Ok So I've Lost My Mind

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    easy child and I drove past the neighbor's house down the alley again. Noticed that their pup was once again loose from her stake out. Saw a pup that we believed to be her. easy child wanted me to stop and pick her up but I told her why take her back to neighbors when they keep letting her get off and actually neglect her with no real shelter ect anyway. So we continued going to yard sales.

    But then my conscience got to me because I had visions of this sweet pup getting hit by a car or worse...............And then I felt mighty guilty for not picking her up. :sigh: So while we were driving around I sort of kept an eye out for her.

    This evening we were coming back from downtown and we spotted her about a half block from home (which means about the same distance from her home) So easy child asked again if I wanted to stop and get her. Neighbors treatment of pup had me saying by darn if they couldn't care for her properly I was sorely tempted to bring her home with me. Well, we stop. I make all goo goo over her, she is of course sweet as all heck. (about 6 months old or so) I put her into the SUV. She has NO problem with it at all. Sits quietly and happily.

    I tell easy child that I can't rightly take someone else's dog. So we stop at neighbors. They're all outside. Neighbors say she's not theirs.......looks just like theirs (a clone perhaps?) but different collar. Neighbor says she's been wandering around for a couple of days. Seems some neighbors down the street moved and left her behind. Now I'm not so sure I believe neighbor because she was all fired up to take the pup and hook her up in the back yard until her husband started griping about it. So I told her if it wasn't her dog I'd just take her home with me.

    I'm insane.

    I don't have a dog crate because it went with Betsy. I have no where to put the pup tonight to prevent accidents and I have no idea if she's house trained. Although she's perfectly calm and happy to be in the house. So far she's acting as if she's always been here. Molly is gated into the living room because I want to introduce them slowly. Pup is a pup but big enough to do damage should she become aggressive. Then there is Rowdy outside whom I'm not so sure is going to accept an older pup into his pack. He does fine with puppies......older pups and dogs not really.

    I have done a few postings online so my rescue friends will see it..........plus if someone has lost her they'll know she's been found. I'm not so sure I buy neighbor's story. I'm still thinking this is the same pup I keep taking back to their house because she acts as if she knows me.

    She appears to be a german shepard mix like molly. Is almost as tall as molly is.

    I'm actually hoping someone will foster her or give her a forever home. While at some point in the future I was going to start searching for a new dog to serve as house watch dog........I wasn't planning it anytime soon. Besides, I was thinking tiny pup, not one already half grown. :sigh:

    Like I said, I'm insane. Or a svcker. Or both.
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    well, you're not insane... that's me.

    And no, you haven't lost your mind... but you do have a heart.

    You could put her in the washroom overnight...
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OH A NEW KID!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool_dog:AND A LITTLE GIRL TOO!!!!!!! HOW PRECIOUS!!!!!!

    Well you may as well just name:cool_dog: her, spay her, get her shots, and BE DONE WITH IT WOMAN - you have had PUPPY FEVER since Molly went to live with your kids.

    Estraya is Star is Spanish and she was a "STRAY" hahahaha. Ahem......
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    LOL Star.

    Betsy went to live with Nichole. Molly is MINE, and will never leave my side.

    Pup has been here all of an hour. OMG is she sweet, and CALM. Only thing that throws her is the cats. Seems she is deathly afraid of cats. I guess we'll wait and see if this will be an issue. I have Bruce in the house and Minnie and Midnight stalk both doors to the inside. I had a heckova time getting her to go past Midnight to go into the back yard to potty. She's not showing the slightest aggressive behavior to either Molly or Rowdy, seems only interested in playing. But I've kept her on leash, which by the wayshe is comfortable with, while in close contact with them. (so maybe this is NOT neighbor's pup after all because they spent no time with her and she certainly had no clue what to make of a leash)

    She is clean. She was not overly thirsty or hungry when I offered food or water. She doesn't smell and she doesn't appear to have a flea issue. Perfectly content inside. Is currently chewing a rawhide. In a bit I'm going to put her on the leash again and let her and Molly be in the living room with me together. Molly really wants to get to know her and she seems to feel the same way.

    Seems to be a people dog too, hovering around me.

    I may switch them around and let her be gated into the living room tonight. (smaller room)

    I might wind up adopting her myself if no one steps up to claim her, depending on how she settles in. And yeah, that means getting her spayed and doing her shots........and training. Oh geez! I've got to remember to watch for accidents. I haven't done that in 6 yrs. omg lol

    So far, she is very "Molly-like", just much more calm than Molly was at that age especially. Travis is trying to snap some good pics so I can post them to fb and here.

    It's rather ODD though because just yesterday I was telling easy child that I was going to eventually have to svck it up and look for a new inside watch dog because while Molly will still do her best........well, I really don't think she has very long left, and she doesn't have much fight in her these days. That really got put into my face today when I walked her down to easy child's house and it never occured to me that easy child's cats or the strays would ever do such a thing...........but suddenly out of no where Molly has like 4 cats viciously attacking the **** outta her and she did NOT fight back even to get them off. Now while Molly likes cats ok, that is very un-molly-like and tells me a LOT. So it wasn't just Betsy after all. :(

    And here poof, this stray who resembles Molly to some extent, crosses my path where I just can't ignore her. Fate? Who knows? Fate has been far too active in my life, so it wouldn't much surprise me.

    But first, I'm going to try hard to find her family if she has people. Next I will try hard to find her a forever home in case she's supposed to be with someone else. And if that doesn't happen and she settles in ok.........Then she'll become my Sadie and learn to be a smart, well mannered, spoiled furbaby, and new watchdog for the house to back Molly up.

    Travis finished the pics while I was writing the post lol



    This is the only front one of her. Not so good, blurry and a bad angle, she's much cuter than it appears lol

  5. mstang67chic

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    Ohhhhhhhh what a sweetie!!!!! I"m glad to see I'm not the only svcker here!!!
  6. Liahona

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    I think its wonderful. You sound very much in love with Sadie.
  7. Tiapet

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    Sometimes angels come to us in different forms then we expect and speak to us in languages we don't understand. Ours is to accept and embrace it. I DO believe in fate very very strongly! Open you mind, you are being observant now, continue. Your answer is there and will be totally revealed if you allow it. :)

    Ok.....sounds like mumbo jumbo.....but wait and see!
  8. donna723

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    Oooooh, she's pretty! Looks like she's very sweet too. She appears to be a young one.
  9. buddy

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    She is a great looking dog....I'd take her in a second if we could! I went to the humane society today because it is by the zoo and Q was gone so I wanted to hold some kitties or walk a dog. There was a great lab/beagle mix. weird mix but it made a super cute dog maybe 35 lbs and a smaller medium sized dog.... just so great. I wouldn't get one but it was fun to pay attention. I played with some cats and then left. I still have till 9:30 to stay here and play with you guys now.... so thanks for more animal talk and pics...

    If you can't find the owner, then I bet she will settle in fine.
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    So far she's done well in the house with me. And she's done fine going potty with Molly.......and they both tried to play with each other last time out, so much so that until I know she's trained, Molly will have to stay inside while she's pottying.

    Gating her into the living room was a total no go. Although before I go to bed.........I might just shut the door. Yes, I'm stupid and forgot it has a door I can actually shut. LOL There is food stored in the laundry room/bathroom so she can't stay in there. While I'm out in the morning I am going to have to get a crate for her though or this is going to quickly become an issue. Because she went over that gate to be with me like it was nothing. She is once again lying not more than 2 feet away cuddling her new tennis ball donated by Travis and chewing her rawhide.

    It's storming like all heck broke loose outside. It's making her a bit nervous.

    And while checking Molly over again to make certain she had no wounds from the cat attack.............I found a new large growth on her belly, about 3 - 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick. :( But at least she had no visible wounds. But she is now wary with Minnie and Midnight and was sort of re-establishing the fact they're her pack and aren't going to hurt her. Poor Molly. I'm trying so very hard to give her a peaceful pleasant retirement, but it sure isn't working out that way for her. And she has cataracts........and I think her hearing is going.

    At least so far she seems to really like Sadie. Actually she's trying too eagerly to play with her because I want to do this introduction slowly until I'm certain Sadie will be a safe addition to the family if she has no family to return to. Molly is making that awfully hard when she keeps ignoring me and trying to play with the pup.
  11. DammitJanet

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    And you just didnt want me to bring me one of my pups...I guess I take the hint!
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    LOL Janet. Actually, I'd prefer one of your pups. No joke.

    This is, as far as I can tell (I mean she has only been here hours), a very sweet lovable pup........older pup as she has her adult teeth. She for sure knows what the word No means and pays attention to it. If she didn't know Down before she got here, she's learned it quickly. I've gotten her to sit on command a few times. I've found no accidents so far.

    But while I like her, I've just been seriously jaded over adopting older dogs, even that are still basically puppies. I've not had much luck adding them to the family without conflict, whether I do it slowly or not. Molly can't take conflict right now. Rowdy probably can't either. This year he's seriously looking/acting his age too, at 13. So IF there is conflict, Sadie will be re-homed into an adoring family. Because as much as I know I'll need/want a replacement watch dog for inside............my older dogs will have peace in their golden years. They've more than earned that from me.

    With a very young puppy, the chance of conflict would be slim.......by the time the pup would be old enough to consider it, probably Molly and Rowdy would no longer be here. Poor Molly, much as I adore her is rapidly declining and it seems when I wasn't looking Rowdy is following suit.

    So while there is evidence Sadie will make someone a fantastic companion, I don't know yet if it will be able to be me. I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm already thinking I might have bit off more than I can chew as I juggle them around trying to keep them separated while they get to know each other. I guess we'll have to wait and see if someone is looking for her............and how she does in the meantime.

    But you have no clue, my friend, how badly I actually did want one of your babies. :rofl:
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    You are a sweetie, not a svcker. Given how she has adapted to being inside, either she was someone else's or she is incredibly smart and knows how to adapt super fast. It really sounds like she will fit into your home well, but of course even dogs can be difficult child and honeymoon. We had that with one that husband adopted.

    Whatever is supposed to happen regarding Sadie's forever home will happen, be it at your home or someone else's. I am really sorry that Molly and Rowdy are going downhill so fast. I hoep their golden years are as peaceful and pampered as possible.
  14. InsaneCdn

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    We've always adopted "older" pups - from 6 to 12 months.
    So... if you keep her, I'll go back through my notes on training tips and such.
    At this age, some training takes longer, but the most important part is bonding - if you can get that (and it sounds like she's a very bonding type) the rest WILL come because they want to please you.
  15. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well, this is for sure NOT neighbor's dog. She is house trained. Locked her into the living room last night........she was pretty ok with it, went to sleep. Couple hours later started this whiny bark thing. Took me a while to associate it with her because we have some weird enormous bird that showed up in the tree across the alley and it makes the weirdest LOUD sounds I've ever heard. I have Travis go down and check on her. She needed to potty. She didn't make it, but she did try to tell us. This morning no accident and she went right out and did her business. Sadie is well behaved. Shows signs of being trained or that she was in the process of being trained. She enjoys toys. And she is all up on the affection. lol Pup down the alley had never seen a toy, was never inside, and for sure was not trained or even in the process. She's been very well socialized. So I think it's a strong possibility this is someones lost pup. I have a hard time believing someone put all this work into her and just up and moved away on her.

    I've had one inquiry for her. Someone asked if I picked her up near walnut street........which is yeah, about where I picked her up. Something about missing 3 days. He was texting from his phone and auto correct was messing with his post. He's a teen. Of course I'd speak with the parents before even considering handing her over.

    We have horror stories about what happens to strays around here....all too true. Last week we had 4 teens who were drunk yank a dog from it's owner and filet the small dog right there, laughing and thinking it so much fun, then handed the dog back and waltz away. (they held the person at knife point) Dog is fighting for life at the local vet and thankfully with these 4 kids, they were picked up and are facing charges. Then of course, there are the dog fighting rings ect ect.

    Sadie is fine with Bruce. Maybe because he's inside with us, so she just figures he's part of the pack and it's ok. Still fine with Molly. Still skittish with the outside cats. (I have to literally move their fannies from the door so she'll go out) Makes me wonder if she wandered near easy child's house at some point and the stray cats went after her too. (seriously they were insane) Possible, easy child lives only down the alley from me.

    I'm getting ready to call our no kill shelter and see if someone has come in looking for her, and the dog pound too. She is circulating fb via my rescue friends to see if she was lost and if someone is looking for her.

    But this is someones well loved pet. So now, again, I'm worried about the pup down the alley..........and what happened to her. :(
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    The collar she has on - if it's not yours is a pretty spendy collar. My thoughts are varied - but could it be that this IS the dog from down the alley and they gave her to someone and this IS her - buit she got placed with someone else because they couldn't take care of her -and somehow she got out and tried to come "home'"?

    She's been well fed, potty trained....and she's about (as shepherds go) 4-5 months old if not older (guessing by pictures) Could tell better by her teeth. Also the growth on her belly worries me. It could be a benign cyst, it could be a tick that burrowed in, it could be melanoma, it could be an infected nipple, or it could be an additional nipple (that happens from time to time - that has gotten infected or cystic. Or something else all together. If it's near where her umbilical cord is - it could be that - but the swelling on those usually goes down unless there was something horribly wrong - and infection set it. Also - she could have gotten poked with something and it's a staph infection in which case she'd need to be on antibiotics for a couple months. Again - cant see it - can't tell.

    I don't think you're going to end up with her and if she's stressing the older dog out? I pesonally wouldn't push it at this stage. As far as your cats? IIIIIIIIII would be afraid of your cats. lol. Can't blame her there. lol.

    Sorry about the name mix ups - Lord I can't keep kids names straight -----Calling my own I think the youngest thought his real name was Castielle......combo of all of them.

    Hugs for all your heart does........AND WHATEVER YOU DO - DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE EYES OF JANETS PUPPIES........it's like that snake on JUNGLE BOOK - LOOOOOOOOOOOOK INTO MY eyyyyyyyyyssssssssss.....One glance and you're HOOKED. I saw a picture from about 7' up and back and I can't get the little buggers out of my head. DRAT - there I go again. Drat.....again.....and ........again. UGH.
  17. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Molly is the one with the new growth on her belly.

    Pup is healthy as all heck. Which is good.

    Hmm Star, your theory might be right. This is a "sit at your feet" type of loyal girl. She's basically been at my feet since I brought her home. I sure hope if she has a family I can re-connect them.

    I just went and picked up a new dog crate. OMG!!! 85 bucks for a dog crate?? Whew, I thought 70 was bad, but that was like more than 10 yrs ago. And it is the biggest they have. But still, omg! (I can/will need it for Rowdy in the winter anyway)

    I have a lady inquiring about fostering/potentially to adopt if family can't be found, referred from one of my rescue friends. Molly is showing some signs of stress, not too bad yet, just a little. She likes the pup, too eager to play with the pup (which is making it difficult for me to be careful with the introduction process) The rescue friends have better contacts to get her "out there" to potentially find her family, if not a forever home. So if I feel comfortable with this lady, and she wants to, I might let her foster her.

    Oh, and Pup appears to have all of her adult teeth, so for sure an older pup, but still very puppyish.