Ok so I had my school mtg re no homeworks...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Anxworrier, Sep 18, 2012.

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    And it went very well! I was SO nervous and shaky about it. By I emailed the middle school director last night a very long detailed email about what I'm going thru at home with difficult child. I also let her know I have been extremely depressed and high panic, anxiety about the school challenges and that I cry a lot and get panicky every time I see an email from school knowing till be either no homeworks or his weekly progress reports showing me his D, F grades and missing assignments. Told them about do being ADD and refusing medications. Told them about difficult child being highly sensitive and anger prone when confronted.

    So the meeting was with one teacher who was very low key, calm and gentle about it. Telling him this isn't punitive, but that they want tot stay on top of things so he does t find himself getting buried. And that they are here to help in anyway. I asked if they notice missing stuff from him could they tke him aside and help sort thru binder. I suggested to him that he ask for help if he needs it (yeah right) but admitted to his teacher that she I was his age that was very hard to do.

    After that part was over, I stayed behind because the middle school director had asked to speak w me regarding my email. She could not have been more wonderful. She listened she shared some of her own experiences w her young son who has anger issues in our preschool and admitted he got suspended for pokin a kid with a fork. She gave me assurances that we as a team will watch over him and talk to the Special Education director if testing is needed. Se also said that if we are having bad confrontations At home about homework that they will handle it with the natural consequences at school. I left the meeting feeling better than I have in weeks. My Montessori school is the very best place for us right now.
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    So glad the meeting went well for you. What a relief!
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    It is so wonderful to here of the good things schools do sometimes. I'm glad it went well for you.
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    Liahona and californiablonde, thank you for the supportive words! I feel like I can handle myself ok right now. No shaking or panic all day today!:abouttime:
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    That is awesome!! I really hope they stick to their word and work WITH him. That would be a wonderful thing for both of you!
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    Thank you tedo, half the battle right now for me is just knowing they are on my team!!
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    That sounds wonderful. I hope it stays that way!