Ok, we are on baby lookout...

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    Mandy just called me to tell me that she had been to her doctor today and she was dilated to 3 cm and she had been having some mild contractions for the last 2 days. Doctor seems to think the baby will be born sometime next week. How these doctors have become so clairvoyant in the last few years is beyond me but okay. This is hysterical because her baby shower is Saturday and Cory and Tony just left this morning to go out of town to work until Sunday night. She is freaking out and saying she doesnt want the baby to come yet. Huh? She is the first pregnant woman I have ever heard that didnt want the baby out...now! I do think she will be okay until next week though because the doctor told her to keep working unless she started to feel worse. Now if something does happen, Tony will have to just turn that whole van of folks working around and bring them all home...lol.

    Now I just have to get ready. Wash some clothes. Cant find my camera charger...I think its in the overnight bag Tony has with him from when we went to Jamies...sigh.

    Be prepared. Mackenzie Alaya is going to make her entrance sometime soon!
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    OK - getting ready....

    Hope everything goes well!
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    How exciting! We'll all be on baby watch here!

    Just because she's dilated doesn't necessarily mean that the baby will pop out any minute though. There's no need for her to panic. My daughter walked around dilated and having contractions for weeks before Ethan was born, then when she did go to the hospital, he was still in no big hurry to show up.
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    Nervous board Auntie here keeping fingers crossed that the 'boys' get back in time! I'm excited for you since you get to be in the room and aren't the one actually going thru it! LOL!
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    :jumphappy: wonderful!
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    I told her that she could be dilating for awhile before she actually went into real labor to calm her down. She just is scared. For some reason though she wants the baby to not come until the end of the month??? Beats me!
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    Well, you probably don't want to tell her that I was dilated at 3 cm from the 7th month on with both girls. LOL easy child was 2 wks early and Nichole arrived right on her due date.

    Depends on if the cervix is also thinning out or not.

    Exciting though. I love my grandsons but would love to have another granddaughter. :)
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    I think you have time to prepare, Janet. On rare occasion, in my experience, does that lead to a quickie birth. on the other hand I truly remember grabbing my rosary and praying that my first baby would "just forget about it". LOL! I'm emotionally strong but I'm a physical wimp. I truly watch in awe as the network program on birthing comes on and these young Moms smile as the contractions go on and on and on. I'm from the "give me pain killer" generation. Even then the discomfort was not easy for me. Thank heavens in the early 60's we were knocked out! DDD

    PS: Since I almost never say anything positive about GFGmom I have to add that she was a real trooper during her labor/birth processes. difficult child#1 was a long painful delivery and she coped well.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Scott.........will be here when he be's here.
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    So excited!!!! by the way, I was 4cm for four weeks before easy child came flying out!
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    LOL. Mandy was telling us about a month ago that everyone kept telling her that she was carrying the baby in such a way that it just "had" to be a boy. You know how people swear that they can tell things like that. Well she was so confused she got out her ultrasound picture and made Tony look at it again and even he, who cant read one of those for nothing, said...no...thats a girl!
  14. InsaneCdn

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    When we had our ultrasound done, the asked if we wanted to know... so husband said: what is the accuracy of that information. The answer: 95%. husband replied... there's no way we're taking a 5% chance of it being wrong... so don't tell us.

    So, be warned... unless she's had an amnio done where they actually check the genetics... it doesn't matter what you think you can tell from the ultrasound. It just MIGHT be wrong.

    This could be interesting.
  15. donna723

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    I had people tell me that too, that you can tell if it's a boy or a girl by the way you carry it. Total BS. I carried exactly the same way with both of mine and one was a girl and one was a boy! There's always a little margin for error, especially in the early first ultrasounds, but they're pretty darned accurate.
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    The accuracy probably gets better over the years - but its only a couple of years back that a couple I know of were told it was definitely a girl (based on ultrasound)... and it was a boy. And no it wasn't some accidental baby swap. Anecdotal story, sure. But... I'd hate to be planning everything pink and end up needing blue!