Ok, so if you were on a very limited income, where would you live?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    What is your choice, especially if you can't afford to buy a house and love animals?
  2. DammitJanet

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    This is something I was sort of facing when Tony and I were fighting recently and I was not sure what I could do if I wanted to leave. I knew if I tried to get into the income based housing for the disabled they wouldnt let me bring in my dogs. That sort of made the decision difficult for me. I have sworn up and down I wont go and live with one of my kids...especially Jamie because I think I would go absolutely bonkers in less than a month and while I think he would let me bring one dog, I doubt it would be happy there. He lives in a townhouse. Cory moves around so much I would be nuts in no time to and besides that, his girlfriend wont let a dog in the house and Buddy is a house dog. Never mind that McKenzie thinks Buddy is her play toy...lol. I still dont think I could live with them for more with a week.

    So...where would I live? I decided to heck with it...I bought this house with money that I earned taking care of my mom. Its in my name so its mine. If others dont behave, they can leave...not me! I will live in MY mobile home and if it gets too much for me, I will sell it and get a smaller one also in my name. One thing to remember, if you are disabled, at least here, you get should get a discount on your property tax on your home. In my state, they knock off the first $25K so considering my house is now only worth 33.5K, my property taxes are pretty low.
  3. tiredmommy

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    The White Mountains of New Hampshire. Stunning and affordable (or at least it was 20 years ago).
  4. keista

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    Not that I would want to live there again, but Oklahoma was pretty cheap. What irked me was the sales tax charged on EVERYTHING including food staples - don't know if that's changed.

    But, I'll be staying in FL. No personal income tax, and no need for seasonal clothing.
  5. Signorina

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    Right now, i think I might try Texas. Prices are right,weather is warm but seasonable and there is no state income tax.

    Also read this from ehow:
    Florida is one of seven states with no income
    . The other six are Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Alaska provides tax incentives to retirees, but most people reject the harsh climate. Communities in Texas, Nevada and Washington often rate high on retirement hot-spot lists. Hendersonville, Nevada, is outside Las Vegas, offering reasonable housing costs and proximity to the city. Spokane, Washington, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Stafford and Houston, Texas, are additional suggestions.
  6. DDD

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    Florida, for sure. If you don't "know" Florida it's very diverse. In the deep south it is beaches, big bucks and urban. Both coasts have different personalities and costs of living. Above and below Orlando you have rural counties where housing is still affordable. The N part of the State is totally opposite from far west to far east. There are lots of hills and even snow in Northern Florida, lots of lakes in the central regions and wall to wall development in the South.

    No sales tax anywhere. Clothing is lightweight, cheap and almost year round. Jobs are scarce and pay is low for most of the State but it's doable. If you don't need much, don't have a criminal record and don't have special needs my State is the State. DDD
  7. keista

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    ???????? Except that there is a 6% state sales tax. Some counties have an additional rate.
  8. DDD

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    OOPS, Keista. Thank heavens you caught my error. I did intend to put income tax not sales tax. We have 7% sales tax in my County. Thanks for your quick brain. I used to have one of those, LOL. DDD
  9. keista

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    I figured it was a flub. Otherwise I'd be driving over to your county for all my shopping!

    It's not unheard of though. I think Delaware has no sales tax.
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Okay - I have a few questions -

    Is this fantasy or reality?

    Do we have mates or are we single?

    Do we have children and grandchildren or are we free as clouds?

    Do we have money or are we broke as we are now?
  11. donna723

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    Tennessee doesn't have a state income tax either, but we do have a pretty healthy sales tax.

    As a general rule, it is usually much cheaper to live in the smaller towns and outlying areas. I, too, am on a very limited budget and rent a home in a very small town. I would tell you what I pay for rent but you probably wouldn't believe me - a good deal, even for here! I live in a cute little 2-bedroom historical home with a huge yard, literally a block away from everything I would ever need, with a great landlord who doesn't mind that I have dogs! Utilities are quite a bit lower here too. I really couldn't afford to live somewhere else! What I pay in rent for my 2-bedroom house and big yard is about a third of what I would pay for a tiny apartment in the "big city". And to purchase a home here isn't even half of what you would pay for the same house in an urban area. People here are open and friendly and there are neighbors around if you're the gregarious type (which I'm not) but it's still very nice. Yes, if you want to go to a mall or movie theater, you have to drive a little bit, but it's worth it.

    I manage to get by and even save a little, which is pretty darned good considering that I probably spend at least half of what I get on pet food and cigarettes!
  12. DDD

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    Donna, we know a number of 40ish families who have moved to Tenn for those very reasons. Two of the men were local mechanics who "invited" husband and me to move there too. Even said "Miss DDD if you move near us we'll take care of any repairs or problems you might have." Geez, that's better than our family. Alas, husband wouldn't go. DDD
  13. InsaneCdn

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    Different take... I see this question as "type of housing", not "geographic location"...

    SO, I'd like to suggest a townhouse. Its "slightly" shared - two side walls, one of you're on the end of the row. Tiny yards, but usually walking trails and/or a park. Your own parking, often a single garage (here). Rent is reasonable, some are condo-ized. Very little yard work. Exterior maintenance is done for you (part of rent or condo fees). And... usually animal friendly. (around here)
  14. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    What Star said............ LOL

    Otherwise, because I have been having to think on this subject................. I would try to find a smaller house to rent that was out in the country. Usually in the country they expect you to have pets and it's not much of an issue. This area is about as cheap as I've found, and lovely too, with friendly people, low crime rate.

    husband's bro and wife took the townhouse apartment option, even though they have a boxer. (but she's older and they don't expect to get another pet because they're nearly 70)

    Their friends...........opted for a condo. They "own" it, yet they have no maintenance for yard, so can have pets & someone else gets the heavy work. I won't do this one because in this area they're hard to sell when you want to get rid of it, and it's just too much like apartment living.

    So I will, if I have no choice but to move, do my utter best to find a quaint little old farmhouse in the country somewhere for cheap. If I can't find one........there is always a cardboard box on a street corner somewhere. lol (not kidding I do NOT want to live with my kids)
  15. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    LOL! I didn't mean what state would you live in! I can't move too far. My kids are here and, like I said, we have a limited income. I wouldn't be able to fly to see them.

    All I meant was...what KIND of housing would you live in if you had a very limited income? A house would not be an option in this "let's pretend" game....lolol! If not a mobile home then in an apartment? In a tent? LOL! As for income tax, doesn't matter...lol. We won't have any income!!!

    This was a follow up to all the negative posts I got on the mobile home post I did...lol. :)
  16. Tiapet

    Tiapet Old Hand

    Having literally lived in all types of housing (except public housing) at any giving time in my life, and I do mean literally (as in trailer, tent, etc..) as well as different states (and I know you asked specifically for type of house) I have an opinion. My opinion is I really prefer to live in a house, rental is absolutely fine. Reasons:

    don't have to worry about the upkeep financially- only very minor things that break and often LL repairs or reimburses for that depending on what that is (batteries for smoke detectors, lightbulbs, etc...those things you take care of)

    you can get rental insurance no matter what and your things and you are protected (yes you can get this with other option except for anything not rented)

    you can generally, depending on area, find a place that will allow you to have a pet though you may have to pay a non-refundable fee (condos, townhouses, apartments often have breed restrictions, pet weight limits, etc. as well as no where to really walk your dog or allow it some space)

    in bad weather you are much safer - especially if you have a basement (apt, townhouse, condos are safe too but limiting in that if damage is done you have to wait longer for repairs for the "maintenance" to get to it or approval plus the limited space "might" be a problem as well as other safety factors in structural design that aren't known all the time)

    space and privacy - apartments, condos, townhouses all have smaller spaces most often and you have neighbors that either you might end up annoying (picky ones that you probably aren't but will complain) or will annoy you.

    you may have a problem with parking (battling for a space or not enough space) or no covered parking

    storage - often not enough storage places in anything but a house (garage, shed, closets, cabinets, etc)

    you often have more ability to change colors (painting), gardening, etc with a house then the others as LL will permit it often at your own expense

    sometimes, like susiestar found, you may find a house that has a gorgeous bathroom since a lot of houses these days have such amenities (if that is your thing)

    These are just some of the pluses off the top of my head. Yes, you would also, on the down side have to care for a lawn that you might not have to in another situation. If you look around and take your time, reasonable rentals can be found. Just know what your bottom line is. What you like, what you want. I go into it looking for specific features that I "must have" and then those things I'd "like to have", and the rest. Generally I've been pleased only when I've been able to take my time. If I am rushed and forced to do it quickly then I have to settle and been in some really bad situations (not only the house but the LL too).

    ALWAYS read the lease! (thought I don't think I need to tell you that) Sometimes there are some funky things in them.. You can sometimes ask the LL to change or adjust something in it if you feel it's strange. I've had it happen. Sometimes it won't work. Just know the laws of renters for your area.
  17. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Maybe we will also consider downsizing to a smaller home. I guess we'll just have to see.

    Appreciate all the feedback.
  18. muttmeister

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    I was thinking geographic location as opposed to what you really meant but if you decide to move maybe you
    would you like to live in my town. Population almost 200. A NICE house sells here for about $20,000 and a not so nice one for under $5000. I have a nice one and my taxes are under $400 per year. And you can keep about any kind of animal here; it is farming country. Although I live in town my neighbors have dogs (one lady has at least a dozen), cats (the people next door feed over 40), goats, chickens, turkeys, llamas, peacocks, pigs, guineas, ducks, geese, and right now there are about 8 cows across the alley from my back yard. Of course, there are no jobs here. And you MUST have a car as everything is far away. The schools are not too bad though.
  19. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Mutt.

    It's pretty cheap here and we're near a hospital...stuff you sometimes can't get if you're too far out. Plus don't want to drive so much with gas so high. Our town is 1500 people. We will probably move a jog down to the "big" city (18,000). There is no chance at all that we will move far away from the kids so we will stay in Wisconsin or maybe Illinois, but probably Wisconsin. We don't want to be far from our entire family.

    With all that everyone has said, and even with the drawbacks, I am still learning toward a nice mobile home in the park I mentioned. The rent-to-own fees are about $325 plus lot fee with down payment and if we buy one they can run from $25,000-$5000. Hub is very handy around the house. The park is clean and free of crime. We can cross the street to shop and we get the benefit of the city's ambulance and fire department, which matter once you get older. I'll just make sure the roof has shingles and we get some sort of fireplace or woodburner or pellet stove for winter and fans for summer. I just can't see us living in anyplace that is connected by walls to another family...that is not for us.

    As long as the park has a storm shelter, and I'm pretty sure it does, I think we'll like it there. I drove through today and it's much nicer than most parks. Thanks, all.
  20. everywoman

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    With the economy in the shape, it is the perfect chance, with good credit, to purchase a home. My small town in inundated with short sales and foreclosures galore. When my divorce was final, I purchase a home in my name only. I got a great deal on a perfectly not so perfect house that I adore. It needs some work---trying to get it roofed now---dear Lord why don't we teach trades in public school!!!!), but I bought for less than 1/2 the appraised value. Look online in your area for foreclosures or short sales.