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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Janna, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Janna

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    B and I have been spending time visiting recruiters. Today, we saw a Sargaent with the Army, and B has made his choice.

    He will go active, full time, into the Army.

    I got the basics today. He will go in as an E3 because of his 2 years with ROTC. He will get paid, we got the salary part, the G.I. Bill part for school, housing, food, where he could possibly go (Sgt said Hawaii and I was like, YEAH! LOL! - you'd have thought it was me going LOL!). He told B how he would probably spend the first 30 days questioning why he went, because obviously, boot camp is going to be tough.

    He got his ASVAB scores (35) - reviewed them, and put together some job options. We have yet to decide on that one, but I'm thinking he'll choose something administrative. Obviously, because of his record now (he was picked up last winter for several counts of theft, plus another theft thing), he can NEVER do anything that requires clearance (i.e. Military Police) but that's OK.

    Obviously, the Sgt is going to make things sound fabulous, and he did a fine job of that. He's 26, with his own house - going to retire at 40, talking about all this money he has. The bonuses you get, etc, etc.

    BUT, IM not stupid LOL! I know there's fine print, there's other things, plenty of other things, I have yet to hear.

    Soooooo - anyone care to share the good stuff with me? What should I be doing for myself and B to prepare? What will he really need to be working on now? What do we need? What should I be asking? Urgh, my head is spinning....

  2. klmno

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    I;m not a military mom, but was in myself (navy) a long time ago. His life will change- that isn't such a bad thing. But, I would strongly suggest that he get his job/school guaranteed in writing before he goes. And don't expect all the best-all the time. With the navy at least, "good tours" are alternated with "less desirable" tours. That's just the nature of it.
  3. skeeter

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    agree on getting the job "in writing". When NF was doing his research - and when push came to shove, the Navy was the only branch that would "guarentee" the actual job.

    Gosh - that was 4 years ago!!!
  4. Hound dog

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    Yep. Get the schooling in writing.

    Just because he might go to Hawaii, expect Timbukto instead. Army Recruiters are nortorious for glamorizing and exaggeration. I know. husband was one for 4 years. If he wants a certain job, again, get it in writing. Even with it in writing the job thing can change.....but he has better odds of getting what he wants.

    If he's smart, he'll bank every one of those bonuses. I hear they're talking cuts to the military again.......that's never a good thing. Living on base, eating on base is the cheapest way to live. I dunno if buy groceries on base is a good idea, last I heard it was actually more expensive. (sis's husband is career Army retired)

    Boot camp is nothing like summer camp. (which might be what he's thinking) They're gonna push him hard. But it's only 6 wks and if he can keep telling himself that, he'll do ok.
  5. klmno

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    That's right- if he can get in a routine of jogging and doing push-ups and sit-ups and pull-ups, it will just make boot camp a little smoother.
  6. susiestar

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    There are some websites and forums for military moms. someone will know them - it would be good to explore them.

    He should start working out now, to help with Boot Camp.

    Hawaii SOUNDS nice, but I have a friend who was married to a guy in the Navy and stationed there and it was NOT EASY. The prices are SO MUCH higher than they are here on the mainland. It is one thing to consider. Also, have him try some Hawaiian fruits, if he hates them he will have a tough time eating over there, LOL!!

    I wish him the best, and hope this isn't to worrisome for you, Mom!
  7. DammitJanet

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    Ahhhhh....a newbie grunt! You can find some army mom websites pretty easy. Do you know where he will go to basic?

    Get everything in writing but be prepared for that to change if they need him elsewhere. That happens less in the army than other smaller forces.

    Start preparing physically now. You can look online and get the specifics of what he is required to do to graduate basic and if he can do it before going in he is all to the good. Jamie was running 5 miles a day and doing push ups and pull ups before he went in. Tell him to expect to be yelled at. I dont know if the army does it but boy the Marines do it! They put them in the dirt and "sugar cookie" them. He will learn to shower in 2 minutes. Make his bed and perform locker inspections at the drop of a hat when the DI comes through and tosses the lockers. Its not all fun and games. I really dont know what goes on in the Army but I know the Marines. Oh do I know the Marines!

    Get your son set up with a power of attorney for you. That way you can handle anything that is needed when he is in school if he cant. He may have bills. USAA is a great bank...so is Navy Fed. Im with the others on Hawaii. I know some guys who went there and didnt find it so great. He might want to rethink that choice. Fort Bragg is a huge base and very nice. Not too far from you either. That is a major plus for you. Trust me...when your kid is in the military, knowing they are stationed a couple of states away is a sanity saver.

    Any other questions, just ask.
  8. Janna

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    Thanks everyone! Janet, I was hoping you were around, too! LOL!

    No, not sure yet, because he's not enlisted. We go back Wed to see Sgt again, and that is when he'll commit to the enlistment and I guess he'll have to go for physical, sign his life away and all that other stuff?

    So, I dunno where he'll go. Hawaii was an option, haha, but not promised, obviously. I think the closer choices were North (or South?) Carolina, maybe Virginia, Missouri (?) LOL - he rambled them off so fast, but most were on the East side, which is good for us.

    He ran 430 miles in the 5 or 6 months he was at Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). He's been doing 5 a day here, but he can't make his bed right LMAO! OMG, they are gonna have a field day with this kid!

    He really is such a difficult child, but when he's in an environment like this, if he'd put his heart and mind in it, could really be easy child. But, it would be alot of work for him. He swears up and down he's doing it (basic is 8 or 10 weeks now, hmm, forget that, too - wrote everything down, whew, good for me), plus job training, depending on the job, is another 6-12 weeks I think he said. So, he's gonna be gone a bit.

    But, I can see him whining. "My back hurts.." haha, oh well, they'll deal with him. NOT my problem :)

    I want to be excited and proud, but *sigh*, been let down alot. We will see. I'll check out online, see what I can find, but Janet, I'm sure I'll need ya again LOL!

    I'll DEFINATELY get the job thing in writing. Yep, yep, thanks!

    Thank you everyone!! Alot!
  9. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    go to military.about.com

    you will find quite a bit of info there about pay, benefits, training, bases...all kinds of stuff.

    Hey, why didnt he pick my beloved Marines? sniff sniff...lol. The uniform is soooo much better looking! Of course, I am prejudiced what with having a ton of Marines in the family.
  10. Janna

    Janna New Member

    I dunno?!

    When we went to sit with the guidance counselor last year, he was set on Marines.

    Probably the ROTC Sgt talked him out of it. Army hog LOL!

    Thanks for the link. XOXO