Omg.....He Did It! :)

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by HeadlightsMom, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. HeadlightsMom

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    Latest Update -- Our difficult child did do the calling, arranging, etc. and did get himself a bed for in-pt rehab! It's a good program and the bed opens up Tues morning at 10 a.m. We are out of town this weekend and difficult child is staying with someone "clean" until the night before. We are willing to have him stay with us ONE night, as we are the ones driving him to rehab the next morning (we offered, he didn't ask....but he did graciously accept our offer).


    Ok, there.... I've had my moment of jubilation. Now to keep reality in check and wait until AFTER he is IN the program. Then we will celebrate each day as it comes. Tomorrow may not be great (we all know that drill). But today is......and that's all it needs to be for today! :D
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  2. Albatross

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    Good news, HM! Wishing him the best in his recovery!
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  4. in a daze

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    I think you had a feeling that something was different this time...
  5. HeadlightsMom

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    Thanks! Well, yes, something is different this time. Exactly what that "something" is, only time will tell. Life is a string of moments -- some good, some bad. Over our years with difficult child, we have gradually learned (and are still learning -- always so much to learn!) how to better celebrate the good moments (esp as they farther and fewer between) and how to let go, move on, or transform (those are my favorites) the bad moments. By transforming, I mean gain meaning, growth, and paradigm shifts of appreciation from them.

    Anyway.......nothin' wrong with this old adage, either....... Knock wood it sticks for more than 48 hrs! LOL!

    May good things follow us all in the coming days.... and an emphasized wish for peace, comfort, safety and sanity for whomever is in crisis. Take care....
  6. MyHeartHisLife

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    Hooray!! Awesome news. You will be in my thoughts :)

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