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    Our computer has been less than cooperative lately, and we really can't afford a new one right now. Miss KT hasn't been able to get onto she called Son #2, the computer guru, to fix it. He comes over today, pokes around, deletes everything I have in Favorites, and then instructs Hubby to delete certain things that are slowing down processing. But Miss KT can now get onto MySpace :dancing: and life is beautiful.

    I go to check in here...and I can't get on. I had things set up so it automatically came up...I can't remember my password, I can't even remember what email address I used so I can get a new password, and I am not amused. I finally email a moderator and beg for help.

    I decide to give it one more try, and on my last login attempt, I get on. Yay me! Except...I can't remember what password finally worked. :faint:
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, when you figure it out, better jot it down somewhere! :p

    Glad things are running more smoothly now.
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    Mary-So glad you were finally able to log in!! Sorry for the frustration! Could you ask for a new password now so that in case you get logged off again you will have it?
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    Go in and reset your password. You can always have your password reset if you can't remember it and then the site will send you a new temporary password that you can reset once you log on.
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    KT -

    In my case I had no problems, no trojans, no bugs, no hacks UNTIL Dude started using MY SPACE from my computer. Once I cleaned it out with Combo-fix? It ran like a champ. Then, like a big dummy, I allowed Dude to get on and use MY SPACE again - and once again - my computer slowed, dragged, had trojans, alerts etc.

    For me? My sanity was worth more than his necessity of Myspace. Now, maybe your daughter isn't downloading pictures and files from other infected users - and the story is different - but....for us everything pointed to security breach/hacks with trojans from consorting with others on MS.

    AFter having used it? It's the VERY first time any of my on line credit card/bank information was known to be compromised. So I'm not happy with anyone using or accessing it from my computer.