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    We regularly get email of various sorts, from outrage to national pride stuff. A lot of it is hoax, I actually consider it my civic duty to check it all out to confirm or refute, before I ever send it on.

    Ironically, a lot of the "national pride" stuff that we DO get, is US in origin and so has less relevance for us in Australia. One of our regular correspondents is in the Aussie armed services, so we get a bit more than usual of the pro-military glurge. Most of the time it grates on me, mostly because this is one area where culturally we are very different, in Australia. We DO value our troops, but in a different way, we don't tend to get too poetic about it.

    HOWEVER - she sent us a photo of men (servicemen) all arranged carefully to depict the Statue of Liberty. husband's first reaction was "hoax". But on checking it out, it seems very much genuine. Snopes verifies it. I followed the link he found, and uncovered a lovely set of photos I wanted to share with you all, especially those of you from the US who really value your military. Or even if you don't - these are good.

    And they will mean even more, if you live in the US.



    http://www.hammergallery.com/images/peoplepictures/people pictures.htm

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    Thank you for sharing that....it's really awesome! DDD
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    Good to know there are more of us out there who check stuff out before shipping it off to the masses. My mother, who is new to computer technology sends out all sorts of stuff - missing kids, do not call list for cell phones, abandoned babies, if it comes to her inbox, the forward button is pushed, and out it goes.

    I've tried to show her how to check Snopes, but that required an effort she did not want to make.

    Anyway, the photos were awesome. To think that the photographer was able to choreograph thousands of soldiers without the aid of a computer program - wow.

    Thanks for sharing.