OMG...had to go to dentist again

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Sep 22, 2009.

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    I have been putting this off because I knew something was wrong. I could feel this piece of bone or tooth sticking out of my jaw where I got my tooth pulled on 9/9. It wasnt healing properly either. It was still hurting. When Tony looked at it a week or so ago he could see white stuff that we assumed was puss so I kept rinsing with salt water and kept taking the antibiotics. I even finished the ones given and took some more I had left from another infection. It kept hurting so he looked again. This time it appeared black!

    He kept bugging me to go in but I was getting I hate the dentist. I can get needles in all sorts of yucky places but my mouth is one place that really bothers me. I gave in and went because I didnt want to be stuck in VA and have something go really wrong. I had bone sticking out from where the extraction was done and the socket was still open. Food had gotten in there even though I had rinsed religiously. They hadnt stitched it up and I didnt have enough gum to close properly.

    They had to re-open my gum from my last tooth all the way back to the end of my jaw. This meant numbing me with needles and sticking needles down into the root area of the tooth they last extracted. It hurt like almighty hell! I am not a screamer but I was screaming. I was shaking. I had to get them to stop and let me breathe for a few minutes. Then they had to drill and grind my jaw bone down because it was becoming necrotic. OMG. Finally they closed me up again after putting in some medicated strips and stitching me closed with disolvable stitches. Hopefully this works.

    I have had too many needles this week!
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    Oh my goodness! I hope you are feeling better soon. you must have a strong pain tolerance to put up with that, for that long, ouch. Please take care of yourself...any added pain you need to go back right away.
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    Oh, honey, I am SO SORRY!!! I hate dentists too! I have to push for valium or xanax to even take the kids! husband is taking jessie back to the dentist to have a baby tooth pulled tomorrow. I get nervous thinking about it.

    PLEASE go back as soon as it gets more painful, if it gets more painful.

    I can see thinking it was pus on there, but you really should have gone back earlier. If a dental procedure does not stop hurting substantially in 4-5 days you need to go back. that is the rule my good dentist (cannot afford him now but he was the first to ever numb me before drilling) gave me. It is a hard and fast, set in stone rule that you MUST follow to avoid serious problems like this.

    I hope they gave you good medications to take so you are not in agony while this heals.

    I am just so sorry. I will eat mashed potatoes and pudding today in sympathy.
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    OH, Janet!!!! I AM SOOOOOO SORRY!!!!

    I have an extreme fear of the dentist....and when I say extreme, I'm not kidding. I'd just talked myself into setting up an appointment (my mouth is a disaster area) with the intention of going to fam doctor for some klonopin or something to handle the extreme anxiety if I had to.....when husband lost his job...and our insurance.

    OMG!! I certainly hope all of that was for free with sincere apologies from the dentist!! That I'm sure was pure hades to go thru..........reminds me of my last visit.........(I"m NOT a screamer either) which only made my fear about ohhhhhh 1000 times worse than it already was.

    So, after all of that (OMG I keep shuddering as I picture it, plus all of the complications that could've happened) what is the plan? More anitibiotics and check ups to make sure it's actually healing properly this time??

    Please tell me he was kind enough to give you very good pain medications.

    I hope Tony is spoiling you today. You deserve to be spoiled something fierce....even if just for a couple of days.

  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Three words baby -

    SEXTONS DENTAL CLINIC - Florence, SC - cheap, good, quick, clean.

    Three more words baby-

    Sorry boutda BOOBOO

    Didja like how I got 3 words outta about the, with that boud-da? Clever huh? Schmarty, schmart, schmart, schmart, schmart ------schmart.

    This all is, of course - after I got up off the floor from passing out....I made it to : I had bone sticking out .......from......where the (getting :faint:) extr......:faint: acti........................o.......WHAM....

    and like (woosh) bye bye Starbie - you woosie.

    Much better now - but not reading the rest.....:sick:

    Sends hugs and ice pack.
  6. DammitJanet

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    LOL....I am a wuss. You would not believe how big a wuss I am about stuff like this.

    I dont think I can use Sextons Dental Clinic because I have NC Medicaid. My dentist here does take my medicaid though. This is the first time I have had a problem of any kind since I have started going to this practice. We are going to use Sextons for Tony though since he has no insurance of any kind. He needs like 6 or 8 teeth out now then a partial put in. Have to call and see how much that would be.

    Speaking of Tony...he isnt even home during the week right now so no I have tried to sound pitiful to my kids so they will pamper me but its just not the same. Cory did borrow a scooter to come check on me in the He also snatched one of my percocets they gave me cause just riding the darned scooter in the rain made his back hurt...lmao.
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    OUCH!! I hate the dentist, too, but it's a good thing you went. Infections in the mouth can lead to all kinds of problems throughout the body. I can't stand the needles and I'm no one to talk- I expect them to make me go to sleep for any painful experience! So you are not a wuss alone. LOL!