Omega Oil Deal at Walgreens

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    I know some of you take omega oil capsules or have found them helpful with your kids. I was going through the Walgreens ad and saw this deal:

    ReNew Life Omega Smart Super Krill Oil, 60 count for $10. They will give you $10 in Register Rewards good on your next purchase.

    For the newbies: If you want this and your store has it in stock, you can get 2-3 of them. each must be a separate purchase and you CAN'T use the register rewards from one to pay for the next. Register rewards are the manufacturer's way to pay you to try the product. If you use their payment to buy more then they won't pay you again because you are a "loyal customer". So you would need to use the RR's for something else.

    I cannot take these - the fish oils make me very very ill but I know that some of you use them. If the store is out, ask when their truck comes in and be there that day - ask what time it comes and if it isn't on the shelf be sure to ask someone to go and look for them in the back. I would have missed the EOS lip balm and shave cream deal a few weeks back if I hadn't asked - they were in the back and some were in another area that made no sense.
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    LOVE this deal! Thank you both!