OMG don't these girls ever sleep?!

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    easy child/difficult child 3 is having her b-day slumber party tonight.... It's 20 minutes to 1am and these four are STILL up. They ran around the yard and played from 5 to 8 ( pausing for 5 minutes to wolf down a slice of pizza). So I hoped they'd be worn out. Then they watched about 30 minutes of Herbie Fully Loaded and got bored. Then they decided to go sleep in the backyard tent. But they couldn't stop talking (LOUDLY--I think a couple of these girls could be difficult children.) Then they decided to sleep in the livingroom. Then one couldn't sleep cuz the other three wouldn't shut up. Then a racoon came on the porch and got them all stirred up again. Then they went in easy child's room to play dress-up. So now they're quietly (relatively) watching the rest of the movie... I'm gonna have to be mean after this if they can't settle down for the night. DU was smsrt to take the boys out fishing and then a late movie ;) I'm wiped and want to go to sleep, but can't really leave 4 8/9yo's unsupervised and loose at 1am!
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    I'm responding but I hope you are sleeping in along with the girls, if not I vote it is husband's turn to supervise in the morning. Your daughter doesn't know what you have done for can remind her when she has kids and does her own sleep overs.
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    Your memories of the evening will be so much different than hers.

    Neighbor boy's little sister had a slumber party last night. The Mom called to say she told the boys they could play until 9:30 as a way of compromising when she turned down their request for a sleep over. difficult child came home about 8:30 pm when friend went in to eat. I had told the Mom that it was o.k. with me for the boys to play that late last night but I didn't know if difficult child would last past 9:00 - I think that is why she called her son in early. I am still wondering if they got into trouble - difficult child is saying "no" and I haven't received a phone call so I don't know for sure. Oh well, mustn't have been too serious since the phone didn't ring or I will hear about it later. This mom and I have such different view points on what is serious and not. (probably because this boy is her oldest child and I have been through much of this with easy child) I believe "They are 11 years old - they don't need our extreme anger over things they are learning to not do - like being gone 20 minutes - they don't realize time - 20 minutes is like one when you are 11 and having fun - just need to talk to them and set the limits for next time - time to purchase a watch or find walkie talkies (one for mom, one for boy) and we have gone over where they are allowed and not allowed to be." Why was I looking forward to summer? Now I am not too sure.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, they all finally passed out around 1:15am. husband and the boys rolled in about 2 min. later with their haul of fish from earlier in the evening. I got to bed by 1:30.

    HOWEVER, easy child set her alarm (!!!) for 6am (!!!!!!), so when I stumbled downstairs at 7, they were all laughing and hollering in the backyard in their p.j.s. I had to constantly shush them because my room is near the back of the house and boys' rooms are downstairs near the common living areas. These girls just have no volume control and no awareness of their surroundings... I think part of it is that they ALL (easy child included) have strong personalities and are all very bright -- lots of alpha dogs, I guess, so everyone's always trying to get the last word.

    The other thing I was just amazed at was all the DRAMA. So and so hit me! (Actually, she accidentally bumped her in the nose as she was gesturing). She's telling secrets! She's whispering something about me! She HURT me (feelings)! They won't tell me what they're talking about!

    OMG! I was NEVER like that. Something else... these girls are all the youngest in their families (or were for a large part of their early childhood (first 5 years)) so maybe that has something to do with it.

    Well, the parents come to collect them in an hour... and then I'm going back to BED.
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    You don't even want to hear about my teen sleep overs. This was in the day of the streakers. ;)

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    The drama is just practice to be really good at being a diva teenager. Hang on tight- the drama has just begun.

    :rofl: I know I shouldn't laugh, but I have a 17 year old drama queen. I have finally learned to let it go in one ear and out the other. It is soooo frustrating as they dramatize everything. Wish I had their problems instead of mine. :