Ok...was at psychiatrist!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lovelyboy, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Feel much more relaxed regarding everything!
    She explained to me about the EEG.....said at the moment they think its structural causes in the brain but not full epilepsy...can develope into fullblown epilepsy around teenage years or improve!
    She also said neuro called her yesterday to tell her he does not agree with her diagnosis....she calmly told him she is glad all looks good on MRI and thanx for his imput, but he needs to respect her profesional knowledge and diagnosis.....she said ahe was worried he might confuse us, but she is 100% convince of her diagnosis....so we will see her in 3 months time:)
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    Me thinks I like psychiatrist!
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    Me to!!!!!!! Now I am stuck with my mom that has proof that she was right, that the psychiatrist was wrong!!!!!OMW!!!!!!
    I really do not want to discuss my son illness with my mom anymore!!!! She keeps on telling me that we need to start diciplinning our son otherwise we will head for trouble!!!!! I KNOW this!!!!! Why are we trying so hard if we didnt realize this!!!!!! I know she means well but I REALLY dont need to hear this EVERY DAY!!!!!
    The psychiatrist said that over the years this neuro kept on telling her her one child has ADHD and needs medications....and she refused!!!!! Her child is successfull adult now! :))