Ok people....we have an iffy...maybe...pregnancy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. DammitJanet

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    We dont know for sure but the signs are all there.

    Oh...guess I should have said who I am talking about huh...lol. Jamie and Billie! No it isnt perfect timing but I guess they figured ...oh who knows what they figured! Honestly I can kinda understand trying to get pregnant before he goes overseas. If something happens to him...maybe this will be his son...ya know? They really do want a boy and they always wanted two kids anyway.

    My oldest son Billy is moving up with her when Jamie leaves so he gets to go through this pregnancy with her...lol. Isnt he lucky? He has gone through most of her first pregnancy and now will go through all of her second if she is pregnant...get all that "joy" of impending fatherhood...and never actually been a dad...lmao. That would actually take having a real girlfriend ...lol.

    They have already picked out names...guess they have had them picked out for some time. A boy will be Anthony Laylon and a girl will be Jamie Lynn...though I am not sure how they will spell Jamie.

    This is going to get very confusing in my family....I have a father named Bill, an ex named Bill, my son named Billy, my daughter in law named Billie, my husband named Anthony who we call Tony, my son named Anthony James who we in the family call Jamie but others call Anthony, and now...possibly either a new baby named Anthony (but probably called Laylon)...or a girl called...what? Jamie too? Or Jamie lynn all together? Gosh they just want to confuse me!

    Its bad enough that Keyana cant figure out who we are talking about when both Uncle Billy and Aunt Billie are around so we call one Billy and one Bee. She has an Uncle Billy and an Aunt B.

    Soooooo confusing!

    Honestly...I really hope we are pregnant. I think it will give Jamie even more incentive to keep his head down to come home in one piece. Time is getting so close now and this is getting to be all everyone is thinking about. Sigh.
  2. mrscatinthehat

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    Well, crossing fingers that it is what is hoped for. And I do have to say I am glad its one of your kids and not mine that we are hoping it for.

  3. Stella Johnson

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    Well when is the pregnancy test????

    Yes, the names in your family are confusing me too. Poor Keyana.;)

  4. donna723

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    Fingers crossed here that another grandbaby is on the way if that's what they want!

    Honestly, those at-home tests are so good now that it shows up if you're even just a few days 'late'! My daughter did an at-home test when she was less than a week late and it came out positive ... then the doctor confirmed it a few days later. That's great because they can start getting medical care and being stuffed with those giant vitamin pills much sooner than we did!

    "Back in my day' ... the doctors wouldn't even run a test until you had missed the second period and by that time you're well into the second month. Better this way!
  5. Hound dog

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    I hope the kids are pregnant if that's what they're wanting. Can't blame them much. They wouldn't be the first couple to try for a baby before the husband ships out, and won't be the last for sure. Nice of Billy to go stay with her for the duration.

    Tell Jamie to keep his head down and watch his back over there. All his board aunties want him home in once piece too!

  6. KTMom91

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    Keeping fingers crossed that there'll be a little one on the way! And sending many prayers for Jamie as well.