OMG... Difficult Child's teacher just called me!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by ksm, Sep 2, 2016.

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    And would you believe it was good news?? He said there was another student having a difficult time in the class, very anxious, and younger Difficult Child used her own free time to go help her calm down, got her back on track, and helped her complete some assignments. He doesn't think this is someone that my child really knows well or hangs out with.

    And he called just because it was so unusual to see a teen jump in and help someone else like that!

  2. Sister's Keeper

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    Aren't you just full of surprising phone calls today? LOL.

    This is a good one. I would praise it to high heaven.

    The other thing maybe to be not so subtle about, if she enjoys helping people steering her towards a career in health care or teaching, but you could slip in there that 1 single drug charge on her record or positive drug test will end those plans.

    What a nice way to smooth out the last call, though.
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    Youngest Difficult Child has already expressed an interest in becoming a psychologist. Her plan is to get a social work/therapy degree, then work while continuing school to get her masters level, then psychologist. It's a huge goal...

    She is in 11th grade. So plenty of time to make decisions. At the end of 10th grade, her school counselor arranged for her to take an entrance exam for the community college. Next semester, she will take a beginning psychology class at the college. She will get a high school credit and college credit at the same time. She will take a zero hour and be done at school by 1pm, en can head to the community college, about 3 blocks away. We do have to pay for the college class, but they will give her the same amount as a credit there, if she takes more classes.

    Then she plans to do the same thing in 12th grade, take college classes, in place of high school classes, but get credit at both places.

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    That sounds like a great plan. I'm a nurse, please let her know that a single drug charge, even if it is just weed, will destroy her chances of getting a professional license.

    I'm pretty sure the same will go for any professional license, social work, any healthcare, anything.
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    Some of my son's best teachers were ones who struggled themselves. In that regard, your daughter may one day use this gift to help others. I'm just glad the teacher noticed the good in her too.