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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 14, 2008.

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    This economy is killing us. Tony has been out of work since the middle of September. Billy works but he doesnt make much because its only part time and he makes just over minimum wage.

    I went down today to social services to attempt to get help to pay our past due power bill. We are total electric. Our bill is outrageous. We simply cant afford it. We dont have the money. They refused to help me because I have cell phones and my car insurance is too high! Ok...I cant do a darned thing about how high my car insurance is...I dont set the rates and I have to have full coverage because I am paying for a car. Im sorry...Tony has some tickets. I wish it was lower...but thats life. I also have to have my cells. Tony has to have his for work...its how his jobs keep in contact with him and I need mine because of my disabilities. I am on a ton of medications that could cause me to become very ill at any time and need help. Also I have severe anxiety and that phone keeps me connected. Didnt matter. I dont have other debt. I dont have furniture payments or credit card debt. Hell the woman acted like my 14 bucks in food stamps should feed me for the month!

    It is so unfair that some people get help time after time but when the working poor need help because there is NO work...we cant get it. Tony finally went back to work this week...but he is only going to get 15 hours this week...who knows about next week. That is not going to pay a 325 buck power bill that is due this week! And of course...I couldnt even apply for any of this until I had the disconnect notice so I am left here in a panic.
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    I am so sorry. The system just plain does not work for many people.


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    Janet, have you checked with your power company? Sometimes they have programs to help people pay their electric bills - I know ours does.
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    check with area churches. Esp the Catholic Church. My father in law works a couple of days a week with his church. They have a budget for helping people, all you need is the bill and they can write a check for all or part of it (depends on their budget). They also ahve freezers and get food from area restaurants and freeze it. Along with a dry food pantry. I am not sure what the group is called, but it is an offshoot of the Catholic Church.

    Maybe they could help?
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    Here the power company goes through a place called church and community center...I called them. You have to have already tried social services and been turned down. Ok...did that. However, you can only call them to get an appointment on Mondays! Ugh....this system is so screwy because you cant apply with social services until the disconnect notice which only comes like 5 days before. I got mine on Friday.

    Now I have to wait till NEXT monday to make an appointment...which will no doubt put me past the cut off date completely...even with extension. They wont just see you on that monday either...they have to make an appointment...double ugh.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Janet -

    Call your electric company back and tell them you have disabilities that require electricity (if so) and then let them KNOW and ask them to PUT it in your record that you HAVE an appointment Monday - and call the place that you have an appointment with on Monday and BEG them to call (whomever you speak to at the electric) back and let each party KNOW that you ARE TRYING to DO WHAT YOU CAn.

    Now call Catholic charities.....
    Call The United Way
    Call your local LIHEAP office - because if you have one - they will PAY one electric bill a year.

    I'm in the boat with you - our electric TWICE was $450 - and I have a house not so big.......
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    Also call the Salvation Army!

  8. Hound dog

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    Janet, Star's suggestion of calling your local LIHEAP office is a good idea. We have it here. Heck, I may be using it to get thru the winter myself........Acutally alot of people here may be using it to get thru the winter. argh

    Been in that panic. Had the frustation. It's not a hot seat I care to be in. ((((hugs))))

    Strange, I don't think anyone asked what type of phones we have. (please, husband has the least expensive walmart cell phone they have and prepaid mins) If we end up having to go I'll be leaving that bit of info out. Since we also have a landline.

    If no one else can help write down all the churches in your area and start calling them.

    But don't forget to call the power co and see if you can't arrange to pay the back amt in payments added to the monthly bill first. Here they're pretty good about working with you.

    More ((((hugs)))) That so majorly hoovers it's not funny.
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    I was going to say Salvation Army, too. About this time of year is when they usually get their funding for utility assistance.

    You could probably do a payment plan with the power company where you pay 1/6 of your bill per month - in addition to your regular bill. But, if you don't know when Tony is going to get steady work again, that is probably only a temporary fix.

    I would definitely call HEAP. Around here, October is the month they get their funding.
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    Janet sometimes the agency you talk to for help will call the power company and tell them you have an appointment with them, and then the electric company will wait untill that appointment date comes. been there done that. Maybe it will help some.
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    So, this probably isn't the best time to talk about the Giant's losing yesterday?

    *ducks and runs*
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    The economy is so scary. 129 people in the carpenters union here are out of work, my brother in law hasn't worked since before the summer, and husband's paycheck is HALF of what it normally is.and he is never out- until recently.

    Driving through Maine this summer, we noticed so, so, many little mom and pop stores had signs in the window, "out of business". It was scary to see how every town was chock full of these.

    Janet, I wish I had some advice. It sounds like the others had good ideas.-Alyssa
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    It's scary here too. I think I'll be OK because I work for the State have have enough seniority that the layoffs probably won't get as far as me. My son was a little worried about his job. He works in a place that makes giant steel beams used in commercial construction. They told them though that they would probably be busier than ever because of all the reconstruction from the hurricane damages - they even have some of their beams going into the new baseball stadiums in New York City!

    Our little town though is pitiful! This is such a small place - only about 8,000 people in the whole county. There was one big factory where half the town worked and a lot of the people from the surrounding counties. They made parts for Ford Motor Co. Now it's shut down, all those jobs sent to Mexico, and we have the highest unemployment rate in the whole state - over 20%!
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    I'm sorry to hear that things are getting out of control. It's definitely a scary time. Try Salvation Army, Goodwill, Deseret Industries, anything that might even get you a little bit to keep them from shutting you off. Check under "charities" in the phone book, there are many more than you might be aware of. The churches usually don't refuse people who aren't members.
  16. DammitJanet

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    I am going to call everyone I can even think of. We dont have a salvation army or a goodwill in my county. Here Liheap is only for one time a year funding and they take applications in november and send you a check in february.

    What really galls me is that supposedly I signed something the last time I used this service probably a year and a half ago or so...the last time Tony was out of work...and I said I would attempt to lower my car insurance and that I would get my cell phones turned off. Ummmm...I would never have said I would turn off my cell phones. I am under contract! Plus...they arent even really mine...they are in his name. I probably told the worker that I was fixing to disconnect ONE line soon because that line was coming to the end of its contract so it would be ending therefore my bill would be reducing. Also I went to a lower priced plan when that happened.

    Good grief...Im not in there constantly asking for help. I just need a bit of help because our economy is in the tank and Tony is slam out of work. This worker was like...well there are going to be 5 thursdays this month so he should get 5 pays this month...Ummmm...lets see lady....so far including this thursday it will be 3 with no checks and he has worked all of 15 hours this week and we dont think he will work anymore hours this week...so next week isnt looking good on that check...and who knows how many hours he will work next week for the last paycheck in October! Yeah...I think he makes really great money...!!! She kept saying he made good money...lol. Ok...then where is it? We survive when the work is here but jobs arent steady.
  17. KTMom91

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    It really vacuums that there is no safety net for those of us who are one paycheck away from disaster. Been there many times myself. Was denied any kind of help after I was laid off, with a 4yo to support, because I owned my Geo Metro, but they would help if I financed the car and was making payments. These government agencies have no sense of realities.

    I can't think of any other places to check with that haven't already been suggested. Is there a Salvation Army in a neighboring county? Does your power company offer a low-income program? That won't help with the past due bill, but it might in the future.

    WIsh I had an answer. Sending hugs and prayers.