OK, no more bottled water

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    So i quit buying bottled water awhile back since difficult child would take a few sips of one and then leave it around like trash and open another the next time he was thirsty. I bought a frig that has nice filtered water and ice dispensed out the front which is probably cheaper in the long run and better for the environment. Anyway, a few years later, I decided to have some around again for picnics, etc but told difficult child, "if i find half empty water bottles sitting around that will be the end of bottled water - this is to take with you when you go out skating, etc".

    Soooo this AM, a week or so later, there is a nearly full bottle in my bathroom, which I set in front of his bedroom door and and an empty one on the coffee table. I took the rest of the bottles and put them in my car. I'm not going to bring it up or discuss it - just straight cause and effect. I hope this is not overreacting but he's got to start following instructions like a normal person.
  2. Nancy

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    If that was my difficult child the bottle would be filled with vodka.

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    I stopped buying bottled water earlier this summer when I continued to find nearly full bottles throughout the house...and...homemade bongs using empty bottles. I was horrified by the bong thing. And...my son actually had the nerve to ask me why I stopped buying bottled water.

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    I quit buying canned pop ages ago for that reason... Except for husband, and it goes in our room in our minifridge. Bottled water actually does get finished off - Jett won't touch it, and Onyxx will pick up anyone's bottle and finish it. And then keep the bottle. However, I don't buy it because our regular fridge has filtered water. They each have a reusable water bottle if they want it...
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    A re-usable water bottle is WAY more environmentally friendly, anyway (but you have to clean it... ugh, difficult child-ness might show up there too). There are LOTS of other options instead of buying bottled water.
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    Yup-have had the same problem with canned soda...do not buy that either.

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    Ok. I totally get what everyone is saying. Totally on board with it 100%.
    I've been there done that with the 1/2 empty water bottles around the house and it makes me crazy. It's not Eco friendly, we have lovely filtered water running thru our taps, there's no reason why we all can't use one of the dozens of reusable bottles that seem to tumble out of our cabinets.

    And we've gone on the rampage of "no more purchased water!!"

    Except then we all stopped drinking water. Kids started drinking a lot of juice, they used the germy water fountains at school, the reusable bottles never got washed to "mom standards", h missed having a few to toss in the car for all day long driving marathons and...

    ...We went back to bottled water. About a case & 1/2 a week, 24 -36 bottles of whatever is on sale. Around $3.25 for 24. Kids write an initial on the cap with a Sharpie. (Mom tears her labels.) Dad pre marks a few caps with D or M so that we know we have a few set in reserve for us.

    I know we SHOULD be using reusable bottles...and I feel guilty. . Yet bottled water is way cheaper than soda or juice and water is the BEST thing to drink when thirsty. And if we have it in the fridge, we reach for it. So, I've made peace with it.
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    Sig? Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. But...

    My kids... drink water. BUCKETS of water. You'd think I was watering horses, sometimes. And they like it at room temp.

    They drink water to the point that they take ONE GALLON JUGS with them to track events. Same jug is just about the first thing that gets loaded for a road trip. There's four glasses lined up on the counter beside the drinking water tap. Those go into the dishwasher nightly, replaced each morning as we each reach for a clean glass.

    Bottled? We'd be in the poor house.
    And have no place to store anything else ahead.
    And we'd have to take a trip to the bottle recyclers at least twice a week - instead of once a month.

    But... mine never got into the habbit of bottled water. We've been washing waterbottles daily since kindergarten (we prefer metal to plastic - they go in the dishwasher). If they get the occasional bottled water from somebody else? well, it won't kill them, or me. And husband would KILL me if we ever even started. PAY for WATER?!!! Not unless we're on a road trip and there isn't a good place to refill the bucket...
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    Since coming down with diverticulitis, I have become a water drinking freak!!! I drink about three 24 ounce bottles a day on top of my juice. :)

    My son's issue is cans. We call him the can critter..
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    This drives me absolutely mad. We have a whole house water filter AND the filtered water and ice in the refrigerator door. There is no reason in the world to open a bottle of water in this house. I rarely buy bottled water, but it is nice to have for walks, road trips, etc. When I do, I tell difficult child that they are off limits. If she wants water, get a glass and fill it from the fridge. Of course, I still find water bottles - minus two sips - all over the house. All of the refillable water bottles have disappeared - no doubt into the abyss of her car. I have completely given up on these... if I buy them and tell her they have to be returned to the house (and, in the case of the one I buy for myself - LEAVE IT ALONE), one by one they disappear never to be seen again.

    Sometimes having a difficult child is like having a perpetual two year old. You can say "don't touch" until you are blue in the face ...and they cannot seem to control these simple (to us) impulses.

    And, Nancy, vodka in water bottles is why water bottles were banned from difficult child's (all girls conservative Catholic) high school. I was shocked when I heard this ...but not so much now....

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    I rarely buy bottled water - BUT

    difficult child will buy bottled water, bottled juice, soda, sports drinks etc and leave all the finished, partially finished bottles and cans in her bedroom. It drives me up a tree!