omega 3 supplements?

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    At our appointment a month ago, difficult child's psychiatrist suggested I look into omega 3 fatty acid supplements but admitted she knew very little about how much to give her. I've tried a girlfriend/CF/dye free diet for almost a year with no difference so that was pointless but I'm not ruling out other natural ways to at least help her beyond the medications she is already on. I'd love some day to be able to remove the medications but I don't see that happening any time soon.
    Any info on natural treatments for bipolar disorder would be much appreciated, even just where to look. If anyone has info on the omega 3 supplements, please share!
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    I would talk to someone at a health food store. Some of them can be very knowledgable.
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    A great and pure brand of omega 3 is nordic naturals..for a healthy heart. My sons take one or even two capsules 1x day. This brand name was provided to me by a really great pedi developmental specialist in NYC.
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    Omega 3s are supposed to help with-brain function, thus, the connection to kids with-ADHD.
    However, the differences are vast. For example, bipolar is chemical, and Asperger's is neurological.
    I wish someone would do a study ...
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    Have heard the best are:
    Nordic Naturals or
    Carlson Brand

    I got one of these for years.

    However, recently I've been getting buy one get one 1/2 price from my local drug store. It is Nature's Bountry "Double Strength." The ratio seems good and I have not had any fish burps. Price is excellent.

    Like Terry said, Fish Oil is said to be very helpful for a variety of mood disorders. Dr. Papolous in his book "The Bipolar Child," recommends fish oil supplementation.

    However, it is also good for overall/general mental and physical wellbeing. Few of us eat enough fish, etc. .... probably a good supplement for most people.
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    we tried the omega 3's, just for a little while though. we got fish oil purified from the natural food store along with-b vitamins just to start. i take the fish oil everyday and i find it helps me alot. it's always worth a shot.

    my difficult child wouldn't take them because she was too anxiety ridden she'd choke to death swallowing them lol, isn't that a kicker???
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    This statement is about omega 3 supplementation for me, not my difficult child.

    Saw my dr yesterday. I've been taking omega 3 supplements twice a day for a few months. My dr said my entire blood panel had improved. My hdl's were higher (that's good) and my ldl's and triglycerides were both very much lower (that's good too).

    My dr was sure that I should continue taking the omega 3 supplements. I was already eating fish salmon or other high omega fish 3 to 5 times a week so the addition of omega supplements still seemed to be really significant.

    Just letting you know. ;)
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    Cheryl, that's good to know - think I might look into the supplements.
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    Walgreens often has these (NatureMade) B1G1. Just watch the circular. And then if you go to the website and plug in the code on the bottle, you can earn more (coupons & freebies). My husband took them for his joints and noticed significant differences.