Ok Grandma Club...the offspring are fast growing up!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, May 17, 2008.

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    Can you all believe how fast the time is flying by? Most of us should be having second birthday parties very shortly. It seems like it was just yesterday we were all on here wringing our hands and worrying about these little people entering the world. Now I cant imagine my world without mine in it!

    Keyana turns 2 on June 6th. I simply cannot believe it. She is still the apple of all of our eyes. She still has a mass of blond curly hair and big blue sparkling eyes and a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts. Ok, maybe I am biased...lol.

    She is really taking off in the talking department now but you have to speak toddler. She learns new words every day now. Today we took her to an air show and she kept going "oh wow, lookie, weee, wow, bye bye aye pain." We came home and I asked her to tell her Uncle Billy what do we say to the planes and she goes "Unca Biwwy, Bye Bye Aye pain" and pointed to the ceiling...lmao.

    We havent even started potty training yet but I dont think that will be a problem because she is a true mimic. I think if she stayed here full-time we could have her trained in a short time but her other family is a bit lazy. She wants to please so badly so treats should work well for her.

    Soooo...what is going on with all her board cousins? Come on...give us the scoop! When I get her two year pics I will post them.
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    JJ will be 2 on June 12. He is such a cutie pie. He, too, is talking up a storm. He tells me all the time, Wuv you mig momma. He adores PePa---and asks for him constantly when in trouble with mom and dad. HE likes to color, but I have to color with him. And we have to color the same picture at the same time. He will be here with us next weekend for the whole weekend. I'm hoping husband will get the pool ready before then.
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    You know I think lil Keyana is a living doll. That baby is beautiful. So, you're not that biased. lmao

    Aubrey turned 2 yesterday, but her party was today at boyfriend's parents house. I sometimes wonder if she's the only toddler with grandparents, great-grandparents, and great aunts, as well as the usual family who comes to her parties. She's the only little one in boyfriend's family. lol easy child brought along sister in law's little sister so she would have another child other than Darrin at the party. And yes, the little princess was spoiled rotten. lol

    Daycare saved Aubrey in the talking dept. She's doing very well with it now and holds toddler conversations with anyone who will listen. Nichole has to address a mineral deficiency when she takes her to the pediatrician doctor on Monday as Aubrey has been eating dirt and chalk as if it's candy. Other than that she has finally chunked up and is doing well.

    Jumping. We are major into jumping. Which I find funny because at 3 Darrin still had trouble getting his feet off the floor, while Aubrey jumps awfully high off the ground. First thing she's done ahead of schedule.

    Aubrey is ready and willing to potty train. She'll tell anyone who will listen if her diaper is dirty, and attempts to tell you if she needs to go. Nichole isn't very consistant cuz boyfriend doesn't like buying the expensive pullups. Hopefully once it gets warmer they'll try again.

    Hard to believe she's 2 yrs old already. Seems like I was just announcing her birth. lol

    Here's some recent pics. I'll post some more from the party when I get them.
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    How cute. I'll have to see if I have any new pics.
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    Oh i love little baby pics... makes me wanna have another... OK NO it doesn't!!! LOL But I love looking!
    I love her eyes!!!
    My baby N just turned 4... so I hope it will be AWHILE before I am a grandma.
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    Kyla is now 4 months old and still living in CA with Justin, Ashley and my mom & stepdad. I miss her terribly!! She is trying to sit up and throws baby "hissy fits" if anyone but Mommy tries to give her the bottle. I just laugh at that! My mom says she gets the giggles when the dogs run around her (two Chihuahuas and one Jack Russell terrier mix). She says she gets real belly laughs out. Sure wish I was closer! Here are the latest pictures I have:


    The last picture is my favorite so far in her 4 months! She has her daddy's eyes and smile!
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    That baby is growing like a weed! Those are some gorgeous blue eyes she has!!! Too adorable.:redface: