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    ....are the WORST!!!!
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    Especially when they look at you with an innocent face like what, who me? My dog likes to sit under my desk chair where you can't see her and do it. So you don't even know she is there until stink bomb.
  3. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    That's pretty much what just happened. I'm sitting here on the computer, minding my own business, Chester at my feet and then BAM!!!! Can't breath and my eyes were watering.
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    Rofl but I know exactly what you mean!
  5. GoingNorth

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    If your dog isn't one of the breeds with pushed-in faces, they are tooting because their diet contains carbohydrates that they cannot break down.

    Basically, the carbs go through the system and ferment in the colon. Fermentation creates a LOT of gas.

    Corn and corn products are the worst offenders for this as dogs really cannot handle the amount and types of carbs in corn--the stuff is added as a filler.

    I would recommend (at the least) finding a dog food where the first few ingredients are meat based and where the only grain is rice/brown rice. Some of these foods will add stuff like apples and carrots for more fiber.

    Get a dietary supplement containing Yucca Schidegera. The Yucca greatly decreases both the odors of flatulence and of the actual stools.

    If you have very short faced dogs such as bulldogs, boxers, etc., they also wind up swallowing a lot of air, which increases the flatulence problem.

    The Yucca will help there as well, and you should still switch foods if needed. Placing the food dish up on a feeding stand will cut down on the ingestion of air.

    If you want to tell me what you are feeding and what sort of dogs you have, I'll be happy to advise further.

    (One other nice side effect of going with a super premium food is that you feed a lot less of it, and you pick up a lot less of it out of the yard as well.)
  6. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    He doesn't do it that often, it's just that when he's deadly. LOL I'm pretty sure this is still an after affect from the "treat" I gave them yesterday. I had fixed a roast and used some of the juice as a gravy on their food. It's a bad habit of mine but even after a year, I'm still used to having Taz of the iron stomach.

    Normally I try to severely limit or refrain completely from giving Chester people food. He just can't handle it like Taz did or like Cloe does. Half the time he either vomits or winds up as a nerve gas factory.

    As for food though, they eat Ol' Roy's Krunchy Bites and Bones.
  7. Hound dog

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    This is why poor Molly doesn't get canned dog food. If she did, we'd have to walk around the house in gas masks.
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    Gotta love the dog gas...
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    You might try adding a few small spoonfuls of plain unflavored yogurt to his regular food too. It works for Bostons, it might work for him too. Ragan is the only one who has gas and then it's only on very rare occasions. She sleeps with me (under the covers) and sometimes just as she's relaxed and drifting off to sleep a small but powerful one will slip out ... then there are noxious green glow-in-the-dark fumes coming out from under the covers! :sick: Good thing for her that she's cute!

    And GN is right about the smooshy-faced dogs swallowing a lot of air! Mine are pretty good about the gas but I have one (Katy) that eats like a hog in a trough and then belches just like Archie Bunker used to ... real window rattlers! They also swallow a lot of air if they are one of those who gobble up their food very fast. I've never tried it but they say that if you put something in the bowl with the food, like a toy, they are forced to eat around it and will have to eat slower. There are places that actually sell dog bowls shaped like an angel food cake pan with a "thing" in the middle, so they have to eat slower.
  10. GoingNorth

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    Stang, if there is ANY way you can afford it, do look into the food you are feeding. Ol' Roy is literally one of, if not the, poorest quality rations on the market. I know it's very inexpensive, but you will pay for it down the road either with vet bills or with a dog that becomes old before it's time.

    With the money crunch in mind, Wal-Mart sells a house label lamb and rice dog food that is actually pretty decent. It is NOT Ol' Roy and it is more costly, but...

    Ol' Roy is basically primarily corn with renderers' waste added (meat byproducts, etc). Trust me, if a dog food company is proud of the meat that goes into their foods, they will identify it on the package. You want to see IDed meat and meat meal as the first two ingredients.

    It might be difficult to totally avoid corn products in foods in your price range, but try to have them down as low as possible on the ingredient list.

    The gravy gave the dogs gas because either it was a 'milk' gravy (many dogs are lactose intolerant), or because it had wheat or cornstarch in it.
  11. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Donna, the special dog dishes are sold as 'puppy dishes'. They are made to prevent stronger pups crowding the weaker ones away from the food.

    I've used the ones for smaller breed puppies for litters of kittens and had good results.

    Can't help you with the belching. Since I switched Gryphon over to raw food, he inhales the stuff and then about ten minutes later burps so loudly you can hear him from across the room.

    Being as he is a long-muzzled breed, the burp echoes around in his head some before finally making its way into the room. It's kind of creepy.
  12. donna723

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    When figuring out the real cost of dog food you also have to remember that if they get a better food, they will actually eat less of it because their nutritional needs are being met with a smaller volume of food. Mine ordinarily get a premium food that I have to drive 60 miles to buy. Since my car has been messed up and I'm afraid to take any unnecessary chances, I've been giving them Purina Lamb & Rice which is the best I can buy locally till I can get the good stuff. It's pretty good food and probably a lot better than what a lot of dogs get and it doesn't have a lot of the things in it that Ragan is allergic to. It's expensive too but not nearly as costly as the Merrick. But the longer they eat the Purina, the more they eat! They are all eating like little pigs and pooping up a storm. They're not eating more because they like it, they're eating more because it's not as nutritious as the Merrick and I've found that with them eating so much, I am actually spending MORE feeding them Purina than I was with the $50 a bag Merrick!

    'Stang, you may find that you can be giving them a much better quality of food for about the same price you're paying now because they will eat (and poop!) less with a better quality of food.

    Check this out:
  13. DammitJanet

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    My rottie used to toot but my havanese doesnt even though he eats everything under the sun. His main food, dog food that is, is Chef Micheal's, but he does get people food too. Scraps and such. He is still tiny though. I dont think I would feed the Chef Micheal's to a large dog though because it is very lightweight and probably would not fill up a larger dog. My little guy seems to love it. Of course, he loves everything!
  14. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Janet. I have to laugh about the Chef Michael's dog food.

    When Gryphon was a little over a year old, he contracted Lyme disease and though it was a mild case, he simply quit eating.

    All I could get him to eat was the Cesar's wet food in the little trays...costs like super premium wet food...even better, according to their feeding instructions, a dog Gryphon's size would need to eat TEN trays a day!

    His raw food from K-9 Cuisine is going to wind up running me two hundred a month or so. Sounds horrific, but I was spending 165 per month on RX food and enzyme supplements and stuff for his intestinal problems.

    Not only that, I swear the dog was putting out more than he was taking in. Cleanup was a PITA. You would've thought I had a couple of St. Bernards.

    So far on the raw ration, which is based on lamb meat, lamb innards, and ground lamb bone, the vomiting has stopped, he's not itching as much, and the size of his stools has decreased dramatically.

    K-9 Cuisine also carries a HUGE line of dry and canned dog and cat foods, chewies, treats.

    Stuff is expensive, but very high quality products, and they do not charge shipping on orders over fifty dollars.
  15. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    One other thing--if you think dog toots are bad, they've got nothing on a CAT you realize is lactose intolerant after he gets into a bowl of Cheerios and drinks half the milk.

    I was ready to stick him in the SUV overnight but I was afraid the effluvia would peel the upholstery off the seats.

    I hadn't really thought much of letting him have the milk since my Maine Coons, coming from a breed raised for farm work and who had dairy regularly after weaning, had no problems with dairy foods.
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    I can always tell when Buddy has managed to get an excessive amount of "bacon." He becomes a toxic tailed terrier.
  17. GoingNorth

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    Gryphon can handle a couple of slices of bacon cooked crisp to get rid of as much fat as possible.

    He is, however, not allowed to so much as LOOK at a hard-boiled egg. Talk about horrific, sulfurous gas.
  18. KTMom91

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    Bacon" and "cookies" are the code words for his dog treats. If Miss KT has friends over, he taps on his "cookie" jar, sits pretty, and they think he's so cute, they open the jar and give him treats. He had too much "bacon" yesterday. I could tell.
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    Bubba used to love to eat from the compost pile. UGH! And there were no innocent eyes about it! It was more like a stone cold stare saying "What? It doesn't bother me. You guys are way too sensitive."
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    GN...I'm actually planning on buying more food tomorrow so I'll check out labels. I guess I just assumed that even the reasonably priced stuff is nutritious. I don't buy the dirt cheap stuff but I thought I was doing ok. Although....the stray cats that I feed....I've had to buy the dollar general cheap stuff a couple of times because things were so tight. They literally turn their noses up at the stuff. Normally they get Friskies or 9lives.