OK, 'Fess Up - Week 2 of HL, how are you doing?

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :treadmill: Week 2 Updates :sushi:

    It's now been two weeks since we've begun our new lifestyles. How is everyone doing? Are the healthy changes becomming habits? Have you made progress? Have you lost weight or inches yet? Are you experiencing a few bumps we can help you with? Post your progress....

    :bravo: :hammer: :rolleyes: :flower: :smile: :grrr: :future: :spaghetti: :please: :woohoo:

    I figure at any given time over the last week, any of those icons could describe what we were feeling our experiencing!

    My update is that easy child and I checked in at WW last night and easy child lost 2.4 pounds this week!!!! I was so proud of her :thumbsup: My loss this first week was 6.4 pounds. We were both really pleased and are going to made a chart in the kitchen with our totals combined!!

    Can't wait to hear how you guys are doing.

  2. wakeupcall

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    6.4 POUNDS???? WOW....WAY TO GO!!! All I've done is cut back on portions and I found that wasn't near as difficult as I thought it would be. I walk a lot in the first place. I don't feel "healthier" yet, but I'll keep on pluggin' away!
  3. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    6.4#!!! WOW! Way to go!!

    I don't have a scale, but I can tell I've lost something. It's becoming habit.

    I bet I lost 3 pounds just yesterday (was sick so I only had some broth and sugar free jello).

    OK, let's hear from the rest of you!!
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    I actually took the scale and put it in the linen closet when easy child and I started WW. I didn't want her to be going in and weighing herself every day. I want easy child to begin to "feel how it feels" to be healthy and not obsess with the poundage. Weighing in at WW once a week is a good thing because it let's her have a tangible "atta girl".

    When you have the pounds to loose that I have, I do want to know the poundage but I don't want to get on the scale everyday. I'm happy (well, perhaps that's not really the right adjective!) to step on the scale at WW and let them tell me.

    But I really believe it's how you feel that is the most important. If we are really in-tune with our bodies, we know when we are doing something healthy or something to sabatage ourselves!!!!

  5. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    Morning All,

    Sharon - Congrats to the big loss this week. That is fantastic.

    Pamela - Keep pluggin away and you will get there. That is my plan also as this was a kind of rough week to stay on plan.

    BBK - sorry you were not feeling well yesterday. Hope you are feeling better today.

    Okay for my 2nd week. I had a rough week trying to stay on plan. I did exercise at least. My scale shows a gain of 1.2 pounds. So, I need to get my butt in gear and keep striving to get healthier. No excuses, but it happens to be my TOM and I always seem to want to eat more (and didn't make great choices this week with that). Anyway, here is to a better week ahead.

    Will check in later tonight to see how everyone did this week.

    Have a good day all!
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Sharon and easy child, I'm really impressed!!! You are doing great!!! You both are excellent role models for the rest of us!!! :bravo: :woohoo: :its_all_good:

    Pamela, You're doing a great job!!! You're on your way to a healthier lifestyle!!! :you_go_girl:

    BBK, Keep it up!!! Once you're in the habit of eating healthier, it'll get easier. I hope you're feeling better today!!! :flower: Keep up the excellent work!!! :bravo:

    Hopeless, It's ok. I think that even though you weren't eating as healthy as you could have, it's great that you exercised :smile: !!! It's really hard to make drastic changes to your lifestyle all at once. Hang in there - YOU CAN DO IT!!! :flower:

    I've managed to stay out of the kitchen after dinner five out of seven days. :hammer: Emotional eating is a difficult habit for me to break!!! The days I found myself back in there, I managed to stop myself from doing any major damage as I was well aware of what I was doing. As always, I've been exercising daily. :treadmill: :smile: :treadmill: I haven't been on the scale. Honestly, I don't think I've lost any weight yet, but I feel better because I know I've been taking pretty good care of myself.

    Starting today, I'm going to really, really try to keep myself out of the kitchen after dinner for all seven days!!! This is going to be my major goal for this week. WFEN
  7. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    Great work, ladies!

    I'm impressed by those of you have dived right in and got the job done! I've been doing advance work this week. I didn't think it was wise to start exercising until I'd seen a doctor about my blood pressure problem so I started on medications yesterday. I also have been cutting down on caffeine but I think teh combination of my neck pain and caffeine withdrawl triggered a migraine Monday. I've never had a headache like that one before so I need to rethink how to handle that.

    On the food side of things I've made subtle changes but not the big ones I know I need, both for cutting calories and fat. I'm not the world's biggest veggie fan--I'm one of those supertasters so the stronger veggies taste downright nasty to me. The milder ones are okay but I know for sure if I start sitting down to huge plates of salad right off the bat I will fail miserably. So I've been checking cookbooks, etc for lower calorie, lower fat versions of the kinds of foods that I like. I made a potato soup from a recipe I got from Cooking Light magazine last night and it was pretty good. I'd probably change a few things but I liked it well enough and kids thought it was okay.

    I'm proud of all of you who've made such good progress already. Keep it up!
  8. Sue C

    Sue C Active Member

    Sharon -- WOW! Great weight loss!!!

    I lost 2 lbs according to my scale. I'm doing good staying off chocolate. I did eat ONE Hershey's kiss after dinner one night which amazed me that I could stop after one. I did buy low-calorie fudgcicles that are 60 calories and had 2 of them during the week. I have not had late night snacks at all!!! I even encouraged husband not to have cereal the other night at 10 pm. I told him he wasn't really hungry--that it was just a habit. :smile:

    husband and I walked but not every day. I am pleased with losing 2 lbs. This Saturday is supposed to be a high of 1 degree and Sunday a high of 7. I will not be walking.

    I have not gone back to Curves and still don't have the ambition to. I am wasting my money. I need to make a decision---get back there and get exercising...or end my membership!! Help!

  9. flutterbee

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    SRL - I'm one of those supertasters, too. A lot of veggies make me gag. Literally. Bleck. I've found I can tolerate some veggies raw and just stick with those. The other problem is the fat free dressing. They make it spicier to compensate and spicy (even in salad dressing) bothers me, too. I found a low fat (not fat free) italian dressing that is good and a ceasar dressing that is naturally low fat that is good, too.

    I was weighed at my doctor appointment on Monday and either I had my previous weight wrong and or I lost 7 pounds. I've been doing horribly this last week, so even though I would like to think I lost 7 pounds, I think it's more likely I had my previous weight wrong in my head. Ah, well.

    I'm thinking about it a lot more, though. I think twice before I put something in my mouth. It's a start. Honestly, I've been too overwhelmed with other stuff to care much. I have to get over that.

    Good job, everyone! Keep up the good work!
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    I am not weighing - I'm am using clothes to tell - at this weight - a scale only depresses you. So I took the advice of someone here (thank you u know who you are) and stuck a sexy outfit on a hanger and left it hang - I'm no where near getting into it - but I have it (it was one I used to wear when I met DF)

    As far as eating -

    I HAVE stuck to eating Lean Cuisine and WW for lunch
    I HAVE stuck to drinking a LOT of water (Oh JoG are you sure??)
    I HAVE stuck to avoiding situations where sweets & junk are offered
    I HAVE stuck to using the Gazelle 5 minutes a night with a timer (no cheating)
    I HAVE stuck to buying fruit for "filler foods"
    I HAVe stuck to eating smoked almonds
    I HAVE stuck to taking a multiple vitamin
    I HAVe stuck to using Splenda 1/2

    And I have bought foods I like - and small snack baggies - and divided them up into the Calories per serving so I can still have some things I like - just not in excess.

    My brag? DF's best friend said to him yesterday "Gosh Star is really slimming down!!" In 2 weeks? Is he serious?? haha I'll take it.

    And again this week - my jeans don't pinch.

    Thanks for asking - Good luck everyone


    I even refused a cookie yesterday - I know that doesn't sound like much - but to me - it's major league out of the park!
  11. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Way To Go, ladies! You're doing great.

    My progress:
    I lost 0.5 of a pound (it's not much, but on a 5-foot frame it's something, and I really only have 5.5 pounds to go).
    I'm working on cutting down on mindless snacking between meals.
    I bought a book, Prevention's Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss, which has lots of ideas for 10-minute workouts sprinkled throughout the day. I did one on Tuesday, and it really got my muscles and heart working.
    I made a tuna salad from a WW cookbook that I ate for several lunches this week. It's really good! I'll post it in the menu thread.

    I haven't made it back to the gym yet, but I'm planning to once J is out of his day treatment program and A's Bat Mitzvah is over (February 9). I know, I know, I should make time for exercise, but I'm truly very busy right now.

    Keep up the good work, everyone!
  12. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    :bravo: and :woohoo: to everyone!
    It sounds like you're all making progress, learning new habits, and weathering any bumps in the road with aplomb.

    The good:
    husband and I stocked the house with healthy food that fits in with the G.I. plan. I figure that if we don't have it in the house, then I can't break down even if I'm sorely tempted.

    I've been making an effort to remember to eat at least 3 times per day, and that has helped tremendously with my stress level. I never recognized before that signs of extreme hunger (foggy thinking, shakes, sweats) are similar to those of anxiety. Since I've started trying to eat by the clock rather than whenever I remember to, my anxiety level has dropped.

    And...I was able to squeeze into a shirt that has been kicking around my closet for about 4 years. I won't wear it in public yet...it's still far to tight for that, but last time I tried it on, I couldn't pull it all the way down over my body.

    The not so good:
    I was cleaning out the cupboard in my home office, where I stash Christmas and birthday presents, and came across a leftover Advent calendar. Sigh. I blasted through all 24 chocolates in about 10 minutes. (I did eat them in numerical order, though).

    Keep up the good work, everyone. Yay for us!
  13. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Sharon and easy child-Way To Go-awesome start!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    Pamela-Cutting down on portions is a great way to start! :smile:

    BBK-Glad you can tell you are doing well-I hope you are feeling better! :flower:

    Hopeless-We will all have ups and downs-good job on the exercising! :flower:

    WFEN-Sounds like you are doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way To Go on the continued exercise!! :smile: by the way, I tried your suggestion the last couple of times at the club! I could really feel a positive difference and it is a good change of pace!

    SRL-I don't like most cooked veggies. I do like raw veggies though. Checking out the cookbooks is a good idea! :princess:

    Sue-Good for you losing 2 pounds! :woohoo:

    Heather-Good for you-I bet you did lose those 7 pounds! :its_all_good:

    Star-Awesome compliment and it sounds like you are making lots of positive choices!! :woohoo:

    SW-I always say a loss is a loss! Good for you! Trying new recipes keeps things from getting boring! :reading:(that's you looking through the cookbook) Good for you!

    Trinity-Good changes with the food! Good for you on fitting into that shirt! At least you ate the chocolates in numerical order and now they are gone!! :flower:

    I meant to get on earlier but our computer is being a difficult child right now-actually the router is down and we have to hook right up to the modem so it isn't at all convenient.

    Anyhow, The good is I am continuing to do well on my exercising and yesterday on the elliptical I averaged 6 miles an hour-even better than last week and that was doing it using WFEN's suggestion of 5 minutes forward and 5 back-I did it for 30 minutes and did 3 miles!! Then I biked for my last 10 minutes.

    I didn't gain any week at weigh in on Saturday but I have had a hard time eating this week-lots of emotional eating and also am feeling more hungry. Time for me to get back on track!
  14. ML

    ML Guest

    I haven't lost any weight but I have been walking on my lunch breaks and eating healthier. So it's a start. No weight loss yet but hopefully that will come in time.
  15. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    I got the all clear from the doctor to start today! I'm doing a modified juice-fast to start. I bought a juicer with a gift card from my sister from Christmas.

    Fruit, vegetables & brown rice for the next 3 days. Yum!

    My doctor (who I just started to see for my arthritis) insists on check-ups every 3 months and is rumored to give quite a lecture if you haven't lost the weight you were told to lose. I have 12-weeks to lose 12 pounds. I'm hoping for so much more!
  16. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    I did blech...

  17. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    My ob-gyn was tough on his patients when we were pregnant. Everyone used to grumble about it, especially when it meant extra weigh in trips in between appointments when you'd gained too much. But he always said we'd thank him later and of course we did.

    When I was tempted to overeat I used to imagine Dr. S sitting down at the table with me. :doctor:
  18. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :salute: :bravo: :smile: :its_all_good: :woohoo: :smile: :hawaii_girl: :treadmill: :salute:

    WOW! We are a heck of a group! We have made some positive changes in our lives and being able to come and talk about it here has been great!

    Congrats to everyone who has made a start. Climb back up on the horse to those of you who fell a little. Being realistic about what you need to do or what you should have done is a great thing!

    Sending everyone big kudos and (((((((hugs))))))) for working on a healthier you!

  19. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Hey, that's me in the spaghetti!!!!

    You're all doing so great. I'm not. If it stops raining I'll go for a walk. At least I'm getting some painting done ...
  20. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Tommorow is my day to weigh myself. Last Friday I did really well. Today, I have to starve myself as I had a piece of a sandwich, some salad and -oh God, since I'll never see any of you -a piece of mushroom lasagna, last night for dinner. Hey, I was with friends and we ate together. I'll be happy if lose an ounce.-Alyssa