Ok, I know we ask about lots of weird pain...I have a pain...a PITA! REALLY!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Sep 25, 2010.

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    I dont know what I have done other than the fact that I have become much more sedentary because of my back and knee problems...and my mattress is an absolute nightmare but my poor posterior is hurting so badly.

    It feels like I have been sleeping or sitting on concrete. It actually feels like I should be black and blue all over it but there is no discoloration at all. Just touching it lightly kills me. This is not a spot that should be an area for fibro.

    I did go out and get a 4" thick temperpedic mattress pad to cover my mattress to try and get some relief. I hope it helps. I also got a down pillow to lay that part on. I have tried just rubbing some lotion on it but it hurt so bad I could barely just rub it on.

    Really...it hurts to the touch. Laying down or sitting even in the car is horrible. I dont know what anyone could do for it? Anything?
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    I'm just guessing here, but it could be your sciatic nerve. I've had two bouts this past summer and it really seems to "congregate" in my rear left cheek. When it starts to bother me it almost feels like my hip but then, within about 24 hours I feel it in my buttocks (but just one side). When you sit it feels very bruised and almost as if you are sitting on a big boulder on that side. The sciatic nerve is the longest in your body and runs down your back, the cruces around behind your buttocks (not in the middle, on the side) and then runs down the back of your leg to your ankle.

    For me, it's high dosage of anvil (600-800 mg) offset by extra strength tylenol every 3 hours. I will, if I have time, use a moist heat pad on that area. One of my "attacks" usually lasts about a week.

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    I think your family has........ migrated.
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    Have you perhaps thought about the brachial plexus nerve bundles that run from top of shoulder (back of skull base down and around shoulders all the way through the body). A lot of BiPolar (BP) injuries do manifest in other parts of the body and away from the initial BiPolar (BP) injury (migrating pain, or migrating injuries). Oh, Fibro...yes the buttocks can be associated with FMS...it depends on each individual FMS patient. I have hip and buttock pain all the time associated with my fibro.

    It could also be the sciatic nerve. Either a partial captured nerve, full capture or an outright injury (it runs from lower back, through hips, down buttocks and back of legs to ankles and through the foot, one big nerve bundle and very sensitive. Can be immensely painful if injured).

    I hope you start feeling better soon, chronic pain IS a real PITA
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    This IS an area fibro can mess up. I have problems there sometimes too. That horrible feeling that the area should be black and blue but it isn't sure hoovers. Plain lotion won't do much, because it isn't a skin issue. Do you take lyrica, or have you tried it? It is the next generation neurontin and can do amazing things with nerve pain of all kinds. This sure sounds like some kind of nerve pain. You might try a muscle rub (myoflex, flexall, etc...) on it, or even arnica gel or cream. Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that helps sprains and bruises heal. It can help that bruised feeling if there is any real bruising under the surface.

    This could be pain from any number of nerves that are messed up for some reason. Have you called your doctor and asked about it? He might be able to do more or know more about this.

    I am so sorry you are hurting. Can you lie on your side or tummy? I strongly suggest a giant body pillow to help you get more comfy. I bought a Comfort U pillow on ebay and it is amazing. I have wanted one since I was pregnant with Wiz and finally got one this year. It is a very long pillow with a U in the middle so it bends around your body. It actually is big enough to come down to my calfs on both sides! Even if you just get the $10 body pillow at Walmart it will help. You can lay on your side or stomach and the pillow will support you.
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    This sounds like something I have. I broke my tailbone severely a few years back in a fall on the ice. Since then, I get bouts where it literally feels like someone kicked me in the behind with steel toed boots.

    It's called cauda equina syndrome or something similar.
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    After reading that link, you know, this really started happening badly after that test they did where they stuck the needles in my spine to inject something to test to see if burning of some nerves would work. That hurt so badly and it didnt give me any relief at all so we decided against doing the burning thing. Maybe that puncture caused this Cauda equina thingy. I do have bladder issues but have had them for a while but they are getting progressively worse. I will definitely call the doctor.
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    Check the local drug store that sells canes and the like. There is an "egg crate" type cushion you can buy that will fit just about any chair. mother in law used it for years once she couldn't get around much anymore cuz her tuckus would be so sore from just sitting.

    Wish now I hadn't sold hers in the yard sale, I'd have sent it to you.
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    Janet, it's also not uncommon for cauda equina syndrome to appear in patients with ankylosing spondylitis.
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    You have my sympathies. I hope you find some relief soon!