OMG! difficult child is doing homework!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by 92025, Sep 18, 2012.

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    So, we went today to the first meeting with the probation officer. Then we had the enrollment meeting for ind study "school" since difficult child is expelled from real school. Both went well, then, I came home from karate and difficult child was actually doing homework without me forcing him! AND he told me he made a "lesson plan" which was all the assignments written on a 3x5card next to the day he was going to do them! (I had the post about "2 hour battle over 1 hour homework" recently). Perhaps there is hope! The teacher said colleges do not count his grades from 9th grade in his GPA so that was nice to find out. And he has not said anything about the water bottles I removed.
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    WOW!! That IS progress. I have found that both of my kids are doing MUCH better with online school than they did in a public, brick-and-mortar school. Too many rules and add in the unpredictability of all the different teachers, talk about a mixture for trouble. I have come to realize, with our experiences, that some kids just are not cut out for "regular" school. I hope he keeps it up.