Olivia's "tastes"

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    This is the sweetest and one of the smartest pups we've fostered in a long time. She watches the others, and believe me - she catches on really quick. She LOVES attention and gives it back in Spades. Speaking of spades. She's getting her's on the 12th of June. Along with her shots, and microchip so she can go to a new home already to go. So if anyone knows of someone that wants a ready to go puppy? She's going to be ready - and she's completely housebroken, knows how to sit, we're working on come, and she's taught herself how to sit up and beg. (she even puts one paw out asking for a cookie) you could just scoop her up with a spoon. Oh and she's already mastered - GO out, come in and when we pass out cookies? You are required in our house to SIT to get a treat. Otherwise it is just pandamonium - so everyone sits and then we pass out treats. Unless everyone sits/ no one gets a treat. So we've been waiting and waiting and waiting - and FINALLY she gets it!! Come in, everyone SIT - WE ALL GET COOKIE - okay - so NOW? She rushes in and is the first to sit! Brilliant!

    With a few exceptions....she's really a lovely soul. A few "remote'' exceptions. Those being - Her Taste for MY TV remote. She actually got on my bed, got in the little nightstand box, and drug out my tv remote and chewed it all over my bed. WHY? Well because it was "THE MANS" watch. While I went to the grocery store. It's demolished. I put it back together wtih electrical tape ,and a hair tie. You have to pinch it shut to change channels - but it worked. So I had to run into town for a gallon of milk night before last...and "THE MAN" watched her again. Remote was in the box on the night stand and when I got back guess what was demolished again? The remote. I didn't see her do it so she couldn't get yelled at, but actually however she did it? This time when I put it all back together? It works better. So go figure.

    I've been teaching her BOUNDARIES in the house. Non of the pups are allowed in the bedroom I use as a closet. I use a booming voice and hand signals with every command and this command for NOT crossing the threshold is NOT YOURS. She's already got that down, and will get to the doorway and hits the breaks and lays down. None of them will cross that line for love nor biscuits. I'm pretty impressed with her for that - and right by the door is my highboy dresser - next to that on the floor are two small pillows. Right next to those....? Olivia - belly crawling, crawling, crawling past Casper, past Pootie....and inching her nose, inching, inching...inching, so that just about 3" of her nose is across that threshold on.those.pillows. She is a clown. Push her back say NOT YOURS....wait and she crawls slow as syrup to get her nose on those pillows. Put the pillows in the hall? She stops crawling. lol

    So last night - I go to take a movie back....and it's no secret I love Northern Soul. Old style. I had one antique Fats Waller album cover - no records. I was going to frame and give as a gift to my CDL brother for Christmas. "THE MAN" was babysitting, and of course I come home - and there on the counter is 1/2 of Fats Waller - and about 100000 pieces all over the floor and Olivia sitting behind "the MAN" or "THE MAN" sitting behind her - not sure - trying to tell me how it was just a second and .....uh huh - HOW COME every time THE MAN watches THE PUP - MY STUFF gets gone?
    THE MAN does a LOUSY job watching THE BABY.

    But come next week? When THE MAN gets those hearing aids? He had better turn them up to high so he can hear "THE BABY " chewing stuff. or "The MAN" is going to hear "THE LADY" without his hearing aids.......from the end of the road......and yes, it will wake him up from his NAP.

    other than that? We start obedience tomorrow and something tells me she's NOT going to like it. You can tell someone has put a leash on her and drug her, scared her, and then just gave up. I can ONLY imagine WHO - So we're going to counter that bad image wiith blech - I HATE liver, but I've got the bait pouch ready and we're going to "WORK IT GIRL" .....we've been adding weights and letting her drag a bit of rope around for a while to get her used to the feel of a leash - so this should be fun. (not)

    Anyway that's the update on Princess Olivia.....now being called OLIVES.....by THE MAN. Who she calls POP-eye.

    Then he says "GARSHK OYE LOVES U OLIVES." and does a sad, sad Popeye laugh."
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Star she sounds soooo sweet and smart.

    Olivia will make someone a wonderful baby. IF she hasn't already decided you're her forever home. lol

    I hope she does well with her leash training.
  3. donna723

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    She sounds like a wonderful dog (with a few rough edge). You'll have her trained in no time if she's that eager to please. I'll have to send you a copy of a picture my cousin posted on Facebook this morning. It's her dog right after he chewed the cord off of a fan - he's smiling big and cocking his head to the side like, "How can you be mad at someone with a face like this?".

    I hope you're better at being foster mom than I was! I've only had one and he's still here a year and a half later! I am a foster failure. Are you sure you will be able to give her up when the time comes?
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Hound -

    She can't stay here. Wish as we could - Bull is a killer and they got too close by accident the other night and he nearly killed her. So no, it's not going to happen. Fortunately for everyone - he just pinned her and grabbed her neck. No blood, no shaking. Casper seems to be tempering everyones personality and got in between the mess and when HE did? Olivia got away, but she was so freaked out she won't go near the den door now - which is GOOD, but she calls him "Black Death." (with good reason). He is what he is. No matter what trainer would have him? There is no fix for him he's just "snap" and go.

    The other thing is financial - while it would be wonderful to be able to have another love? We're just scraping by to take care of the three we have. Pootie wasn't supposed to stay, but when she came along? I fell madely and deeply in love with her, and her me. I think I'd give my meals to make sure the kids had what they needed, and we've cut as much as we can cut. We're using aluminum can money to pay for Olivia to get her rabies and DHLPP and the spay is from the ASPCA as a voucher through a fund called See Spot Run. I just happened to be one of the fortunate ones to call and ask the other day if there were any vouchers available to have females spayed, and low and behold there are. Shots are going to be around $20. To have her microchipped is another $20...DF says we have a metal pile - so that may take care of that AND (yeah) get rid of some unsiglhtly crud in the yard.

    My thought was if she were to find a home? Great! If things didn't work out? Plan B - Get her spayed, shots in line and then maybe it would be easier to say to someone Look - We had her spayed and her shots she's trained, potty trained, does a few cute tricks - Ready to go to her FurEver home. With a Mommy that can love her one on one. With built in manners, no costly vet bills - complete -

    We also got her a baby blanket - (it's a childs crib blanket with a big fuzzy bear on it) a back pack....for traveling, her own My First Dolly, some toys because she has NO clue how to play with toys. Some chewies other than my remote, and magazines, (she loves to be a big girl and help out couponing although I keep telling her I need no assistance) I got some no chew organic spray, and a pink halter for walkies that she detests....but likes it better than her collar....a ball, a pink elephant, a brush and comb -(they WERE mine) lol.

    OH and the pictures of her dressing up as a princess in the tiara -----and boa. SHE LOVES to ham it up. Doesn't matter what you put on her -she's a poser.

    Last year we had 107 dropped in our yard and DF said NO MORE. Thanks to Bulls crotchety attitude - and our enormous vet bills due to him biting faces off? We haven't had anyone really this long. We had that pup and his sister a while back with the ears - Dobbie -----they both got GREAT homes. And we took the other idiot Neighbors dog - doctor...he's also living the life. Fat old boy. So yeah - it's a good thing. No sign of her brother though. Too bad - he's a cute kid.
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well, I can certainly understand that.

    With Betsy's current attitude, I won't be fostering anymore either. Which is good because I really think it broke Molly's heart every time a foster went to their furever home.

    My 3 will never go hungry (I'll skip a meal first), but I'm barely feeding them and just can't take on another right now.

    I'll keep body parts crossed and pray she gets her furever home quickly.
  6. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    Oh lil Ollie.....I wish I could take her. What a pumpkin. Your story of her adventures warms my heart:)
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Princess Pootie - is teaching little "Ollie" the ONE ear up, head to the side" AINT I CUTE AS ALL GET OUT? twist......

    AND if that ain't just the cutest little bugger with my comb in her mouth - that was sprayed with PRO PET NO CHEW TRAINING SPRAY? I don't KNOW WHAT IS~! lol.
    Will try to get picture - but that one ear up, head to the side tilt? CLASSIC POOTIE MOVE.......CLASSIC....(I will get you for this my PRETTIE)

    and your flying monkey too!