Omg....Buck just walked in my house without knocking!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I am here all alone. My car is in the yard, Cory's truck is in the yard but Tony's truck is missing and obviously Billy's car is missing. He doesnt know that Billy has a rental that I know of but then Tony may have told him, who knows considering Tony tells him everything it seems like as soon as it happens.

    Anyway, I am the only one here since Billy went to work around noon and Tony and Cory went hunting about an hour ago. Buck should well know that if Tony's truck isnt here that he isnt home. It is a very rare thing for me to take the truck and leave Tony home. The two of us might go out together in the truck but its rare. Now especially with Cory's truck here there would be no way all three of us could go in the truck. Its a barely two seater old tiny toyota pick up.

    So Im in my bedroom and I hear my front door open. I am thinking to myself that Billy must not have felt well at work and come home early but then my dog in the house started barking. Well sometimes he does that anyway if he wants attention. I was heading to the bathroom because I had to potty badly so I figured I would go talk to him so I yelled out "Billy" as I headed towards the bathroom. No answer. Well maybe he already got to his room and sometimes you cant hear from one end of the house to the other.

    I got out of the bathroom and was headed towards my bedroom door when I heard the front door shut again. HUH? I went and opened the door to see who was out there and it was Buck. He had come in the house without knocking, never came to see if I was home, supposedly was here to give Billy the money he owed him, but he was already in his car so he had to get out and came to give it to me. I came back in the house and figured he would just leave. He didnt. I heard sounds from outside and I looked outside and he was walking from the rear of my car but I cant prove that he had opened and closed my trunk but it sounded like it. I heard a door open and shut and then what sounded like my trunk being slammed shut. Billy already told me he knows he went into my trunk because Buck made a comment about me having a box of condoms in my trunk. What the heck is he doing in my trunk?

    So I sat at my window and watched him sit in his car for another 15 minutes before he left. He had obviously stolen a can of deodorant from us because I recognized it in his hand and once he left I went and checked the bathroom and it is missing. He had other things in his hands but I couldnt tell what they were.

    Obviously I am going to have to start locking my doors even when I am here. Why wouldnt he just knock. idiot. He actually did this one night when Tony and I were here and sitting in the living room. That time we were expecting him but he just walked in the house, walked in the kitchen, made a drink, never even acknowledged we were there. Finally Tony spoke up and said something to him and he said...Oh, I didnt even see you there. Well fine and dandy, so you just walk in when we arent here and make yourself at home? Really.
  2. buddy

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    Well, I've walked in my sister's houses without knocking IF they knew first that I was coming and I knew they were not home. Or if it was a big family event so I didn't want them to have to leave to come answer the door. But even as close as we are we always knock first and wait to see if someone is home. I know my sister's garage code and could easily break in, but would never do that without her knowledge....

    I'd say tell Tony to tell him not to ever do that but I can only imagine what that would get you. The weird thing is, you'd probably give in and give him some dumb deodorant if he really needed it.....why take stuff? that is just rude.
  3. lmf64

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    I knock as I walk in at my brother's house. But I also do that when I go to visit close friends. I also expect anyone who knows me well to do the same when they walk into my house. I know you don't like Buck, and it seems weird that he would do it to you, but in my family it's expected.
  4. witzend

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    A can of deodorant? He drove to your house to steal a $2 can of deodorant?

    Must need to save his cash for a hot date... :sigh:
  5. DammitJanet

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    I knock to announce myself. See, I tend to walk around half naked most of the time. If you just walk into my house you are likely to catch me with only a tee shirt on and no pants. Or even less in the Especially if I am alone and not expecting anyone to come in the house. My kids have been trained to either knock and yell out "Momma" or be prepared for what they see.

    When I go to Jamie's or Cory's homes even though I know I am perfectly allowed to go into their homes, I always knock, wait a minute or two, then peak in and yell inside "Hey kids, we are here!" That normally allows them to come to the door and greet us. I would never ever think about wandering all over their houses searching every room looking for them. If by chance they werent home, in the case of driving 5 hours to Jamie's, I would do no more than take my luggage into his den and sit down in there. That has been what he has told us to do. Or I sit on the porch and smoke. I would never go upstairs into his bedroom. In fact I have never been in his bedroom and dont know what it looks like.

    And heaven help me if I had ever walked into my father's house without being let in by one of them. I would have probably been arrested for breaking and entering.
  6. Jody

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    He's lucky he didnt walk into a house that shoots and asks questions later. Sorry darn, the luck Janet.
  7. Hound dog

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    My kids do not enter without knocking. Heck, M always knocked first for that matter. And you know how he and buck are alike. My grandchildren don't enter without knocking.

    I've never once entered my mom's house without knocking, or my bio dad's or any of my step dad's, not my grandparents (and I lived with grandma for pete's sake) never aunts or uncles or even siblings. My brother tried walking in on me once and my dog at the time was at his throat in 0.5 seconds, only thing that save him was he got the storm door shut in time and then had lots of trouble keeping it shut. lol He complained loudly, I just told him the dog was doing his job and didn't know bro from a stranger.

    I would never dream of just walking into my kids homes. Oh I sometimes knock, announce myself and then peek in but that was nearly always when watching the boys at easy child's house and I was expected. I never did it to mother in law except when concerned for her welfare.......and yes once I even broke into her back door, good thing too. But there are exceptions to every rule.

    I'd say either Buck had plans on taking more stuff and you interrupted him (which is what it looks like) or he's just plain getting far too comfy in your home. When you see Buck again tell him he can stop in at Dollar Tree next time he wants deodorant or whatever, they make it easy for him, everything there is a DOLLAR. I'm sure he can afford that.
  8. DammitJanet

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    Now Tony wants ME to tell him what my issues are with him. Hum. No problem. I have been refraining because I didnt want to cause issues. I have a whole list of things I can tell him I dont want him doing in my house and if he keeps doing them he will simply not be allowed to come back! Tony may have opened a can of worms he wasnt

    Lets see:

    No more walking into my house unannounced and without calling or knocking first.
    No more talking about church and religion
    No more going on and on about chronic pain
    No more talking about what constitutes a family
    No rambling around the house
    If you do laundry at my house, bring your own laundry products, dont use mine.
    Clean the lint filter and throw it in the trash can not on the floor.
    Stop eating out of mixing bowls and use plates or food bowls.

    Im sure I can think of more.
  9. 1905

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    Stop taking things that don't belong to you like picture frames, mustard and deodorant.
    You can easily afford those. They're all at the dollar store. (Gas to get to your house costs more than that.)
    If Tony's truck isn't there, don't bother knocking- nobody is answering the door.
  10. buddy

    buddy New Member

    Used more $ in gas than the deodorant costs.....I bet he would have taken more if he'd not heard Janet .......
  11. tiredmommy

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    He was looking for the change jar...
  12. donna723

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    Janet, I could add one to your list of "Thou shalt nots" for Buck! How about, "Do not STEAL any more of our stuff"!!! It just burns me up how he feels free to walk around your house and take anything he wants! You are not his own personal Walmart! It doesn't matter if it was just a $2 deodorant ... it was YOUR $2 deodorant! What if that was the only one you had and it wasn't there when you wanted to use it - then you had to go buy more! Honestly, I don't know how you've managed to restrain yourself all this time. I would have had to whack that man upside the head with a 2x4 long before this!
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  13. DammitJanet

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    Problem is every time I get mad and upset, I get told how I just dont understand what its like to have family because Im an only child. I am deprived and just pitiful. Even to the point that I dont understand what a real Thanksgiving meal should be like. I was so underprivileged that many years my family went out to buffets at places like the Hilton for meals. Back then it was only really nice places that were open on holidays with the buffets. LOL.
  14. susiestar

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    Janet, they can only use that "you don't know what it is like to have family" as long as you ALLOW it.

    How can you not understand what it is like to have family???? You raised THREE boys, three BROTHERS. I know dang well that Cory wouldn't just walk in on Jamie's house, wander around, load up his car with Jamie's stuff, open Jamie's car and take things, and then leave.
    You know this also.

    You had decades of family life as you raised these boys. Why is it that it is only Buck who acts this way??? He isn't Tony's only sibling and none of the other siblings act this way. Why not call Van and ask how the rest of the family acts when they want some deodorant and are with-in driving distance of their siblings??? Do they just come on over and take it?

    I think this is far from Buck's first shopping trip at Janet and Tony's Walmart. I think maybe he has done this when you are not home, and he has gotten to the point he thinks that Tony won't EVER draw a boundary.

    To be honest, I would be SUPER tempted to go to a pay phone, call him, and ask him to watch the dogs while you are out of town. Then go home, hide your car, hide in your room, and call 911 when he gets there and say you have an intruder, one you recognize, and that he is just taking things. Sure a setup, but not his first foray. Then press charges - cause regardless of what Buck says, it is illegal to take thing from someone's home even if they are your sibling.

    in my opinion you need to start calling the cops when he does this stuff. get a cheap camcorder at BigLots and then start videotaping what you can and call the cops. Maybe if the cops tell tony how out of line this is, and if they tell Tony what kind of record Buck has, maybe then it will get him to kick this plague named Buck out of your life.

    Regardless, the claims that you don't understand family are total garbage. Start throwing the fact that not even Cory would treat his siblings this way into Tony's face every single time that Buck does ANYTHING you don't like. Cause isn't Tony all down on Cory all the time???? So if it is so bad that even CORY wouldn't do this to his siblings, then it is REALLY REALLY BAD.

    Even if you don't toss Cory not doing that stuff into Tony's face, tell him flat out that he is out of line to tell you that you don't understand family. You are the matriarch of your family, for crying out loud!!

    I can tell you that if I went to my parents and started loading the car with-o speaking to them, I would be thrown out so fast. Now we do not knock when we go to my mom and dad's house. We open the door a bit, holler inside and go on in. But we have been ASKED to specifically do this because sometimes it is hard for my mom to get to the door or Dad is sleeping (he naps a LOT, lol). When we interacted with gfgbro? I NEVER went into his home with-o knocking. I knocked and if I didn't hear him call come in, I waited for him to get to the door. I wish he did that with our home, but he is gfgbro for a reason. We don't walk into father in law's home with-o knocking ever. The only times we have just walked in are when we KNOW they are out of town. Several times I went and spent a few days at their home while they were overseas (over several years this happened maybe once every other year). They ALWAYS were the ones to invite me to do this. They told me where the key was hidden and told their other adult kids that I would be there.

    Family does NOT treat family like their own personal Walmart. in my opinion family should be MORE respectful of each other than of strangers, not less. You can tell Tony that I said this, also.

    I have told gfgbro that walking into my home with-o knocking is a crime and I will call the police next time - and he KNOWS it is not a bluff. in my opinion from now on, call 911. You know that Buck is a violent person and that he is an addict. There is NO WAY his is wandering around your home looking for deodorant - that was just an afterthought. He is looking for medications, cash and easily pawnable stuff. I think if you confront him when Tony is nto home that he might get violent with you. It is a very rational fear, in my opinion. He has to feel he has Tony wrapped around his little finger, and he wants all of Tony's assets for his own. Be careful around him. Next time he comes over and in or gets itno your car with-o permission, press charges. Heck, try for a restraining order because he is going to end up hurting you or Tony. Probably you, and thne he will claim to have 'found' you like that and saved you by calling the police.
  15. pasajes4

    pasajes4 Well-Known Member

    My brother, even in the midst of his addiction, would not just walk into my house.
  16. cubsgirl

    cubsgirl Well-Known Member

    Oh Janet, I feel for you. I cannot imagine one of my siblings or siblings-in-law just traipsing right into my house without knocking or calling first. That's just ridiculous and Tony should stand up for you.
  17. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    I'm amazed you haven't set booby traps already.
  18. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    I would definately start locking your door at all times. And, since it's close to Christmas, I think you need some decorative sleigh bells on your door. :rudolph: If Dic...erm....I mean Buck comes over and finds the door locked, what is he going to do? Whine to Tony? Doubtfull since he will then have to explain why he was trying to get in when it appeared no one was home. If Tony questions why you are doing this, tell him the truth. You have heard "someone" outside the house and suspect that person has come in at least once. Besides, in this day and age, it's just common sense. He can't fault you for being cautious and aware of your surroundings now can he?

    Booby traps seem fun too. :devil:
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    OH WOW........tell him you need him to come to the DA ranch and pick up a package. Let him pull that here. We are a house that shoots first......possibly the first shot will part yer hair.....but I can't guarantee my aim -----you know shaky hand and all. I would have so gone out and taken my :censored2: deodorant back. You are way more tolerant than I am Janet. That jerk would be sportin a mace or a taser wound at the LEAST.
  20. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well when he FINDS the CHANGE JAR??????? I hope he wads himself up, crawls in it.......and comes out a respectable new life form ------like a toad.