. We're talking lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) coupled with vampires, werewolves and zombies. As I'm walking into the psychiatric ER, my cell rings...you don't have to come sign any type of paperwork...it's an involuntary psychiatric hold so it's not a requirement.

    My Dad left me a message on my cell "You should stop off and have a drink uptown - have one for me!" I just shook my head and laughed - I stand by my statement "you can't make this stuff up!"

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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Paddle faster........I hear Banjo music.

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    Argh! So sorry.
    Yep, sign me up for Looney Toon Hotel. I'm there with ya.
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    What kind of drink did you order? Was it good? Did any creepy old guys hit on you while you were there?
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    One heck of a night Beth ... HUGS
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    Hahaha! I was NOT tempting fate! I didn't even let it cross my mind...I can just imagine the difficult child creepy old guys that would have crawled out of the woodwork last night...no way! I went home and hid out! :groan::bag:

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    Ok...I am sorry for all of your troubles! Hugs to you....

    But STAR, this quote made me laugh so hard everyone looked at me....
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    I am so sorry to hear that difficult child 3 is joining the parade.