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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Jan 20, 2011.

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    ok it happened. yea we've all heard that before. nurse was like why aren't you soooo excited?? umm been here like 5 times already.

    told difficult child i was proud of her.

    she ate 7 bites of pizza and chocolate pudding for dessert. with a whole lotta soda, squishing around, making the pizza mush in her mouth.

    it took her and i 30 minutes sitting together. the nurse just sat there in the chair. she is really nice yet that's it i worked with difficult child.

    i dont' get it. having meeting in a.m. with doctor's. i bet the clinic will be better and work with her on her chewing skills.

    ok had to let you guys know looks like and i use that term carefully we are on our way. breakfast tmrw at 8 they want me to work with her again.

    OH FORGET HYPMOTIST IS COMING IN A.M. to work with her. they think that'll help. after they saw how much work it took me working with her to get her to eat. they were like oh yea he'll be in.

    i'll find out tmrw when we're pulling tube out and if we can be discharged. she's still orthostatic so I don't know
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    Good luck. Is she fresh out of school or still in training or something? C should break her in pretty good if that's the case. Good luck!
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    Way To Go! I'm glad you have some success to report but sorry that you are still the caregiver. Fingers crossed that the next 24 brings more positive involvement from staff. Hugs. DDD

    Bts, what did difficult child think of herself? I'm interested to know if she expressed pride? relief? thankfulness? or ongoing anxiety?