OK People....are you ready for trick or treaters?


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Tonight is T or T night in our city. Yeah, they choose the night in lieu of going with the traditional 31st. I'm used to it now, lol.

I have a basket full of wrapped candy not far from the door. I have swept the stoop and sidewalk so no little kids trip. I'm planning on banning Ace to the back porch so he doesn't scare the kids. I'm ready. Some years we have tons of kids. Some years we have under ten. Who knows what tonight will bring but I have to admit I do get a kick out of the little trick or treaters. Brings back lovely memories of my easy child's when they were so thrilled to go out and show off, lol. DDD


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I don't know what to expect but am not prepared for them tonight. I have a bag of candy that has been in the fridge for a while and I could hand that out but frankly, I forgot all about it tonight and don't have the porch light on. I don't know if they plan to celebrate it here tonigiht, tomorrow, or Monday night. My small row of townhouses sits back out of sight and only one of the tenants here has a child young enough to trick or treat- I might take the parents a few treats to give him just to make sure he doesn't feel forgotten or left out. He's a difficult child though so I would give it to the mom and not the child directly.


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I dont have a clue what night they are doing it here since we dont have Keyana. Have I whined about that enough yet? We have done every single holiday with her in her life...lol. These are killing me. Mickey is too young too. Next year I can at least put her in the costume contest.


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klmno, may difficult child's parents don't want him hyped up with chocolate. Geez, I remember GFGmom on Halloween, lol. Since I posted I have four sets of kids at the door. The first ( cute little girls ) set took one piece out of the basket and said "thank you very much". The second set said "how many can we take?" The last three just took what they wanted, lol, after flipping through the candy for their favorites. Kids are funny. DDD PS: Ace is not happy on the porch with husband. He can smell treats from a mile away.

PS: None of the kids so far (just had two more) have had on identifiable costumes. Wonder if it's the economy or just modern times?


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We'll see - as far as my neighbors with the difficult child- I don't mind at all leaving it up to the parents. they have a 5yo and have already told me he's a difficult child (using their terminology.)

As far as costumes, I got my son the trendy type (a bumble bee at 3, Lion King at 4, etc) but by the time he was 7yo, he wanted things like a pirate and it really seemed more feasible to put something tofether by hand at home. I would by a cape and put it with things from home when he wanted to be a vampire, as an example. Maybe that's not popular these days but I thought part of the fun was 'creating' a ccostume and not just throwing something on that was all bought and getting a box full of candy.


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Gosh, I hope it is Monday night still??? It has been about 6 years since I celebrated Halloween - but this weekend both Matt and my Mom are coming to my house to celebrate. Plus I live in a real neighborhood again - so it should be fun to do Halloween again.


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Ours will be on Monday. Neighboring towns have guidelines for Trick or Treating. Our town usually doesn't so we just go by the others 7-9pm.

This year my girls are going with two other girls that told them that if Halloween is on Saturday, they start trick or Treating at 10am and stay out all day! Yeah, OK, not around here you haven't. On school days, they supposedly go right after school and hit every neighborhood in the city. Again, yeah, OK. So my girls think they'll be filling up 5 pillow cases each with candy. OY! We do the neighborhood behind our street, and that's it.

No one ever come to our house because it's in an odd place in the neighborhood and no one else on our street gives out candy.


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My kids are too old for T&T, but I'm looking forward to giving out the candy to the neighborhood kids. I am dressing up my dog (seen in my aviator) as a monster and he will come to the door with me every time the doorbell rings. He's so tiny I will pick him up and he will "help" me give out the goodies. I'm sure the kids will love to pet him. He is 100% non-aggresive, loves kids, and I'm sure a great time will be had by all.


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I always had my son spend half the TorT time going out to 'get' and half of it staying at home helping me give it out so he would, hopefully, learn that it isn't all about 'getting'. (Plus, that helped limit the amount of candy he'd get to bring home. LOL!)


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Even though I live right in the middle of town, I haven't had any kids come at all for the last two years and before that it was just a few. I think tonight there is some kind of harvest festival at the middle school so they may be doing that instead. And for the last few years the church across the street has been doing this thing where they all pull in to the church parking lot and the kids go around to the cars and get candy from the other families. Whoop dee doo! Doesn't sound like much fun to me, compared to what we used to do when we were kids. Every year I buy candy because I would hate for anyone to come and not have anything, and every year I end up eating it myself which is not good. This year I got smart and bought peanut butter cups! I use those to make my famous peanut butter sandwich cookies every Christmas, so if no kids come, I won't have to go out and buy more before Christmas for the cookies.

We were lucky when my kids were little. My brother and sister in law lived on a dead-end street full of young families who all knew each other so my kids went out with my nephews on Halloween. I got so into making their costumes when they were little. When my daughter was three I made her a multi-color striped clown suit with a big ruffle around the neck. My nephew wore it the next year, my niece wore it the year after that, then it got passed down to friends. That little clown suit is still probably making the rounds somewhere in Florida. She was an angel the next year and that got passed down too. When my son was little I made him a little gray mouse outfit with a long tail and mouse ears and drew whiskers on his face ... that one is probably still making the rounds somewhere too.


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Well, sixteen dollars worth of candy is close to gone. This year was nice because all the children were young and polite and...cute. Some years we've had mostly teens dressed in jeans and tees. I like little angels and monsters. GFGmom came by with the young gd. She was truly a beautiful Cleopatra. Nice evening. DDD


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sounds fun. my first halloween with difficult child he was only home a month...he wouldn't leave the stroller though he was almost 3. I loved it and can still feel that feeling of my dream finally coming true. Now this year is the first year no halloween with him. I donated several colors for the kids to have their hair sprayed which is something difficult child loves to do. I had her hide them for tomorrow or halloween.
I guess I will donate the candy I bought too.


Here there's a trunk or treat going on at the same time as the city's trick or treat activities. Which makes no sense at all to me. Govt's and religious institutions taking all the fun out of Halloween. And the bag-snatching teens that made it unsafe for kids to go roaming for treats in the first place. Surprisingly they're doing it on the 31st instead of Fri or Sat like they have some years. Kiddo's not allowed to wear her costume to school, they're doing a pj day. *headdesk* So I got her some skull and crossbones footie jammies (which they won't like either, haha). I have to faken up my make up for work because it would be too scary. *sigh* That's going to be a lot of make-up to get done on both of us in time to hit the city activities (which, by the way, is not enough time to get everywhere, and the one hour to hit outlying places? pfffftt... lucky if you manage to hit two of them in that time!).


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Buddy~ I think that's a wonderful gesture and will surely be appreciated.

We t or t on Monday from 4 - 8PM. Duckie will go with her usual crew of friends and return to her friends' house for a little post t or t party and candy swap. The girls seem to think that it would be beneficial for one of the parents to pull a wagon for them to stash their loot since they'll be getting so much, lol! :hammer:

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LOL TM a wagon huh?

T or T was last thursday here. Normally there is a safe T or T at the college where a LOT of businesses set up booths and pass out candy to hoards of kiddos.......and you can imagine the traffic. And the downtown businesses and fired dept and police dept hand out too......as well as people in the neighborhoods.

Well this year for some odd reason the college didn't have the safe T or T. easy child and sister in law took the kids downtown and evidently so did the rest of the county. They also took them around a few neighborhoods, including mine. sister in law wasn't happy about that part but easy child said that is the whole point of T or T, visiting your neighbors. They stopped by my house to get the candy they forgot at the party so sort of got to T or T me anyway. lol

I didn't pass out candy. With coupons I probably could've afforded it but it's been years since I last saw kids going around my block and I didn't want to risk wasting the money and getting stuck with a ton of candy.

easy child cuts the kids off when their plastic pumpkins are full, and it still takes them forever to eat it all.:witchcrafting::frenkenstein::devilish::ghoul::jack::witch::witchy::vampire:


Our usual Halloween parade and T or T is on Monday here in shoreline, CT. husband & I went to an awesome party thrown by my boss last Sat. DJ, full bar, tents with-heat, bonfire, greenscreen & much more. Everyone, including us in costume. Him as a gohul (sp?) of some sort & me as Cleopatra. So cool. My parents went to one tonight. Although it was their neighbors, no power, etc with-storm here, sure it was fun.

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Well, Jeez, I hope it's not until Monday night! I'm sure with the snow tonight, no kiddies would have been out! I have candy but had to hide it from H, lol. We have big Halloween plans for Monday night...I hope our town doesn't change things up on me!

We had a state legislator try to change trick or treating to tonight, I think, I sent him a nasty email. I think we should leave Halloween alone!



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Ours is Monday, but our light won't be on. We only ever get about, oh, 2 kids - the difficult children across the street.

I took Jett up to BFFs' tonight, and he and their 5 kids (12, 10, 9, 6 and 4) had a blast. And he begged to spend the night. And they begged. As the BFFs put it -"what's one more?!"

LOL... He had fun, which is all that matters.


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We don't bother any more... last 3 years, there were: 4 kids, 2 kids, no kids.
Bought a little bit for our kids to enjoy.

Back when I was a kid... on a slow year we had 100 kids. There were so many that they would trip over each other coming up and down the walk. Mom would buy the cheapest candies we could get, so that we could give out handfuls... Our neighborhood had unwritten rules that were well-adhered to... you had to be in costume to go, and you couldn't go once you turned 12... except if you were taking a group of younger kids, in which case you could trick-or-treat while you were at it (as long as you met the first rule). When you got too old for that... you sat on the porch and handed out the goodies! The older kids kept it safe for the younger ones...


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:jack: Well, those of you that have been around here for years probably remember the hoards that we get! I live in the city and about 18 or 19 years ago, a young boy on the next block got "jumped" for his candy. His father came up with a plan - over decorate the street and have the neighbors all outside and the night will be safer for all the kids. So the tradition on our two blocks began. The first few years, he went out and bought tons of decorations at 1/2 price and convinced the neighbors to pay for them if he put them up.

Because of the "over decoration" families come from all over - buses of them! We have around 350 between 6 and 8!!! The first year we lived here I was not prepared at all - I was used to maybe 20 at best! About 10 years ago or so my block realized that you really couldn't give from your door because you would never stop answering it! So, we all set up outside as well with decorations!

difficult child hasn't TorT'd for a few years - he loves scaring the girls.....his best bud is coming over, they are dressing in all black, wearing their gas masks and jumping out of the bushes when they see easy targets......they know they are not to jump out when there are little ones around. The girls love it and come back for more!

It's always a fun night, even with the older kids and young mothers pushing under a year babies with a plastic bag in their hand. The cute little ones make up for all that. I always think it's amazing that you would walk blocks (and our blocks are looonnnnngggg) to get free candy when you could hit CVS the next morning and get it 1/2 off!!!!