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    who have been to a nice hotel in the past year or two- I have a question. Many hotels are using something on the beds now, over the sheets but many times under another covering- that I thought was called a douvet. I looked on the website for bed, bath & beyond and see that queen size douvets are only 84" long and frankly, they looked like comforters to me. These at hotels have to be longer because they reach the length of the bed plus there is enough left over to cover and hide the mattress at the foot of the bed. They are very soft and comfortable, whatever they are. I'm looking for one to go over the top sheet, but under a comforter, in the winter, or be the main "covering" in the summer. What should I be searching for? Plus- at the hotel these seem to be down filled or something not completely consistent in density.
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    Ritz Carlton? Wow! I have never in my life been to one of them! I probably should have said a middle class hotel. LOL!
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    Well, I didn't pay for the 3 days - it was a business perk but if I ever win the lottery, will stay no where else LOL. Insurance companies were notorious for having meetings at all the best places. I am not one to lay in bed once my eyes are open, but gawd, those beds and bedding ...

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    From my understanding, a duvet is pretty much a comforter. A duvet cover is a big bag you put the duvet in to help make it last longer and to change the decor of your bedroom without having to buy a whole new comforter.

    I don't know what you are describing, but it reminds me of something my mother started doing for some of her friends when they came to visit. She got a length of fabric and cut it to cover the pillowcase completely. Then she took the rest and used it to make a sort of sheet that was sewn together at the bottom and maybe halfway up each side. The fabric was easier to wash than sheets, though of course she washed those also.

    So many reports have noted the horrible cleaning job done by hotels (even the best ones) and one friend who does a TON of international travel keeos 2 of these things in her suitcase when she travels. They are so you don't have to risk germs/cooties by putting your had directly on the pillow or by allowing the sheets to touch you.

    Does that describe what you are thinking of?
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    You see how this duvet is long enough to tuck in at the bottom and still long enough to reach under pillows? That is longer than 86". But I can't find where to get one. This photo might look like it's a typical bedspread, but it's not. It's very soft and comfy- maybe it's filled with down.
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    If you go to Macy's site they have a place that explains bedding products. I just did a quick look. Then, LOL, I realized I'm not sure what to heck I'm looking for. There is a description of "baffling" that sounds like it would go under a comforter to add warmth. Maybe?? Your post made me realize I haven't stayed in a fine hotel in decades. Bummer.DDD
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    I looked, DDD. If I pay $300 for one that's 4" longer than a typical one I can buy at Bed, Bath & BEyond, it better last me the rest of my life. LOL!
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    Klmno, I can totally relate to the difference between pretend life (a/k/a fine hotel) and real life. I purchased a bed covering last year that (for my lifestyle now) was a bit "pricey". husband got a cold and decided to sleep in the estra bedroom and the bed cover now has to go to the dry cleanrers. I don't know about where you live or anybody else lives but goodness gracious the cost of dry cleaning bed coverings is almost as darn high as the purchase. Sigh! Often I do wonder whether the effort is worth it, LOL. DDD
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    Before now I wouldn't have thought it worth it. But E's bed is going to just have to double as the guest bed for right now and between the desire to make that comfortable for guests, as well as some unexplainable desire tomake it more comfortable in general- right now E's bed is a comforter on top of a sheet set (all of which he picked out and I will keep because they are in good shape), you can see the sheets on the sides and bottom of the mattress. That's fine for a teen boy's bedroom, in my humble opinion, but not fine for the future to me. But I'm not ready or willing to give up his bed and things he picked out. I just want to make it a little nicer.
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    I learned that they often put on the next size up on a bed. Such as a king for queen. They also use different "styles" of comforters they put in them. Such as thinner ones, lighter weight for summer and heavier weight/warmer for winter -depending on the climate. This was way back when I was working and traveled a lot and they put us up in Embassy Suites.
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    You know, I wondered about that- E's bed is a queen size- I'll look and see what size king duvets are.
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    I had a friend who worked in a upscale chain of hotels. They do use the size up. Exception being king bed suites where they must custom order if they want them oversize. I personally have a queen bed. I have a bed skirt, and my bedding is King size. It covers exactly as you described you were looking for. Also, you can often find beautiful down duvets in large department store bedding departments. They often have sales where it's one price regardless of size you want. Here, our version of Bed Bath and Beyond (because we don't have that chain) sells not only the duvets at amazing price ranges depending on quality, but they also sell gorgeous covers. Also one price for any size. This holiday season my aunt bought a stunning queen size cover for $20, complete with pillow cases. Duvets tend to be always white, then you deck them out with covers. My aunt has a huge assortment, sort of like owning many sheet sets. She can change the bedding according to mood or time of year.
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    Duvet is usually down. And they are intended to be used with a duvet cover - OR must be between sheet and top-cover of some sort. Down is an insulator, but it needs something "else" to hold the heat in.

    Ditto on the bed-skirt - it is what is intended to hide the boxspring.
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    Thanks. Ladies! I'll look into it more after I drink some coffee and can open my eyes all the way. LOL!
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    Check into a down blanket up one size. That's what I use on my guest bed. Nice sheets (Macy's hotel collection), covered by a down blanket that is framed with a satin band (makes it look really nice) and then a comforter bought separate from the bed skirt. The "all in one" bags don't let you customize size of each individual piece.

    Another thing you might want to look into is a summer weight spread. Those can be placed between the comforter and the sheets and purchased in the color of your bedding and can come out the sides and ends of your bed without being tucked. They look nice too because you can get them with scalloped edges.

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    I like the scalloped edges, too. That's what I have in the guest bedroom now I am an empty nester. What causes me problems is the skirts shifting and the mattresses being too heavy for me to move. Biggest problem is turning the king sized mattress in my bedroom. It's too big and too heavy. Ugh! DDD
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    K, a duvet is filled with goose down and covered with plain white or natural coloured cotton fabric. You then buy a duvet cover to put over the duvet, which can change the look. It's different from a comforter, which is foam filled.

    A good quality duvet can last for years and years. Maintenance is a bit of a bother, because over time the goose down gets packed and lumpy, and you have to take it to be re-fluffed. I can't remember the technical term for it, but there are companies who take the down out of your duvet, clean and refluff it, and then put it back inside the duvet fabric. Duvet covers are intended to reduce the wear and tear on the duvet itself. You can strip them off and wash them, but you cannot wash or dry clean a duvet in the traditional way (hence the refluffing thingy).

    I had a duvet for years and years. It was lovely and warm but the maintenance eventually wore me out and I switched back to regular comforters.

    For your issue with E's bed, I wonder if a box spring cover or dust ruffle might fit the bill. It fits between the box spring and the top mattress, and hangs down to cover the lower mattress and bed frame. Not all of them are frilly. Some come in nice sedate colours that would match a teenage boy's sheets, and have box pleats instead of ruffles. I've seen them at walmart, sears, and most other department stores that have a bedding section. I'm sure somewhere like Bed Bath and Beyond would have one.