ok i'm here........

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    hi :)

    i guess this is my place now................ lol...... sheesh switching forums also due to easy child/difficult child i dont' know what to call her anymore....... this is serious stuff lol.

    yup me and my sick sense of humor. ok just posting to say hi and brace yourselves i'm a big rambler and ramble i will, i'm sometimes nasty, a bit defensive when i'm pmsing............. :) bet you will all be happy im visiting this side of the world. :)

    most of you know the deal, story is 17 year old out of control at home, totally, cutting school, drinking alot, tried alot of diff interventions nothing worked. we had to say hey here are the rules if you dont' follow them leave.

    leave she did, is living at a friends' house we aren't supposed to know though. oh yea nad recently got call about how she may have an std so i gotta take her to the gyn we agreed we'd cover medical.

    yay :) good morning everyone!!
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    Welcome to our neck of the woods Jena. :hugs:

    As for that STD...........I'd call doctor beforehand (or the office RN/nurse practitioner) and ask to have material on hand (graphic pics are great) about STDs that you'd like to have it explained to difficult child about the seriousness of each and how important it is for sexually active females to protect themselves. If you don't ask beforehand......the talk will be brief, no graphics, and difficult child will blow it off or shut down and not listen. Most offices are glad to do so for parents who request it. (actually ours was thrilled lol )
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    hi lol.

    well last time about 2 years ago precious thought she was pregnant so i chose to take her to planned parenthood thought i'd freak her out to avoid anyother episode. well it didn't work at all clearly :)

    they showed her pics, gave her pamphlets' she was like oh ok. nothing penetrates that kid. she does what she wants when she wants. we went to her fb page last night which we're mostly blocked from. husband and i were reading some questions she had written in this one section and one of them was what will you do over spring break...... she wrote get **** drunk each night. another was what school rule do you hate the most. she wrote the one where you aren't allowed to sleep with the teachers.

    ugh is all i can say!